Meet the man behind Denmark’s new architecture week


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Peter Mørk hopes to create bonds between Danish and international architects with the first edition of Rising Architecture Week.


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Danish COBE Architects are inviting people on a boat trip to explore Copenhagen's architecture from the waterside. Above is a picture of COBE Architects newly finished Israels Plads (Israel's Square) in Copenhagen.


Photo by COBE

Skaters at the newly opened Israels Plads (Israel's Square).


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During Rising Architecture Week, Danish architect firm Henning Larsen Architects invites you on a bike trip through the architectural sides of Copenhagen.


The first Rising Architecture Week will run from 15 to 18 September 2015 in Copenhagen. With a total of 40+ events about architecture and a two-day conference on architecture, including workshops, talks and dialogues, Rising Architecture Week is going to be a new annual hub for interaction between architects all around the world. That is the plan, according to the originator and co-founder of Rising Architecture Week, Peter Mørk.

DANISH™: Where did the idea for an architecture week come from?

PM: I am the originator of the week, you can say. Previously, I was a consul general in Toronto, where I worked a lot with Danish creative companies. The Danish Architects’ Association and I held quite a few press tours, and we discovered that there was significant interest in what was going on in the architecture scene in Denmark.

With that in mind, we invited Canadian architects and developers to Denmark. Afterwards, Danish and Canadian architects started dialogues and the awareness of potential collaboration became very obvious – which led to new projects. A very close relationship between the Canadian association RAIC and Denmark was established and it became obvious to me that we need to have more international architects and developers in Copenhagen, there is so much we can learn from each other.

I wrote the concept down together with a couple of architects for what is now going to be the first edition of the Rising Architecture Week. Since then The Architecture Project (TAP) and the Federation of Danish Architects have become co-hosts.

DANISH™: What will happen during Rising Architecture Week?

PM: It will be four days filled with events, where architecture is the focal point. Among other things, Henning Larsen Architects will run public bike tours, where you can experience architecture the Danish way, from a bicycle. COBE Architects is inviting people to go on boat trips to the new area of Copenhagen North Harbour, where soon 50,000 people will be living.

There will be competitions, workshops, container houses, urban and maritime gardening, picnics and architecture runs.

As an essential part of the public events, we are creating a two-day international conference in two halls on Papirøen (Paper Island). The first conference hall will host TED-like talks, dialogues and discussions, while the second conference hall will feature workshops and events.

To name a few, there will be workshops on future ways of building, navigating, new building materials, and future kitchen workshops, lighting and design.

The whole conference will be streamed live by ArchDaily.

DANISH™: What is the idea behind this year’s theme, Growing Cities?

PM: Growing Cities has a double meaning. On one hand, it is about creating great and liveable cities. The other meaning is about expanding cities, growing them, and finding out, how they grow.

There will be talks on how Moscow should be growing, how developers can think patient capital, how a Texan took matters into his own hand and created fantastic results, but also on rooftop gardening and new materials for the building industry.

In addition, there will be keynote talks about creating life and activity in a city, as well as keynote talks on how to attract people to cultural institutions such as art museums and libraries. Kjetil Thorsen (founding partner at Snøhetta) will consider how you integrate buildings into existing cities, and famous landscape architects will discuss life between houses.

DANISH™: How much support for the architecture week have you had from Danish architects?

PM: All of the architects that we have spoken to are very supportive and all of them want to participate. We want to create a bond between architects from all over the world, so that collaborations can grow.

For building collaborations, Denmark can learn from foreign countries, but foreign countries can also learn from us. There are plenty of things we can learn from architects from abroad, just like Danish architects can share their knowledge with international architects and experts as well.

DANISH™ will cover some of the highlights from Rising Architecture Week, which takes place in September, over the next few months. We will also be reporting from the festival, so stay tuned for more coverage from the world of architecture.

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