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City Shelves by FRIIS & MOLTKE

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Vary your walls

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inspire your kids

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KLOSS by Friis & Moltke

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To play when you learn

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balancing and learning

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With the theme of December: “play and learn through design and architecture”, this is the second of two compilations that show how Danish designers and architects work with playfulness and learning through their competencies. This time we focus on how resizing and twisting ankles can bend your way of behaving.


“When we design for children, our focal point is to create pieces of furniture that inspire the kids for various uses and for playing. We also work with functionality and security within the construction, as well as in the choice of materials, as defining factors”, says Mikkel – Head of design at FRIIS & MOLTKE.

It is these criteria that have been applied to a comprehensive series of furniture for kids created in close collaboration with Norwegian KLOSS, targeting private homes as well as institutions.

With KLOSS, Friis & Moltke have sought to create a versatile and flexible series of furniture that supports the motor skills development of kids as well as pushing their ability to explore through playing. The furniture is at the same time easily integratable in interior decoration, with a lot of options to combine colours and different types within the series.


City Shelves by FRIIS & MOLTKE and UniqaDesign

This is a shelving system, but also a decoration system. This is a container, but also a playground. These functional shelving units, with an expression that entices play, provides you with the opportunity of combining functionality and storage with playfulness and creativity. They are called “City Shelves” and can be utilised as playhouses, showcasing systems or simply as storage. The cabinets can be further enhanced by choosing a whiteboard or a blackboard as a facade.

By mixing different sizes of closets, cabinets and shelving units along a wall or a longer section the area will attain a playful and differentiated expression, just like a real city.

The shelving units are constructed in pure plywood, so the customer can choose laminate for the fronts or doors in any colour.



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