Noma To Go - Trendsetting Danish Michelin Restaurant Sells its Furnishings



Photo Credit: Wright & Mearto

Stoneware by Aage and Kasper Wurtz



Photo Credit: Wright & Mearto

Shared dining table and sculpture by Lone Hoyer Hansen



Photo Credit: Wright & Mearto

Noma dining room



Photo Credit: Wright & Mearto

Dining chairs



Photo Credit: Wright & Mearto

Decorative objects and taxidermy



Photo Credit: Wright & Mearto

Custom dining table in the private dining room


Noma to go – trendsetting Danish Michelin restaurant sells its furnishings through the American auction house, Wright.


In an exclusive Q&A with Richard Wright, owner of Wright auction house, Mearto has uncovered some facts about the upcoming Danish-American auction on November 2nd

Since opening in 2003, René Redzepi’s restaurant Noma has been the pride of Nordic cuisine. It has established not only what the best Scandinavian food tastes like but also paired it with unique Nordic aesthetics, from plates to tables to art on the walls. So when the restaurant closed earlier this year, collectors and fans were licking their lips for a chance to take some of it home.

Enter Wright, the American auction house. On November 2nd they will sell close to 500 selected items of Noma’s interior.

“There is a growing interest in the culinary arts and Noma is certainly recognized in many circles,” says Richard Wright, owner of Wright, when asked if Americans know Noma. But the auction is not exclusive to Americans.

“The wonderful thing about auction is that it is open to anyone. Without a doubt, collectors from all over the world will be following this sale.”

But what will collectors be looking for specifically, and what should you keep an eye out for when you follow the auction?

“There are many highlights, but a few that standout include the custom table from the private dining room that features exceptional twenty-foot long planks that span the entire length of the table, the shared dining table from the main dining room, the bespoke coffee services designed by Nina Norgaard in collaboration with Mads Kleppe and the Niels Moller dining chairs with a custom finish.”

Who are the ceramic and furniture designers?

“Noma worked with artists and designers from the Nordic region. The ceramic works are by Aage and Kasper Wurtz and each of the pieces was designed specifically for the restaurant. Furniture includes contemporary and unique pieces by SPACE Copenhagen as well as dining chairs by Hans Wegner and Niels O. Moller, the latter featuring a special finish unique to the interior.”

Bottom line, Noma had a clear design goal, as René Redzepi put it:

“We always wanted the design of the restaurant to be simple and natural – the same approach that we take to the food. As keywords I would mention Nordic, unpretentious and simple.”

When Noma closed earlier this year it was part of the ongoing innovative process. Now food lovers can look forward to Noma 2.0, which is set to open in early 2018. Bookings will open on November 16th through Noma’s website. In the meantime, you can get a piece of Noma in your own home through Wright’s auction, or feast your eyes on Wright’s newly released 100 page hardcover book celebrating Noma, full of stunning photos by Ditte Isager.

Wright auction is partnering with Mearto to make free online appraisals for art and design. Wright is frequently estimating design and art on for collectors around the world. We are delighted to work with Richard Wright and his team.

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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