Sharp design with a green profile


Mogens Hansen Møbler A/S 2


Mogens Hansen Møbler A/S 1

Mogens Hansen Møbler A/S


Anders Nørgaard by Mogens Hansen Møbler A/S

Fonto. Design: Anders Nørgaard by Mogens Hansen Møbler A/S


No2 from Mogens Hansen Møbler A/S

No2 from Mogens Hansen Møbler A/S


A retro chair is revitalized, and three of Denmark’s leading designers – Anders Nørgaard, Tom Stepp and Kai Kristiansen – create new designs for Mogens Hansen Møbler with the potential of becoming design classics. All with a new, green and sustainable profile.

The retro wave is still washing over the modern home. So Mogens Hansen Møbler searched through the company’s archives and found the drawings for the light and elegant easy chair No2 from 1961. The chair, which was one of Mogens Hansen’s first designs, has been given a design update and a fresh upholstery and is now available in a sharp 2016-edition that is also green and sustainable. With FSC-labelled wood, eco-friendly Oeko-Tex foam and bio-degradable upholstery fabric, No2 hopes to receive the Nordic Ecolabel this spring.

An inviting sofa

The new, green approach is also reflected in a number of new designs, including the new Purpose Design collection, where all the furniture uses either Nordic Ecolabel textile, Oeko-Tex foam or FSC-labelled wood. One of the new designs in the collection is Fonto – a sofa series with a stringent but inviting expression created by the internationally acknowledged designer Anders Nørgaard. The combination of a simple, angular frame and soft seat and back cushions ensures a calm visual expression and optimal comfort. The inner curvature of the armrest gives the design an added edge and underscores the inviting look. Available in several sizes.

Sustainable design

Another new product in the green Purpose Design collection comes from designer Tom Stepp, who created the Sling sofa with his typical sure hand – a sofa with a clear potential for becoming a design classic. Here, sustainability goes beyond the materials: a simple design expression and quality craftsmanship ensure durability as well as staying power – key elements in the green profile that Mogens Hansen is aiming for.

Sling has a stringent expression with slender armrests and cushions. Classic virtues, such as visible stitching, are given a twist with distinctive design details, including the oblique back profiles that lend the form an organic touch. In combination with the difference in height between the back frame and cushions, this gives the sofa a light visual expression seen from the back or the side.

Great design on a small scale

With these new products, Mogens Hansen has gone for experienced designers. That is especially true of the company’s collaboration with Kai Kristiansen, one of the last designers from the golden age of Danish furniture design who is still active. Kai Kristiansen, who studied under Kåre Klint, created the furniture series KK7, which includes an elegant chair and a small two-seater sofa with oblique lines and a distinctive wooden frame that lends the form a dynamic expression. The furniture is light and easy to position – also in small spaces.

All Mogens Hansen’s furniture is made in Denmark.

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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