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Picture by F&M

Picture by F&M


Drawing by F&M

All work by Friis & Moltke


Drawing lamp

All work by Friis & Moltke


rewired Satellite desk lamp


rewired created a desk lamp: A well-designed piece of art, which simultaneously functions as a work tool. The company purposely delayed its production due to their philosophy of always aiming for exquisiteness. Now Satellite Desk is ready.


There is an old, famous department store in the heart of Copenhagen called Illums Bolighus. It is where good design has to stand the test of time. It is a place where products can transcend from a temporary trend to a permanent design icon.

Mads Madsen works as a section and sous-chef at the department for furniture and lighting in Illums Bolighus. Along with a couple of other employees, he decides which products deserve a place on the coveted shelves. One day, he saw a prototype of a new lamp.

“I immediately knew I wanted it in our lightning department. Ever since I first saw the design, I was eager and impatient to get a hold of the finished product. Now the lamp is finally here and I am pleased to say it looks as great as I had hoped it would,” says Mads Madsen.

The name of the lamp is “Satellite Desk” and rewired is the company behind. It is their first new lamp since the brand launched in 2016. rewired teamed up with Danish architecture firm Friis and Moltke to create the lamp. The result is a stylish design consisting of two thin black lines in a 90-degree angle, a three-way option to adjust the lighting and a dimming option. The design appears understated with typical Scandinavian simplicity. It fits as well into an office or hotel room as it does in a brutalist art gallery.

Thomas Hansen is the director of rewired. He has been looking forward to this day for quite some time.

“It is a great pleasure to see it finished. This project is close to my heart and it really is our baby. We wanted to implement practical functions in the lamp while keeping a clean design as the main element. Form over function – but still a lot of function,” says Thomas Hansen.

He talks about the term “exquisiteness”, which rewired uses to determine if a product is ready for the market. Satellite Desk was supposed to launch earlier this year, but while it looked the part, it did not feel exquisite enough. rewired decided to delay its launch.

“The spot where you turn the head of the lamp did not feel as it should. We wanted it to move smoothly with just the right amount of push back. Maybe we care too much about this stuff, but I really believe the engineering should be as elegant as the design,” says Thomas Hansen.

Satellite Desk is made of durable materials and rewired produces the lamp in Denmark to ensure quality. Now rewired have fixed the adjustment of the head.

“It took a long time to perfect but I knew we would have been annoyed if we sold the lamp with the flaw it had earlier this year. We rely on gut feeling and now our gut tells us we have made a great product that was worth the wait,” says Thomas Hansen.

While private customers can buy the lamp at Illums Bolighus, rewired also thoroughly tested the lamp for the contract market. Some contract costumers have already shown interest in the product.


rewired is a sub brand of the big Danish lightning company Frandsen Project. They produce lamps for the contract market and design custom-made lighting for hotels. rewired began in 2016 as an exclusive brand available in the contract and retail market. They design and produce lamps in collaboration with architecture firm Friis and Moltke.









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