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Design by Moebe Photography: Chris Tonnesen Styling: Ida Lærke


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A rocket in Danish design business has in only two years developed markets across Europe and into Asia. The design strategy is clear: Remove everything expendable.

Amoeba is a micro-organism. One of the smallest parts known to our world which we can actually define as life. Everything unnecessary is removed and yet it functions and has the ability to survive.

It is not a coincidence that the name of the minimalistic microorganism is fairly close to the name of Danish design company Moebe whose design philosophy is not far from the definition of an amoeba.

”You will know us by our simple and functionally, constructed design. We do not apply unnecessary features or details – on the contrary we try to peel of as many layers as possible in order to reach a simple and minimalistic expression”. The words come from Anders Thams who is one third of Moebe. He is originally and employee of The Danish ministry of Finance but with a longing and love for craft and design he decided to change the route of his career and became a cabinet maker. Together with  Nicholas Oldroyd and Martin D. Christensen, who both have a background as architects, he started Moebe in 2014.

Amoeba evolving

Moebe has now existed for two years. During that time, they´ve managed to reach markets throughout Scandinavia and across Europe: ”Our strategy for growth is very organic. Opportunities are for grabs – so that´s what we do. We hope to reach North America within the next fewyears”, states Anders Thams.

As they are a small company consisting of the three designers, they have a strong creative core. At the same time Anders Thams is aware of the fact that Moebe will  feel the lack of extra hands:

”We are growing so fast at this point, and selling our products and moving our business is quite different from designing and creating new products which is our core competence.”

With 3 strong core competences of creativity one could suspect it a challenge to figure out a stringent direction of design for the company. But this is not at all the case. As their collection also shows – Moebe is a brand with a mission. The world is complicated enough, and they are pulling fiercely in the opposite direction.

Anders Thams explains that it’s not all about construction and simplicity though : ”We also find great satisfaction in finding  the right material for the assignment. We are crazy about structures in different materials, their surfaces and working with natural materials such as wood or metal. For us it is a quality if you find a desire and pleasure in touching our products.”

Moebe is known for different types of products depending on the country you visit. In Scandinavia it is very much the wooden, changeable frames for smaller posters whereas in Japan they are into the mirror and the add-on for the well-known architect lamp.

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