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AW18 Playdinner2

Photo courtesy of Bruunmunch


AW18 Playdinner1

Photo courtesy of Bruunmunch


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Photo courtesy of Bruunmunch


Every year, the Danish design company Bruunmunch choses a new exclusive location to shoot product photos for their current and upcoming collections. This year, the annual shoot was held at a Danish national landmark, the newly BIG-redesigned art museum, Tirpitz.

The art museum bunker Tirpitz is located in the sand of the westernmost Danish coast – more specifically outside a small village called Blåvand, very close to the Bruunmunch founder’s, Henrik Bruun and Jacob Munch’s hometown of Esbjerg, DK.


Bruunmunch Portrait

Henrik Bruun & Jacob Munch

“This time around, we really wanted our new product pictures to distinctly echo the Bruunmunch brand’s outlook. That’s why Tirpitz was a natural choice for us, as this place truly represents who we are and where we originate from as a company,” says Jacob Munch.

Henrik Bruun concurs with Munch and adds;

“We’ve grown up just around the corner from here, so obviously, this location has a very special place in our hearts. We’ve always felt a very natural connection to this environment and that is reflected in the colour choices of our furniture for this shoot.”

Bruunmunch hired the renowned interior stylist Lene Ostenfeldt to manage the environment and packshot representations for this project. Early on in the process, it was decided to keep all props and accessories in natural and almost exclusively local materials.

“In extension of the very earthy expression of these pictures, we chose to keep everything genuinely from nature, so Lene brought on some white sand, tall reed and rocks from the beach. This is all gathered locally from around here, and seeing these pictures already shows how well these things play along with what we aimed to do,” says Jacob Munch.


AW18 Playdinner2

PLAYdinner Lamé & PLAYswing chairs – Photo courtesy of Bruunmunch

Continuity and collaborative designs

Bruunmunch brought one of their trusty designers, Claus C. Simonsen, along for the photoshoot in Blåvand. In collaboration with the founders, he came up with the base design idea for what eventually became the company’s first chair, inspired by the neo-classic Bruunmunch PLAY tables.

“I met Henrik and Jacob about four years ago, as they reached out to me with an ambition of developing the perfect chair to match their popular table series. The design process was very much a co-creation with me as the main designer combined with Henrik and Jacob’s initial visions for the chair. At first, the process resulted with the PLAY dining chair and eventually the entire PLAYchair series was born; all made from the same concept idea as the first chair,” says Simonsen.

Both the PLAYchair and PLAYtable are a part of the Autumn shoot at Tirpitz.

Bruunmunch PLAYchair

Photo courtesy of Bruunmunch

The original PLAYchair

The prominent Danish photographer, Anders Schønnemann is the man in charge of photography and art directing at the Tirpitz-shoot. He appears utterly focused on his work and isn’t afraid of asking the two Partners in the company for help in moving furniture or adjusting small details to get the pictures just perfect. So, both Bruun and Munch are rolling up their sleeves to lend a hand.

“We’re really happy to have Anders on board for this shoot. He’s a seasoned professional that knows exactly what he’s doing. I think, he’s a very comfortable asset for us to have in this project, because he never disappoints with his work!” says Jacob Munch with a smile.

Value in Danish production

Bruunmunch highly prioritizes maintaining their holistic approach to the manufacturing processes as all their products are designed in Denmark and crafted domestically by Danish companies.

“Our products wouldn’t either look or feel as high-quality as they do if it wasn’t because of our very close collaboration with our manufacturers and suppliers. None of our business partners are located more than two hours away which gives a unique possibility of meeting our associates at eye level and discuss even the smallest of details. That is what’s making the entire difference for us,” says Henrik Bruun.

Furthermore, Bruunmunch exclusively uses the latest textiles from Danish Kvadrat and leather from Danish Sørensen Læder. This year, the latter has teamed up with Danish Design Studio Space Copenhagen and developed a palette of new cool, blue-grey colours that fit perfectly with Bruunmunch’s latest furniture collections.


AW18 Playdinner3

Photo courtesy of Bruunmunch


Bruunmunch’s PLAYswing chair upholstered in NUANCE by Space Copenhagen for Sørensen Læder and the Doshi Levien-designed textile Lila from Kvadrat.


Tirpitz was built inside a WWII bunker, reimagined by Bjarke Ingels Group. The reconstruction started in 2014 and was inaugurated as an art museum to the public in 2017 by H.R.H. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.

The entire Bruunmunch collection is now available in retail and through their official website.

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