The Subtle Elegance of Metal


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It is strong, it can be heavy, it can shine, it can corrode, and some particular types are very valuable….

What is `It´?

In this case, it´s metal, specifically iron, aluminium, copper and brass – the cornerstones of Danish designer Arash Nourinejad’s lighting company, Anour.

Originally trained as an architect, Arash Nourinejad was, according to him, a born designer who just took some time to find his niche: a niche constituted of geometrical copper lamps with clean lines and a thin patina. Anour’s A series includes a desk lamp, a single extruded pendant and a rustic three-armed chandelier.

‘Good design, to me, is the ability to find good solutions that can enrich the user – a challenge, which excites me, making me constantly chase new opportunities that can support the solving of an issue within my field. In my case, metal plays a huge role’, says Nourinejad.

Sustainability as the key design philosophy

In his own words, Nourinejad’s key concern is sustainability. In a world of limited resources, he feels an obligation to refrain from quick fixes. It is a principle that Anour strives to implement in all of its products.

‘Sustainability is also a question of quality. Likewise, sustainability is the ability to design something that is timeless, which remains relevant. Not least, sustainability is something that you can renew and not just replace’, Nourinejad explains and continues:

‘I always try my best to solve the problem so that we achieve the ultimate result in every respect.

It can take a long time for my designs to mature, and it often involves many prototypes and consultation with experts in the respective areas where I fall short. Tests are continuously taking place so that we can optimise both the functionality of the design as well as the shape.’

The concept behind Anour goes all the way back to Arash Nourinejad’s time at the architecture school. Originally, he designed lamps made of wood. However, due to challenges resulting from the limited capabilities of wood, Nourinejad began to experiment with the idea of creating the lamps in metal. ‘Copper was very hot at the time’, Nourinejad remembers, and his curiosity led him to try out the material. He started off by establishing a collaboration with a brass finisher.

‘Since then, my knowledge of the metal, particularly the surface treatments, has been widely broadened. It has been a steep learning curve with many interesting challenges along the way, and I look forward to developing even more editions of the lamps’, says Nourinejad.

Today, the objective for Arash Nourinejad is clear: settled in Copenhagen, he is a pioneer in the lighting business, with new, innovative initiatives shaped in metal.

We continue to be a lighting company, but also plan to expand our business with the introduction of other interior designs, such as a table chassis in brass, which is going to be presented at the Maison & Objet fair in Paris this September.

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