No Strings Attached – New Cordless Lamp by ANOUR



Photo: Jeppe Sørensen

The I lamp displayed at the Kinfolk studio



Photo: Jeppe Sørensen

The Y lamp lighting up the Kinfolk studio



Photo: Jeppe Sørensen

A floating cordless I lamp by ANOUR.



Photo: Jeppe Sørensen

The new cordless lamp series by ANOUR fits any surrounding. Here, the X model.



Photo: Jeppe Sørensen

As simple as it gets.


Cordless sketch

Photo: Jeppe Sørensen

Sketch from the design proces


From cables to cordless, the development in lamp designs can seem to travel at the speed of light.

Reintroducing the value of simplicity, the vision is clear at Danish design studio ANOUR. Here, you won’t find any redundant details or unnecessary curlicues, just pure and stringent Danish design. The new cordless lamp series is no exception. Thanks to new electrical technology, the studio’s I, X and Y lamps now look like air-floating masterpieces of light.

“The technology is based on a simple direct current electrical system, where we basically utilize suspensions wires as low current power conductors. In our design, the suspension wires are so thin that it creates the impression of a cordless lamp,” tells Arash Nourinejad, founder and architect at ANOUR, who continues by describing how the system works.

“Similar to past halogen technology with spots mounted on two power conducting wires, we feed the low voltage LED via the suspension wires. It’s an effective and harmless approach, as the user will not be in any danger of electrocution.”

The new technology, called CORDLESS, is a system improvement that enables ANOUR to omit the electrical cable, which thereby gives the lamps a more minimalistic look. The development of this new technology was made in-house by ANOUR, with help from consultants.

“We have been testing the lights right the way through the process from prototypes to final implementation and production. In theory, although the design approach was an easy conversion, two years of development has gone into the project, where throughout the entire process we involved suppliers to benefit from their knowhow on how to achieve the best result,” says Arash Nourinejad.

ANOUR is defined by Danish tradition and innovation, but by also working with new ideas and technology, the small studio continuously perfects its simple and thoughtfully constructed designs. The mindset of simplicity is crucial when aiming to reach an essential expression.

“The latest addition to the ANOUR lighting collection has perfected our range by refining our design to the absolute essentials. We have achieved the most minimalistic design possible with this new feature by removing distractions on the light, so that other objects in the interior are allowed to come into play,” ends Arash Nourinejad.

The cordless lamps by ANOUR come in nine different surface-treated materials and several sizes to fit perfectly into both your private home and your office space. If you are intrigued by the cordless lamps, go check them out and see the new technology for yourself now.

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