Re-Framing the PLATEAU coffee/side table


Experience PLATEAU by Søren Rose Studio for dk3 at DANISHLIVINGroom.


PLATEAU by Søren Rose Studio and dk3.


PLATEAU by Søren Rose Studio and dk3.


The PLATEAU coffee/side table, soon to be launched by dk3, is designed by Søren Rose Studio – a New York-based acclaimed Danish design studio renowned for its honest aesthetics and subtle design.

Combining a solid wood top with an elegant brushed stainless steel or black powder-coated steel base, the PLATEAU table celebrates simplicity, craftsmanship and honest design, merging the values of the two companies.

The Søren Rose Studio design was inspired by the natural majestic beauty of a tree trunk, and the result was a coffee/side table with the ability to blend into any setting or room where aesthetics and quality are paramount. Søren Rose describes the PLATEAU table as a modern coffee/side table inspired by the classic Danish heritage, but carefully designed with a contemporary feel. The final product is thus a subtle blend of natural elements and classic Danish design tradition.

“In a world with thousands of beautiful furniture, it’s a challenge to design something that has a livelihood. In the design process of PLATEAU we kept removing details from the original design and ended up with this very minimalistic yet sophisticated side table,” says Søren Rose, founder of Søren Rose Studio.

The two designers, Niek Pulles from Heyniek and Sebastian Herkner, will each re-frame Danish design for our joint DANISH™ and Frame Magazine exhibition – Re-Framing Danish Design – where they have been given the freedom to re-frame/re-interpret the PLATEAU table as they wish.

“The Re-Framing Danish Design event will mark the launch of the dk3 PLATEAU coffee/side table, designed by Søren Rose Studio (New York City). At dk3 we love the creative forces that come into play at exciting and exclusive forums such as this and we love to challenge the classic design interpretation. We therefore very much look forward to seeing and being inspired by the two great designers Niek Pulles and Sebastian Herkner interpreting our authentic design,” says Jacob Plejdrup, owner of dk3.

The exhibition will be on display from 28 to 30 May 2015 at The Silo in Copenhagen.



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