The Key is Diversity


Diversity and knowledge sharing 12

Photo by Baks Arkitekter


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Photo by Baks Arkitekter


At Baks Arkitekter in Risskov, Denmark they don’t bet everything on one card. Instead, they experiment at the intersections between architectural genres. This makes them capable of carrying out anything from small housing projects to being part of the design-team behind big events like the Danish Design Award.

On a suburban street, between old trees and white fences, you will find the office of Baks Arkitekter. This small architectural company is housed in the private villa of Rasmus Bak, architect and owner of Baks Arkitekter. Besides Rasmus, the team consists of carefully selected employees with varied architectural skills.

“We have someone who knows all about gardening and outdoor areas, and another with expertise in lighting. By teaming up in suitable combinations we are always able to design a complete building, and not just the shell of a house,” Rasmus explains.

Rasmus Bak believes in diversity and knowledge sharing, and trusts that a wide spectrum of knowledge is the best way to thoroughly understand and develop a project, and to achieve the best possible result.

This holistic way of thinking is characteristic of the company, which doesn’t confine itself to designing private homes, but also has shops, stands and events in its portfolio. And over the next couple of months Baks Arkitekter together with agency Culture Works will transform a warehouse into an event location for the upcoming Danish Design Award 2017.  Jeppe Steenberg Jensen, an architect at the practice, defines these tasks as breaks from the more usual work, but also as sources of inspiration for future projects.

“The diversity of the different projects keeps us on our toes. When we do shops, or events, it gives us new perspectives on anything from materials to lighting to interiors, which we can use when designing private homes. This intersection is important for our work,” tells Jeppe Steenberg Jensen.

The intersection is where the magic happens. By using business jobs as a playground for discovering new ideas and materials, the work with housing becomes more creative and playful as well. Together with its customers, Baks Arkitekter strives to do the extraordinary; to walk that extra mile; to design the beautiful house that will last for more than a couple of decades. Because a house isn’t just a temporary solution. It’s yours to keep, so why not make the best out of it? Rasmus Bak sums it up:

“If you enjoyed an open-roofed terrace on your vacation, why not bring it home? We want to add value and exclusivity to people’s everyday lives, and to include them and their dreams when designing. It’s not just a house, it’s a home,” he ends.

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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