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LEGO House 7

Illustration: LEGO x BIG

It's all about the brick


LEGO House 9

Illustration: LEGO x BIG

The construction by BIG is truly bricktastic!


LEGO House 8

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LEGO Square


LEGO House 11

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Tree of Creativity is the center of attention, when you enter LEGO House


LEGO House 1

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Challenge your creativity in the red zone


LEGO House 2

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The blue zone tests your ability to solve problems


LEGO House 3

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Make LEGO figures come to live in the yellow zone


LEGO House 4

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Drone photo of LEGO House


LEGO House 6

Illustration: LEGO x BIG

LEGO House by night


Imagine a house filled with LEGO bricks of all possible colours, shapes and sizes. A dream for many children and childlike souls around the world: a dream that is now coming true. The LEGO House opens its doors September 2017.

Looking up, you see the hollow spaces within the building’s bricks. Round shapes melt into sharp edges, and vice versa. Under your feet you feel the texture of a granulated floor as you step over to an enormous waterfall, ceaselessly gushing down to fill the pools around you with bricks of all colours and shapes.

Have you ever played with 25 million LEGO bricks? Probably not, but from September 2017 you’ll have the chance. LEGO House, also known as ‘Home of the Brick’, opens its doors and lets you in to a world of play and creativity.

”You should experience the LEGOness at first sight, which makes the architecture a bit special. Because it’s all LEGO – both outside and within. The building is made of huge bricks and each of them is made up of smaller bricks,” Søren Holm, Head of Design Experience at LEGO House, explains.

LEGO House has been designed by the Danish architectural company Bjarke Ingels Group, BIG, and the construction consists of 21 white LEGO bricks stacked on top of each other. It is, in many ways, a multifunctional building.

“The LEGO House will be both expressive and rational, innovative and systematic – like a Guggenheim of white cubes, combining the functionality of the modular space with the iconic character of a sculptural building,” states Bjarke Ingels, founder of BIG.

Living in LEGO
Inside the house, you’ll find everything a LEGO-loving heart could desire. Bricks rise from floor to ceiling. Once you’ve passed the more than 15-meter-tall Tree of Creativity at the entrance, you’ll see what LEGO House is really all about: play. The house is divided into four colour-coded zones, each representing a learning competency that can be activated through play.

LEGO House 10

Photo by LEGO“The red zone stimulates creativity and the green zone boosts your social skills. The blue zone tests your cognitive intelligence while the yellow zone strives to stimulate the emotions. Each zone is made up of smaller experiences, which all in all contribute to developing skills through play,” says Søren Holm.

Whether you’re a dare devil, willing to tread on thin ice and feel the adrenaline rush while trying to rescue mammoths in the blue zone, or you just want to enjoy the big aquarium in the yellow zone, Søren Holm guarantees there will be something for everybody.

If you want to dive into the ocean of bricks inside LEGO House, you’ll have to buy a ticket, but it’s free of charge to enjoy the brick-built beauty from the outside. With numerous terraces and playgrounds for children of all ages, the building invites everyone to interact with the LEGO concept. This principle of inclusivity forms an important part of the company’s DNA.

“LEGO House is a realm of experience for everybody. Children, parents, grandparents, whoever wants to play. We aim to offer our guests a play experience that reveals the diversity of LEGO. We’ve got a saying: bricks are within arm’s reach, which means that no matter where you are, whether you’re in one of the zones or taking a break, if you stretch out your arm there will be bricks at hand ready to create whatever your imagination can dream up,” Søren Holm concludes.

LEGO House opens 28 September, and tickets are already on sale.

LEGO House 4

Photo by LEGO

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