MOEBE: A Design Company on the Rise


Owners of Moebe

Photo by Moebe

The three owners of Moebe


Flowerwork by Moebe

Photo by Chris Tonnesen


Moebe Frame

Photo by Chris Tonnesen


Moebe table and frames

Photo by Moebe


Moebe hanger

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Shelving System

Photo by Moebe

Moebe´s shelving system are precise but flexible


Shelving system Moebe

Photo by Moebe

New shelving system by Moebe


Owners from Moebe

Photo by Moebe

Let´s get carried away!


In four years, MOEBE has gone from selling homemade frames to becoming a double-digit million business selling products in more than 30 countries around the globe. Anders Thams is one of the founding partners and here he explains the key to MOEBE’s success.

In 2014, Anders Thams and Martin Christensen wandered the streets of Copenhagen. They went from store to store and sold their homemade frames. The frames had no packaging, barcodes, or really anything except their distinctive clean design. Nonetheless, store owners seemed to like the design and bought the frames as quick as MOEBE could produce them.

Today the partners of MOEBE do not have to walk the streets. Instead, the company is a success in Denmark and around the world. MOEBE produces designer furniture – mostly smaller stuff. They are known for their original frames but their product portfolio also consists of several other designs. This year they have started to expand the collection with larger furniture pieces.

“In the beginning we struggled to keep up with the growth. Now, we have the resources to look ahead, meet demand and fill some gaps we see in the market. In the coming years we are going to create furniture like sofas and chairs and we have already started with the launch of our new Shelving System,” says Anders Thams.

A year ago, MOEBE only consisted of three partners and one employee. Today they are ten people and they sell their products in more than 600 stores and over 30 countries. MOEBE has found great success in Japan and Germany and are right now expanding to the North American market. The future seems bright for the small company.

“We focus on the chain of supply from beginning to end. We know have some great products but we are also aware that good designs and quality will not bring us far alone. We need to keep being a good and reliable partner to our retailers. We have to foresee the future and continuously get better and even more professional,” says Anders Thams.

Better paid

Even though MOEBE is experiencing great success, the three partners do not work for the sake of the money.

“Our employees are better paid than me and the other partners and there is a reason behind. We want to invest everything we got in the company. At least for a little while longer,” says Anders Thams.

There is a homogeneous feeling throughout all of MOEBE’s products. The designs feel light and a simplistic approach ensures that frames, lamps and shelves fit neatly into any modern home. It is no coincidence. Two of the company’s partners are architects while Anders Thams is a cabinetmaker. Together they design all of their own products.

“We basically began MOEBE because we had a lot of ideas about new design and wanted to get them materialzed – we needed a place where we could put our creativity into play. We wanted to design something different from what we saw around us. We wanted simplify the world a little bit, and show a new take on constructional solutions. Now, it is possible for us and we are very grateful to that,” says Anders Thams.

Even though MOEBE is built by creative thinkers, the business part is equally important to Anders Thams and his partners. The next year is exciting for MOEBE.

– It is going really well but we do not want to grow too fast. We have been focusing on strengthening our work team both at home and abroad and now we are ready to expand to the next level, says Anders Thams.

MOEBE consists of cabinetmaker Anders Thams and architects Martin Christensen and Nicolas Oldroyd. The company was founded in 2014 and since then they have worked to create the most simple form of any design.

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