Q&A with OEO Studio on redesigning FLOS’s showroom


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Recently, the cross-disciplinary designers from OEO Studio worked their creativity, redesigning the FLOS Scandinavia Copenhagen showroom. Managing Partner Anne-Marie Buemann explains through a Q&A the thoughts behind the project, underlining aspects such as targeting specific customers and supporting a heavyweight lighting brand.

DANISH™: Can you tell us a bit about the showroom you’ve redesigned?

Anne-Marie Buemann (AMB): We redesigned the 500 m2 FLOS Scandinavia showroom – located in an old tractor repair workshop amongst the spacious former warehouses of one of Copenhagen’s old industrial docks – with the vision of creating a bold new spatial experience with an international feel.

DANISH™: What have you especially put weight on in this project?

AMB: We have worked with spatial elements that draw on the structure of this wonderful old building itself. Monolithic and contrasting structures have been deployed to create a play of light and shadow. One example is a playful sculptural staircase that works as a dramatic display element and as a zone divider within the open-plan space, creating a natural transition between architectural and home lighting.

DANISH™: How do you support a brand like FLOS?

AMB: Our ambition has been to bring the iconic FLOS products to centre stage and inspire curiosity about the possibilities of lighting.

DANISH™: What are the main ingredients in designing a showroom for a brand like FLOS?

AMB: We always seek to instil a sense of necessity, one that reflects a belief that great design is driven by passion and shaped by the vision to make a difference – in a relevant, honest and respectful way. Our approach to design is holistic, embracing and poetic – and we have developed superb skills in taking a brand’s DNA and bringing it to centre stage.

DANISH™: How did you target deep-pocketed international customers?

AMB: The showroom features many unique architectural details, including a playful and inspiring new display system that offers an interesting approach to display lighting. Again, we believe in bringing the products to centre stage and triggering curiosity to showcase the FLOS universe.

DANISH™: What was your aim?

AMB: The brief from FLOS Scandinavia was to create a showroom of international standing, to create a natural integration of their work spaces into the overall space, as well as to design a comprehensive display system that works for FLOS’s architectural, home and outdoor lighting.

About OEO Studio

OEO Studio is a multi-disciplinary design studio established in Copenhagen in 2003 with a focus on interior architecture, product design and brand innovation. Headed by Head of Design, Creative Director and Founder Thomas Lykke – former interiors editor at Wallpaper* Magazine – and Managing Partner Anne-Marie Buemann, OEO Studio has created award-winning designs for a broad spectrum of discerning clients, from the most respected centuries-old craft companies to corporate producers of high-quality products, including Georg Jensen, Dinesen, the Michelin-starred restaurant Kadeau, Takashimaya, Brdr. Krüger, Leica Camera Japan, Japan Handmade, Stellar Works, Hosoo and Sony HQ.

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