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The Montana furniture system is available in all the colours of the rainbow.


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Few modern Danish design pieces have the same iconic status as the rectangular furniture system from Montana. Designed by Peter J. Lassen in 1982, the Montana furniture system consists of 42 basic modules, all of which come in four different depths. This May, designers Niek Pulles and Sebastian Herkner will reinterpret/re-frame the furniture system along with nine other Danish furniture pieces for the Re-Framing Danish Design exhibition created by DANISH™ and Frame Magazine.

The Montana furniture system comes in 42 colours, and it is renowned for its many possible combinations. The system can be built against a wall or freestanding, tall or wide. The shelves and cabinets can be used in combinations in formal or informal surroundings. Because it is highly customisable, the furniture system challenges users to explore the many design possibilities.

Simplicity was the keyword for Danish designer Peter J. Lassen when he designed the Montana furniture system. According to Lassen, creating a good design requires honesty and respect. He started in the furniture industry in 1954 and worked with a number of renowned Danish architects for many years, including Arne Jacobsen, Jørn Utzon, Piet Hein and Verner Panton. These great designers’ influence is clearly recognisable in the clean lines of Lassen’s designs.

“Montana is always new! There lies an infinite freedom in the system. I am very excited to see what kind of interpretation the two young designer’s have put into Montana for Re-Framing Danish Design”, says Joakim Lassen, Managing Director at Montana.

Montana’s flexible furniture system is made of 12 mm-thick MDF and is offered in seven different types of veneer in addition to the 42 available colours. If you cannot decide which combination of the 42 main units you want to use, 216 examples of combined shelving units are also available.

Designers Pulles and Herkner will have all 42 of the main units at their disposal for the Re-Framing Danish Design exhibition. We at DANISH™ are excited to see how they will reframe the units and how many they will use.

The Re-Framing Danish Design exhibition will coincide with 3 Days of Design and take place at The Silo from 28 to 30 May 2015.

The Silo – By & Havn
Helsinkigade 29
2150 Nordhavn
Copenhagen, Denmark

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