New Lighting from Anour Expands the Alphabet


The G model

Photo by Anour

The G model from Anour slightly twisted


Photo by Anour

Photo by Anour


F by Anour

Photo by Anour

The F by Anour


The F lamp

Photo by Anour


The F Lamp by Anour

Photo by Anour

The F designed and manufactured by Anour


Lamp F

Photo by Anour


F lighting

Photo by Anour


G light by Anour

Photo by Anour

The G designed by Anour


New G light from Anour

Photo by Anour

New G light from Anour with black coating


U light from Anour

Photo by Anour

The U light makes it possible to twist and turn the light exactly the way you want


The G model from Anour

Photo by Anour


U light Anodized steel

Photo by Anour

U light from Anour in anodized steel


The U model from Anour

Photo by Anour

The dramatic black against a white ceilings creates a beautiful framing of the room


Anour G light

Photo by Anour


Three new lamps from Danish Anour “project” the founder and owner of the company’s visions and dreams and are a testament to his discipline to follow these through. DANISH™ met him for a talk about his purpose in life and about the quality in his design.


Looking back, he somehow always knew. He even dreamt about it. He just did not know how to get there. That is, to be the owner of his own business. But one late summer’s day six years ago, his passion for creating, building and designing seemed to melt together into a perfect triple helix when he created a signature product that´s been an international hit ever since.

This product helped Arash Nourinejad realize his dream of being the owner of his own company, specifically Danish lighting company Anour, who this June will release three more new lamps to add to their exciting alphabet range of minimalistic lighting, all created by hand in Denmark.

The F, the U and the G are the titles of these new lamps, supporting the I, T, Y, X and the Divar. The idea and the DNA of the final products are the same: to highlight the value of simplicity, but the internal and technological solutions applied now have come a long way since the first lamp: the I.


The I wowed him

While preparing for a photoshoot in his private home to showcase a bed and a shelf, he rushed to develop something that could create a holistic impression of the bed. With no money and only leftover slats from the bed, he came up with the design of a lamp that was naturally as wide as the bed itself.

When finished, he was struck by what he later knew was the “wow-effect”. Gazing at the lamp, he had to sit down and he murmured to his wife:

“I wouldn’t be surprised if this is no longer about the bed. This will be all about the lamp.”

Following that gut-feeling, he brought the lamp along as part of his next small exhibition at a local, Danish trading fair focused on craftsmanship and design:

“Everybody wanted the lamp! I was stunned!”, he explained as DANISH™ met him in his workshop in Copenhagen, where he now employs eight people:

“This was so much more than I could expect – I actually had to reject customers at the time, because the product wasn’t ready to be sold yet and I would not allow a product without a high enough quality yet to be released with my name on it”, he smiles.

Clearly Arash Nourinejad sees a close connection between quality, sustainability and responsibility for:

“I love creating and designing – no question about it. But as a designer and craftsman you have a responsibility to create long-lasting products that can endure over time and with usage. Quality takes time and new products should be able to truly create new value for the customer, which is why you won´t see new products or entire collections released by Anour every half or full year”.


Co-creation and Specialization

The first time Arash Nourinejad developed the I-lamp from one type of material to another was actually in collaboration with a fashion company who requested a specific surface treatment of the copper lamp for use in their headquarters in Amsterdam:

“Working in co-creation ensures a development that immediately has value for the customer and at the same time points towards a direction that indicates a certain amount of sustainability – which I enjoy a lot”, say Arash Nourinejad, who is an architect by education, and continues:

“Meeting the demands of our clients has over the past six years taken me on a journey from being an architect who created a visually beautiful product to becoming the specialist in lighting I am today, which gives me great joy every day”.


The Value of Purpose

Out of the eight people employed at Anour, three of them are in the workshop ensuring the quality and finishing of the technical part of each lamp – all built with LEDs. The first part of the creation process takes place at the brass finisher…or several of them to be exact. Because, even though the profession of brass finishers is a dying breed, the request for the Anour lamps has created enough growth to support several brass finishers in Copenhagen.

“It is this handcrafted way of manufacturing that allows us to continuously improve our products as we have done with the new lamps. Not only is it possible to exchange the LED lighting in our lamps, in the new G-model we have created the possibility of having fully adjustable and rotatable lighting”.

The arms of Arash Nourinejad move excitedly in the air as he explains. Other than illustrating a passion for the products and his on-going desire to develop and create new designs, his enthusiasm shown is a reflection of something even more important for the founder:

“Purpose. We all need purpose in life – and in our work too. I try to identify the purpose of each of my employees, which can be anything from figuring out a new solution to passing on their skills and competencies”.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning something Arash Nourinejad that clearly enjoys very much: being a mentor for young designers and helping to support them follow their dreams and witnessing their human and professional development.

This brings us back to his own dream – to be the owner of his own business. And he remembers that more than 10 years ago, while still a student and long before his lamps, he bought the domain:

Well aware that the name, in Farsi, means light.


Facts on the new lamps:

F by Anour

Photo by Anour

F: First standing lamp from Anour. Inspired by cubism and with a similar ecxpression as the Divar lamp.

U light Anodized steel

Photo by Anour

U: Appropriate for open environments. Can be used as a modular system with endless flexibility. The design enables an indirect lighting-solution which is comfortable especially in offices.


The G model

By Anour

G: A lamp designed for ceilings with a fully rotable and adjustable function to create the best conditions in order to direct light. Particularly suitable for highlighting works of art. The model comes in three different sizes with a sophisticated black coating.




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