Top 10 Most Read Articles This Fall, part I



Photo: rewired & FRIIS & MOLTKE

A New Lamp is Born



Photo by: Jensen Retail Group

Drawn towards the daylight



Danish Schools Abroad



Last Day at BILT



Photo by: ANOUR

New cordless lamp


A new year is just around the corner, but before we step into 2018 we thought now is a great chance to look back on DANISHTM’s top 10 most read articles this fall. Making things even more exciting, we countdown the articles starting from our top #10 to #6 and later this week we will reveal the top 5! Enjoy!

#10: A New Table Lamp is Born


Photo by: Friis & Moltke

Interested to see how lighting solutions company, rewired at Frandsen Project and architectural firm FRIIS & MOLTKE collaborate to design a new lamp? Take a look at how they collaborate or even watch a short video on the design process!

#9: No Strings Attached – New Cordless Lamp by ANOUR


Photo by: Jeppe Sørensen

Danish design studio ANOUR reintroduces the meaning of simplicity by developing a cordless lamp. An interesting read that touches on the process of developing technology to facilitate a minimalist aesthetic.

#8: Last Day at BILT Europe 2017


Photo by: BILT

This year, BILT was hosted in the 2017 culture capital, Aarhus. For those who want an overview, we bring you the laughs, the knowledge and the “gadget of the day” for the last day of the insightful event.

#7: Danish Schools Around the World


Photo by: 3XN

Catch a glimpse into how Danish architects design schools across the globe. We give you a review on how Arkitema, 3XN and Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects add a Danish touch across different countries.

#6: Drawn Towards the Daylight


Photo by: Jensen Retail Group

Løgismose celebrates the opening of a brand new outlet in central Copenhagen. Designed by Jensen Retail Group, the concept of “opening up to nature” is a key element of the shopping experience.

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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