Made in Denmark – A Seal of Approval



Photo by Rigetta Klint

Made in Denmark and made by hand. None of the designs from Møbel & Rum are mass produced.



Photo by Rigetta Klint

Finest porcelain from Bornholm



Photo by Rigetta Klint

Old technics are used for making unique Danish designs.



Photo by Rigetta Klint

Hand sewn cushions.



Photo by Møbel & Rum

The cushions from Møbel & Rum come in various variantions.



Photo by Møbel & Rum

Satellite Mirror by Møbel & Rum



Photo by Rigetta Klint

Big og small? The Satellite Mirror comes in two different sizes.



Photo by Rigetta Klint

Set the table with the beautiful vase from Møbel & Rum



Photo by Rigetta Klint

Nice and fluffy. Cushions by Møbel & Rum


From a degree in industrial design to becoming a policeman and back to design: the road to a design business has been knotty for Christoffer Skjøtt, founder and creative director at Møbel & Rum, who has taken a circuitous route to where he is today.

“The entire idea of Møbel & Rum is that you buy more than just a random product. You buy Danish quality. The Made in Denmark label is something special, something that people know. If you buy a design that is made in Denmark, there is also a history and a lifestyle connected to it – just as if you buy organic or local,“ says Christoffer Skjøtt.

All products from Møbel & Rum (translation: Furniture & Room) are made in a radius of 200 kilometres from Christoffer Skjøtt’s home, in Copenhagen. This means that he can drop by the workshops within two hours if necessary, and the close relation between designer and production does something special to the final piece of work.

“Our wool is imported from Australia, by Danish company KVADRAT, and our oak is German, but all the parts are put together at different workshops in Denmark, and it feels like the short distance makes the products even more Danish,” the founder states.

Photo by Rigetta Klint

Even though the collection is produced in Denmark, the majority of the clients are from around the world. Møbel & Rum has shipped designs across the globe, from the States to Eastern Asia, mostly to homes, where the Made in Denmark label matters, but the price doesn’t.

“We’ve got some wealthy clients who appreciate the craftsmanship, the design and the fact that they get an item that is not mass produced and are able to pay for this. We are not here to follow the trend, but to make timeless designs that stand out and makes us different, and that’s what these costumers are looking for,” Christoffer tells.

The detour to design

When Christoffer Skjøtt graduated from Central Saint Martins, in London, in 2008, he dreamt of a job where he could use his design knowledge and professional competencies, but the financial crisis put a halt to his dream. The demand for designers was close to non-existing, so the recently qualified designer had to come up with a plan B.

“I applied for all kinds of jobs with a hint of design, but received a lot of no’s because I was either over-qualified or didn’t have the right profile. After a year of job seeking and a few freelance jobs, I went to the jobcentre to discuss my options. At the centre, I saw a flyer for the police. They could guarantee a job and a set salary from day 1, so I made a decision,” Christoffer Skjøtt tells.

After being a part of the Danish police force for several years, Christoffer decided to venture into the design business again. In 2016, he founded Møbel & Rum – his very own company focusing on good craftsmanship and designs that are made in Denmark. All materials used are either Danish or imported from the best suppliers in the world and they are brought together in or close to Copenhagen.

Photo by Rigetta Klint

Right now, the product line at Møbel & Rum consists of two mirrors, a cushion which comes in various combinations, a porcelain vase and five different posters, but things are moving quickly. The second line of products is currently being developed and will be ready for Formland ONE COLLECTION this August and, within a few years, Christoffer Skjøtt hopes to expand with a range of children’s designs – if the economy allows him.

“In the long term, I want to expand the company with a lot of competencies. First, more designs, perhaps for children, and afterwards I hope that Møbel & Rum can develop and be an interior décor company as well, hence the name,” he says and continues, “We are getting there, and things have been moving fast since our launch in January, but right now we are just taking one step at a time,” Christoffer Skjøtt ends.

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