A new haptic power-glove tool








Happaratus In use by sculptor David Neat.


Wooden craft bits executed using Happaratus.



A new “power-glove”, called Happaratus, makes it possible to shape and sculpt hard materials with your hands. The haptic power-tool consists of a series of abrasive pads right at your fingertips that make it possible to feel and form the material up close. The pads provide high efficiency and exceptional control.

Happaratus has been designed by Danish designer Morten Grønning Nielsen and is currently on display at the Royal College of Art in London.

‘What I really want is to connect people closer to the material,’ explains Morten.

Happaratus was developed in close cooperation with artisans and craft experts from various disciplines, including sculptors, designers, model makers and tinkers. A working demo of Happaratus has been tested by three accredited artisans and has shown a lot of potential.

‘I developed the tool because, as a designer, I’m very interested in exploring geometries and the relationship between a form and the material it is made from. The idea of doing this directly with the fingertips, without distancing myself from the material, would enable me to work much more intuitively with complex geometries and to create “hand crafted” prototypes really quickly,’ explains Morten.

The artisans who tested Happaratus have expressed an interest in working with this tool, as it has the potential to change their individual practises and work flows.

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