Small is beautiful


Photo by Casper Sejersen

Arche. Designer: Ralph van der Made. Manufacturer: Hinnerup ApS, Royal Talens. Theme: A petite chair in intensely ultramarine-coloured wood that reflects the museum’s classical architecture and geometric shapes.


Photo by Casper Sejersen

Pause. Designer: Elisabeth Holager Lund and Joakim Vulpius. Manufacturer: Københavns Møbelsnedkeri. Theme: Go mobile-free and drop the phone in the chest when you come home.


Photo by Casper Sejersen

Pause. Designer: Norm Architects and Frederik Werner. Manufacturer: Christian Juhl. Theme: Solid wood, smooth transitions and an expression that indicates its use.


Photo by Casper Sejersen

Vent. Designer: Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm. Manufacturer: Trip Trap by Skagerak. Theme: A discreet element in a story-telling context.


Photo by Casper Sejersen

Cluster. Designer and manufacturer: Rasmus Fenhann. Based on geometric archetypes. Theme: A side table in the cross-field between art and design.


Photo by Casper Sejersen

Clash. Designer: Philip Bro. Manufacturer: Møbelsnedkeri Kjeldtoft. Theme: A meeting of cultures: East and West, stringency and ornamentation, wood and metal.


Photo by Casper Sejersen

Turning Boxes. Designer: Hans Sandgren Jakobsen. Manufacturer: Aksel Kjersgaard A/S. Theme: Ten box drawers that are interconnected, so that each drawer can turn 360 degrees horizontally


Photo by Casper Sejersen

Smaating – odds and ends. Designer: Ditte Hammerstrøm. Manufacturer: Labrador v/rep. By Niels Højlund Rasmussen. Theme: The tight geometric shapes refer directly to Øregaard Museum’s classical architecture.


Even though the theme for the SE – The Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition 2015 – is Petite furniture, now has never been a greater time to experience this grand old museum and to explore how the 45 exhibited furniture pieces engage with the classical rooms of the Øregaard Museum in Hellerup: great innovation and craftsmanship, all tied together in inspiring surroundings.

Øregaard Museum, designed by the French architect Joseph-Jacques Rameé in 1808, at a time when fashion changed from rococo to classicism, has inspired 83 designers and furniture manufacturers to create 45 small innovative furniture designs.

This year the furniture is small, but the creative ideas are as big as ever – some even set out new agendas in an attempt to push our technology-infused everyday lives in a healthier direction. Several designs include spaces to hide away the smartphone or the tablet. In fact, there are a lot of hideaways in the shape of cabinets and drawers in many of the sculptural designs. Small tables, chairs and stools are all represented in innovative forms – and there is even a design incorporating a combination of a ladder and a chair, designed for small city apartments. The creativity on display is huge and stunning and the designers have clearly outdone themselves this year, but most amazing is the extremely high level of craftsmanship. The manufacturers, who usually have a subtler role in annual exhibitions, have come out to demonstrate their superior skills this year.

The general theme of the exhibition, ”Petite”, as well as the high level of talent is enhanced by the exhibition architecture, which was designed by Norm Architects. Mirror podiums in a variety of shapes, tones and constructions serve as a recurring element in the exhibition. The mirror podiums also make references to other cultural themes, such as identity and self-promotion. On a more concrete level, the meticulousness and craftsmanship of the furniture on display is revealed further when checking the pieces from below – a detail that Danish furniture makers are known for mastering.

Once again the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition demonstrates that it is a necessary playroom, a creative space and a vital platform for the development and exposure of contemporary Danish furniture design. Finally, the inspiring collaboration between young and established design talents, and some of the best Danish manufactures and cabinetmakers, brings with it vital new energy to enhance the Danish design tradition.

This year’s exhibition begins its journey at Øregaard Museum and can be seen until 18 October 2015. Then, from 27 January until 3 April 2015 it will be housed at Maison du Danemark in Paris.

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