New Furniture from Fritz Hansen Makes Your Work Feel like Playing


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Fritz Hansen presents Plenum: a customisable sofa to sit and work on. Its design challenges traditional office furniture by creating a homelike and playful feeling in the workspace. The sofa has power and USB outlets and can be fitted with tables in different sizes.

Traditionally, a workstation was a chair, a desk and not much else, but lately something has changed. The confinements of cubicles and cramped meeting rooms are disappearing and, in their place, a playfulness in office interior decorating is sprouting. Following this thinking, Danish furniture company Fritz Hansen presents a new line of furniture for the contract market.

They call it Plenum. It’s a sofa that comes in a variety of materials and colours and that can seat one, two or three people depending on the model. Head of design Christian Andresen explains that Fritz Hansen analysed modern workplaces and found a lack of calm places for contemplation.

‘The dynamic of today’s workplaces demands a flexibility which is reminiscent of your home. It is important to companies that the social aspect functions just as well as the professional aspect because we experience victories and defeats together and spend an enormous amount of time at our workplace. For many years, we saw offices that were furnished in a cold geometrical fashion, which matched the social community of a workplace only to a very small degree. That is why we chose to create a sofa and breakout furniture which is more sculptural, inviting and homelike,’ Andresen says.

The Spanish designer Jaime Hayon designed Plenum for Fritz Hansen; it is his first furniture for the contract market. Hayon explains:

‘It is important to remember that my design is made for humans – to be used by humans. I believe that design should provoke emotions. Design should make you feel good and, most of all, create happiness.’

Such happiness can come from occasionally stepping away from your desk and having a meeting in a group of Plenum sofas or just sitting yourself in one and responding to your emails.

To accommodate all electronic devices, Plenum can be fitted with power and USB outlets. That way, you don’t have to go looking for an extension cord when you are in the middle of an important task.

The sofas come with different sizes of tables, which makes it possible to play around with your interior decoration. There is a coffee table, like the one in the picture above, and a higher table if you want to sit upright. You can also have a small round table next to the sofa or one to mount directly onto Plenum as seen below.

The sofa and tables are the latest products in a family of designs by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen. There is a sofa named Lune and two chairs called Ro and Fri – meaning calm and free in Danish – as well as many other popular designs created by his hand. In all of them, it is evident that Hayon favours curvaceous shapes and warm colours.

Christian Andresen tells that Fritz Hansen has worked together with Jaime Hayon for near on a decade and that they are immensely happy about the collaboration.

‘We have found a common design understanding and Jaime constantly challenges himself and Fritz Hansen. He experiments with shape, materials and colours. Jaime is just as much an artist as a designer, which, combined with his Spanish design heritage, results in innovation and an interesting design language, which helps create unique products at Fritz Hansen,’ Andresen says.

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