Three Danish designs among the finalists for the INDEX: Award


Photo by INDEX: Design to Improve Life®

Since its formation in 2005, the focus of the INDEX: Award has been recognizing designs that improve life.


Yellowone Handsafe is a mobile dispenser that holds hand cleanser for health-care staff.


CommonCollection is a social site that supports peer-to-peer giving using Bitcoins.


Bitcoins are a digital currency that is available all around the world.


Be My Eyes is a smartphone app that helps visually impaired to see.


Denmark is home to the world’s most prestigious design award, the INDEX: Award. This award, which is granted biennially, includes a total prize sum of 500,000 euro. The next INDEX: Award will be presented this year in August, and over 1,100 designs were submitted for consideration. Of these submissions, the INDEX: Award’s jury has chosen 46 designs for the finals.

Since its formation in 2005, the focus of the INDEX: Award has been recognizing designs that improve life in five categories: BODY, HOME, WORK, PLAY & LEARNING and COMMUNITY. The 46 finalist designs were selected based on their strength, creativity and overall rank as determined by the jury’s official criteria, which considers form, impact and context.

The jury evaluates form, which is seen as a traditional design value. However, form does not stand alone—it must be considered in conjunction with a design’s impact and context. Evaluations of a design’s impact focuses on the design’s actual and potential importance. Impact is based on determining how many lives a design can improve. The context parameter focuses on the framework within which the design is intended to fit, including the challenge, the relevance of the challenge, the culture and the geography.

Three Danish designs have been selected as finalists for this year’s INDEX: Award.

The Yellowone Handsafe is a wearable alcohol dispenser created by Hån Pham. Designed to prevent hospital deaths by providing healthcare staff with easy access to hand cleansing, the Yellowone Handsafe is a finalist in the WORK category. The user simply squeezes the container, which can be fixed onto a coat or shirt, and antibacterial alcohol gel is dispensed into the palm without the user having to leave the patient zone to obtain hand cleanser.

Revolving around the concept of the digital currency Bitcoin, CommonCollection is a social website designed for global peer-to-peer giving. According to the designers, global exchange, development and collaboration are much easier with a decentralised currency. CommonCollection allows users to submit projects that others can support. People can browse through projects, read about people in need and select whom they want to support financially.

The third Danish finalist is a smartphone app that helps blind people see by “lending” the eyes of sighted people to the visually impaired. The Be My Eyes app utilizes the camera and an internet connection to share a visual image of an item or scene a blind person points their smartphone at, allowing sighted people to determine what the user is looking at. Essentially, Be My Eyes crowdsources vision for the blind.

The winners of the 2015 INDEX: Award will be revealed and celebrated on 27 August in Værftshallerne in Elsinore, Denmark.

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