A Minimum of Constructions Equal Simplicity


MOEBE x Stilleben

Photo by Chris Tonnesen

Why use prints, when you can decorate with the new cool Wall Mirror from MOEBE. Comes in different sizes


MOEBE wall mirror 1

Photo by Chris Tonnesen


MOEBE Wall mirror 2

Photo by MOEBE

Beautiful round mirrors by MOEBE


MOEBE wall mirror 3

Photo by MOEBE

The new Wall Mirror comes in three sizes, so no excuse not to add one to your home decor.


MOEBE x Stilleben 1

Photo by Chris Tonnesen

Wall Mirrors showing off in the Stilleben shop


MOEBE poster hanger white 1

Photo by MOEBE

White Poster Hanger suitable for prints size 50x70cm


MOEBE Poster Hanger black 1

Photo by MOEBE

Black Poster Hanger for prints and posters size 70x100cm.


MOEBE poster hanger detail

Photo by MOEBE

A metal rod and a rubber band are all you need to display your art in a beautiful yet simple way.


MOEBE poster hanger black 2

Photo by MOEBE

The new Poster Hanger from MOEBE adds a light expression to your prints and posters.


With less than three years under its belt, MOEBE is still quite new in the design game but that doesn’t keep them away from mingling with well-known designers. This week, they launch their newest products in Copenhagen.

With a concept built on lightness and simplicity, the products from MOEBE have a levitating expression. This kind of expression can be hard to transfer to bigger designs but, nonetheless, that’s what MOEBE has done with their latest designs – the Poster Hanger and Wall Mirror.

“Our customers have wished for a larger hanger for posters and prints, but with our current construction of frames, it’s hard to make them bigger than A2,” tells Anders Thams, who is a cabinetmaker and one third of MOEBE.

“There are definitely some good solutions on the market but we thought it was missing a simple and elegant way of doing it. We have worked with rubber bands before and wanted to do some more with this material. So, we decided just to do it,” Anders says.

The outcome is the Poster Hanger. Now, all you need is a metal rod and rubber band to hang up your favourite poster.

MOEBE poster hanger detail

Photo by MOEBE

Cutting to the bone and refraining the unnecessary must be key concepts if you, like MOEBE, want to create simple designs. These words also played an important role in the design process when working towards both the Poster Hanger and, especially, the Wall Mirror.

“The Wall Mirror is a result of a thought. How simple can we do it? One thing is materials, but what about the construction? We wanted to avoid gluing and welding since, to us, it is a bit like cheating. Instead, we want the function of the item to be leading,” Anders Thams explains.

And so, it is. The two new designs are displayed in a leading position at Stilleben – a distinguished design shop in Copenhagen. This place has been an important part of propagate Danish design and was one of the first to see the potential in MOEBE. During the past years, the two of them have worked together on several projects. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that this particular shop has the honour of showing off MOEBE’s new designs.

“Stilleben was one of the first to take us in and support us when we were still rather new. Now, we have more of a joint effort where we use each other’s network, share the same distributors and have a close dialogue,” Anders tells and he continues with a fairly good point:

“We were just open and embraced the collaboration and the community that we have, instead of seeing it as competition.”

MOEBE x Stilleben 1

Photo by Chris Tonnesen

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