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Nicholas Rose, designer and owner of LLLP.


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Nicholas Rose's Plywood bed.


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The LLLP store in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.


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With both the designing and cabinet-making capability in-house, Nicholas Rose is a Copenhagen-based creator mildly obsessed with linoleum, plywood and black steel, to say the least.

Recently winning a Special Mention (2017) at the German Design Award ceremony for his plywood bed design, Danish designer Nicholas Rose showed that his tireless focus on the same materials pays off aesthetically and design-wise. The plywood bed was made after years of inspiration when visiting clients’ homes, as well as combining Rose’s key focus on joining a minimalistic aesthetic with clear-cut functionality.

“Less is more is not just a catch phrase: it’s a way of living and being,” says Rose when describing his overall approach beyond finding the right interplay between his three favourite materials: plywood, linoleum and black steel.

Something says that Rose has got the interplay right, when the jury of the German Design Award states that “the (plywood) bed has an enticingly clean, minimalistic form. The various options for wood and colour enable the bed to be adapted perfectly to individual decorating tastes.”

The designer owns and runs the Copenhagen design brand, LLLP, that creates bespoke furniture solutions as well as original designs made to order. In between these two ways of driving his business, Rose also offers original designs in specific measurements and custom materials.

“Plywood has some interesting properties; in particular, it’s very stable, and it didn’t take me long to fall in love with this material. Birch plywood, for example, has an amazing glow and the veins of the wood create unique expressions in every piece of furniture. This raw material, representing our Scandinavian heritage, is extremely well utilized with almost no waste of the actual tree, making it an eco-responsible and sustainable choice. Adding linoleum to the plywood surfaces just makes it all more characteristic, while the black steel also contributes to the rough and yet refined look,” Rose explains.

The symbiosis that occurs when combining the three materials is the key driver for Rose, when he designs both the bespoke solutions and furniture pieces. According to him, all LLLP furniture is crafted with inspiration from the classic industrial design tradition, the Bauhaus school, the American artist Donald Judd and other minimalistic artists and architects.

“My calling is to use my craft, know-how and knowledge of materials to create solutions that are nice, mainly function-focused and available at a good price,” Rose states.

Originally trained as a carpenter and cabinet-maker, Rose took over the LLLP brand in 2002 from its former owners, having previously worked in the Nørrebro shop, in Copenhagen. Here, Rose familiarized himself with and got inspired by the few designs and, these days, Rose has designed most of the LLLP products available in the shop.

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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