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Photo by Bruunmunch


Photo by Bruunmunch


Photo by Bruunmunch


Photo by Bruunmunch


Photo by Bruunmunch


Sculptured by the wind and stirring sands on the western coasts of Denmark, the Danish furniture company Bruunmunch creates stunning furniture formed by the raw nature, ready to take on the world.

Anyone who has visited the western coast in Denmark knows it something truly unique. You may experience the beauty and tranquility on a Wednesday, but, by the Thursday, you will feel the hard-salty winds from the North Sea and sand swirling around you. This is what formed the two owners Henrik Bruun and Jacob Munch growing up as kids, and it is what forms their company Bruunmunch.

As the French and Belgian markets are a great success, the time for a German expansion has come. The demand for Bruunmunch products on the German market is increasing, and, therefore, they have established a German agent and a collaboration with the German PR and communication firm roecknergrewe.

“The German market is something special to us. We see a connection between us, as we are born and raised on the western coast, and the majority of visitors to our region are German nationalities – we are connected by the nature that has formed us, and that is what forms our products,” says Jacob S. Munch, owner of Bruunmunch Furniture.

Bruunmunch wants to take on the German market, delivering that Danish feeling that is sought after all over the world.

Nordic Masters
Danish design is all about that feeling you get when you see something beautiful or that sensation you get when you touch a stunning surface – that feeling only comes to you when you have a product that is both designed and produced in perfect alignment.

“We see a huge change in what the markets requests, especially the German market. They no longer want to buy a cheap product, which may be designed in Denmark or the Nordic but produced cheaper in other parts of the world. They want the real deal, the real product and the true experience – what we’ve come to know as Nordic Masters”, says Jacob.

Local Craftsmen
For Bruunmunch, it has been important to use craftsmen with years of experience working with furniture through traditional Danish methods. For textiles, they use Danish Kvadrat; for leather, they use Sørensen Leather; and, only a fewhours up the western coastal line, every bit of solid wood is produced.

“It is important to us that our designs are manufactured in Denmark with traditions and values. This secures the quality and precision that we strive after and brings forth thatfeeling we all seek. All products are marked and numbered, each one with an individual badge in stainless steel”, says Jacob Munch on an ending note.

Bruun and Munch
Bruunmunch is a Danish furniture company based on the western parts of Jutland, Denmark. They take pride in designing and producing locally and ensure that their products represent the nature and legacy in which they are formed.

“We are born and raised on the west coast, and it only makes sense to us that the DNA of our products comes from the same nature, found on the western coast, that formed us as humans”, says Jacob.

Founded in 2008 by the two childhood friends Jacob Munch and Henrik Bruun, Bruunmunch has developed dramatically from their early days, but the processes within production has not changed since the first piece of furniture was created by the two owners from Esbjerg.

You can read more about Bruunmunch in our company profile.

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