Celebrating 10 Years


Photo by Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen's Flagshipstore with the latest styling


Photo by Normann Copenhagen


Photo by Normann Copenhagen


Photo by Normann Copenhagen


Photo by Normann Copenhagen

In 2008, Anne Romme was the winner of the award "Time to design - New Talent Award". Normann Copenhagen was a part of the award and the flagship store showcased the winning project.


Normann Copenhagen’s flagship store in Copenhagen first opened its doors on 21 November 2005. This year, the store is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

The flagship store is unique because Normann Copenhagen prides itself on making other great brands available, not just their own collections. Until 2005, this retail concept had not been seen in Denmark before.

‘The store is just a regular shop, an independent unit, which we are lucky enough to have as our office at the same time. It is also more and more becoming our showroom as the collection simultaneously increases. But we keep having other brands as well, and we will continue that. By offering different brands, we meet the customer where they are and learn to understand their needs. In that way, we also learn more about how to do well in retail. In the end, we seem more trustworthy when we say something because we do so based on our own experience’, explains Poul Madsen, CEO and co-founder of Normann Copenhagen.

Until the opening of the shop, the historic building had housed a theatre, a cinema, a recording studio and a water distillery. To honour the history of the space, Normann often hosts different events with focus on design, art and new tendencies. Most recently, the old cinema came back to life as Normann Copenhagen used the store to showcase two movies as part of the CPH:DOX movie festival.

‘The biggest challenge for shops or brands in the future will be to help consumers make choices. We have to make it easy for them and curate our products in new ways so they are inspiring and hold an element of surprise. To us, the physical store is not an isolated unit but a channel that is equal to the online webshop, social media, mobile devices, etc.’ says Jan Andersen, CEO and co-founder of Normann Copenhagen.

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