Mater Increases Sales Power to Support Growth Strategy



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Photo by Mater

The wood is FSC certified - the label for responsible forestry - with a water-based stain. The upholstery is genuine leather.



Photo by Mater




Reflexion by Mater

Photo by Mater

Sophie Mirror from Mater designed by Jean-Francois Mérrilou


Table from Mater designed by Mater and Thomas Lykke

Photo by Mater

Table from Mater designed by Mater and Thomas Lykke. Ray Table Lamp designed by PEDERJESSEN


The former GUBI Sales Director was headhunted by Mater to ensure expansion on the international market. The focus on environmental sustainability and the exciting business journey Mater is about to embark on were his reasons for accepting the job.

How should a company successfully conquer new markets? One obvious solution could be engaging with already experienced players in this field, which is exactly what Danish furniture company Mater has done. The company is in the middle of expanding into new countries in line with its ambitious growth strategy, expected to be completed within the next four years.

Martin Qviist Lorensen Mater

Martin Qvist Lorensen, the new Chief Sales Officer (since 1 February 2018), has experience of doing similar things before with international furniture company GUBI. He is enthusiastic about joining Mater, and especially about Mater’s profile as a sustainable design company:

“I saw a unique opportunity to combine my knowledge and experience in the international market with Mater’s focus on giving something back to the world while growing  as a business. I have never encountered a company working like this before within this industry,” Lorensen explains.

DANISH™ meets him on his return from London where he was checking out possible locations for the first upcoming Mater Earth Gallery outside of Denmark and, of course, looking for more business: “I have experienced a very positive reaction to Mater’s profile and products. This company succeeds in combining an appropriate price point, sustainability AND accessibility in both b2c and b2b”.

At this point, Mater is always keen to grow its workforce in order to increase the reach of its concept, but in Lorensen’s opinion there is only one right way to do this: “Mater has a unique profile which must not be put at risk. We mainly recruit through our network to ensure that we acquire the perfect combination of know-how and passion.”

Its working environment is part of the reason Lorsensen couldn’t resist saying yes to the job: “I really appreciate the idea of being part of a bigger agenda. It’s not that I’m a closet ‘Woodstocker’ or a hippie, but the fact that Mater is always purposefully looking at every part of the supply chain is very satisfying and creates real job satisfaction.”

You can read more on Mater and its strategy for growth here.


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