Top 10 Most Read Articles This Fall, part II



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Reflection of Learning


A new year is just around the corner, but before we step into 2018 we thought now is a great chance to look back on DANISH™’s top 10 most read articles this fall. Today we reveal the top 5. Enjoy!

#5 A Physical Reflection of Learning


Photo: Kim Wendt

Danish design and architectural company Rosan Bosch Studio, rethinks the future for learning landscapes and explores new environmental solutions to facilitate learning from a whole new perspective.

#4 Design Collaboration Enhances the Ties Between Denmark and Japan


Photo by: Lars Vejen

150 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and Denmark and 2017 is the year to celebrate through activities, events and design collaborations between the two countries. For Danish architect and designer Lars Vejen, the anniversary is an opportunity to strengthen the good relations.

#3 The Best of Danish Interior Icons


Photo by: Lightyears

Danish design is iconic across the globe. We all recognize Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair but we discover 13 other iconic designs that should not go unnoticed. An exciting read to discover a whole new perspective of what Danish designers have to offer.

#2 Why do We Need to Design Services?


Service Design

Do we need to design services? Overcoming the challenge of associating services with the discipline of design. Guest editor Nicola Morelli gives an academic point of view.

#1 Carpets Bring History to Life at Hotel Denmark


Photo by: ege Carpets

Interior renovation at its best. We speak with the designer from ege Carpets to catch a glimpse into how interiors can meet the masterplan and framework of architects yet also be creative and stay true to the essence of ege DNA.

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