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”Migration is a factor that affects most human populations. We are at a point where it has become of crucial importance to view migration as a general and fundamental phenomenon in contemporary Europe. Addressing the situation in a positive manner is not only a way to keep up with a generation that is becoming extremely mobile but also a way to make sure we dissociate irrational and xenophobic tendencies from our societies”.

These words come from newly educated Zuha Alasadi of the department of Urban Design and Landscape at Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark.

Throughout this thesis, she looks to investigate how Aarhus can make better use of central and dense areas to absorb and integrate a more diverse social setting; one that benefits and embraces the continuous growth of migrant groups.

The goal is to find an urban strategy that presents social diversity principles and interventions in existing, central neighbourhoods. She looks to illustrate ways of enhancing these neighbourhoods, enabling them to adjust and flourish in response to the inevitable social change occurring due to global mobility.

”To make room for the people arriving in Aarhus, and to prepare the existing for the meeting with the new, I’m turning to the migrant, dense suburb of Gellerup for inspiration”, she explaines and continues:

”The area of Gellerup, just outside the Danish town Aarhus, possesses integration qualities that I extract and later implement on well- established central areas of Aarhus. The intervention combines Gellerup’s multiculturalism with the already attractive and dense areas of the city. I seek to do so by exploring affordable housing solutions and the enhancing of environmental and programmatic contexts. With this, I wish to illustrate how an Aarhus with a wealth of migrants is mutually beneficial to the growth of our city”.




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