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Just a short while ago Danish architecture festival RISING Architecture Week launched first part of the program for the festival of 2017.

Three main themes are in focus for the festival: Materials, The City and The Society. But more importantly: You are invited to participate in finding the challenges of tomorrow that should be the content of the festival!

Do you feel there is a need for a discussion about sustainability in architecture? Or are you more into considerations on how to combine the idea of sharing with the way we take on work in the future from an architectonical perspective?

The idea for the RISING Architecture Week 2017 is that the content should be chosen through crowdsourcing. This means that if you have one or several challenges which fall within the three categories: Materials, City or Society RISING would want to hear your voice.

At the launch of RISING, stakeholders within the building industry, architecture and society showed up to hear pitches and discussions from influencers, developers, academics and architects, about their take on what is the most important challenge for architecture in the future. Here are the challenge raised by both the City Architect of Aarhus and Copenhagen:

How do we engage the public in city planning and with what motivation?

How can we improve the framework to enable dialogue?

As final key-note speaker RISING presented Stephan Petermann, AMO Assosiate at OMA in Amsterdam who in a historical perspective gave the challenge on how to create better working environments for more people.

But how does your challenge sound?

Please give us your challenges by contacting us at Facebook or go directly to RISING to write your challenge.


The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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