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Portrait of Monica Forster - Lightyears


Stone paper is a paper-like product, used for books, magazines and stationary to mention just a few uses. It is made from crushed limestone, which is very robust and also water-repellent. At the same time, the material has an exclusive look and feels very soft. Swedish designer Monica Förster has taken the paper and reinterpreted it in her new design of the pendant lamp ’Lullaby’ produced by Lightyears.

It is no coincidence that the lamp is called ‘Lullaby’, as Monica was inspired by children’s fantasy, their open minds and ability to create their own imaginary world. She has created a lamp with ease and grace in this wonderful sustainable material with its unique luminous qualities.

“We are proud to expand our collection with this sustainable pendant lamp that has excellent photometric qualities”, comments Rasmus Markholt, Product and Design Director at Lightyears.

‘Lullaby’ is the first lamp to be made from stone paper but it is actually very Danish to design something that is sustainable. Danish designer Tom Rossau also had sustainability in mind when he designed the TR7 pendant in 2006 using laminated birch strips.

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