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MUUTO is always one to watch with new exciting designs.


Frandsen Project for interior design assignments

Frandsen Project is usually contacted by designers working on interior design assignments for hotels or the like. Typically a designer will ask Frandsen Project to design, as well as to develop and supply, a custom solution to that exact hotel, or they may have already designed a lamp themselves and then might ask Frandsen Project to develop and produce these.


Lamps designed by FRIIS+MOLTKE architects for new brand Rewired.


Desk lamp by Anour.


Mads Hagedorn-Olsen and Anders Morell founded hagedornhagen. They have a shared passion for small winged creatures.


Handvärk is a new brand founded by Danish Emil Thorup.


Photo by Erik Zappon

Zilmers wallpaper in beautiful company.


Founder and designer of Tortus Copenhagen, Eric Landon.


Each Tortus product is handmade in Denmark following century-old ceramics tradition.


The Danish fair northmodern is a biannual event in Copenhagen that displays the best of Scandinavian design. While we wait for this year’s event to begin, we want to give you our top five recommendations of Danish must-sees.

There is no getting around MUUTO. They have a strong Scandinavian design presence, and their name even means ‘new perspective’ in Finnish. Furthermore, they always manage to create a fantastic universe when they participate in a fair. We are very excited to see what they have up their sleeves.

Another exciting brand is Frandsen Projects, which is known for creating fantastic lighting solutions for hotels all over the world. In Denmark, they recently worked on Tivoli Hotel and Malene Birger’s showroom. Their stand at northmodern is in the special projects area, which promises something great. We are ready to be amazed! The same people behind Frandsen Projects are also launching a new brand called Rewired, which offers a range of lamps designed by Friis+Moltke architects.

We recently featured an article about a new showroom in Copenhagen called Design Werck. This great lamp designer will be part of northmodern with some of their cool collaborators, such as Anour.

Last year, hagedornhagen made a display box to invite visitors into their own unique universe, and they are back again this year. They are definitely worth a visit.

Among the many participants, Handvärk is one to watch out for. They launched the brand last August, and they have grown from there. We are also excited to see Zilmers, which was founded by Heidi Zilmer, a true craftswoman. Her handmade wallpapers and patterns are amazing.

This year, we will also present the 50th annual Design Award in Copenhagen. The Danish Design Center and Design Denmark are behind the award. They also have a stand, so drop by to learn more about what they have planned!

A rather new brand is Tortus Copenhagen, and we have been watching this designer closely. Founder Eric Landon is originally from the United States, but he now lives in Copenhagen, where he graduated from the Danish School of Design. He started Tortus Copenhagen together with his twin brother Justin Landon.

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