The Children’s Home of the Future


Photo by Mikkel Frost


Photo by Mikkel Frost


Photo by Mikkel Frost


Photo by Mikkel Frost


Photo by Mikkel Frost


Photo by Mikkel Frost

The Children's home of the future by CEBRA.


In the town of Kerteminde, Denmark, Danish CEBRA architecture studio has designed a new children’s home. The Children’s Home of the Future combines the traditional home’s safe environment with new pedagogical ideas and conceptions of what a modern children’s home is.

Welcome home

There is something very familiar about the rectangular pitched-roof building with a chimney; it is something that we all recognise when we see it done as a children’s drawing. Even a in our web browser, this is a familiar icon to most. It is also quintessentially Danish. This familiar shape inspired the architecture of the children’s home.

CEBRA’s vision was to create a new institution that encourages social relations and a sense of community while at the same time accommodating for the children’s individual needs. It should be a place children are proud to call home.

A home for all ages

The building consists of four interconnected houses, each of which is divided according to age group. The smaller children’s unit is off the street and faces the garden, where they have direct access to a playground.  The teenagers’ unit is the most extrovert section of the building and faces the street. The older residents are encouraged to use the city and engage in social activities.

It was very important to create a sense of home for the children so the administration, staff and storage rooms are mostly located on the 1st floor. In this way, the children are not constantly reminded of being in an institution.  This resembles the DNA of the project, which expresses inclusion, diversity and an atmosphere of safety.

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