Top 10 Most-Read Design Articles of 2016


Sarah Fredelund furniture

Sarah Fredelund is one of the Danish designer that you should keep an eye on in the future. She's part of the most-read DANISH™ design article of 2016.


DANISH™ recap of favourite designs in the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016

Our second most-read design article is our recap of the Stockholm Furniture Fair.


Thors-Design from decommissioned ferry landings and wharves

The third-most read article is our recent story on Thors-Design.



Photo by DANISH™

Our photo reel from Lars Vejen's design event is the fourth most-viewed design article of 2016.


Danish design companies improving working days

In the middle of the list, our article on Danish design that makes working life better resides.


three contemporary chair designs

The Prince Chair designed by the Danish designer Louise Campbell was part of the article 'Three Contemporary Danish Chair Designs'.


furniture design that leaves a lasting impression

The story on Troels Grum-Schwensen's gravity-cantered designs is at place number 7.


Lars Vejen solo design process

Photo by Jakob Lerche

Our interview with the Danish designer Lars Vejen is our eighth most-read design article of 2016.


good lighting impacts both function and well-being

A small article on Danish lighting also made it to the top 10.


sneak peek of three of Copenhagen’s coolest restaurants

If you fancy a delicious meal and nice design, then go check out this articles about the design at three cool Copenhagen restaurants.


We’ve collected the 10 most-read design articles of 2016 for you. Based on the total number of page views, the list comprises articles published from 1 January to 1 December 2016, and shows a wide variety of DANISH™ design subjects. Feel free to download and share the articles, but when sharing, please credit DANISH™

1.     Five Danish Designers to Watch

The most-read design article of 2016 was our list of emerging stars. We took the plunge into the realm of upcoming Danish designers and hand-picked five exciting names to keep an eye on in the future. Naturally, they’re even more relevant to follow now!

2.     Danish Highlights from Stockholm Furniture Fair

We were happy to learn that an article on Danish design had made its way abroad and was one of the absolute most-read design articles of the year. In this read, we took a dive into the Danish design pool on show at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2016. Re-read the recap of our favourites from the fair.

3.     Creating a Wooden Success from the Outskirts of Jutland

Far from the beaten track, in a little town called Timring, Denmark, you can find Thors-Design – an award-winning manufacturer and workshop that produces furniture from upcycled azobé wood sourced from decommissioned ferry landings and wharves. This was a great story that made it into our top 3 of most-read design articles, even though it was first published during the end of the year.

4.     Lars Vejen’s DESIGN COLLABORATIONS Photo Reel

On a warm Friday in June, the DESIGN COLLABORATIONS event took place in Turbinehallen, Aarhus. Lars Vejen and seven manufacturing partners celebrated the power of design and collaboration in a show of immense diversity, innovation and attitude. We had the honour of illustrating the whole event.

5.     Danish Designs that Make Working Life Better

In this article, we explored the different ways Danish design companies are improving their products; for instance with the right chair, the most ergonomic sitting position and perfect lighting. All these things contribute to making millions of people’s working day better every day.

6.     Three Contemporary Danish Chair Designs

Danish design is still strongly shaped by the Danish Modern wave, which actually dates back to the middle of the last century. The late great designers of that period, such as Arne Jacobsen, Hans J. Wegner and Børge Mogensen, each put their touch on the idea of what a chair should look like. The designers of today do the same, and here we delved into three contemporary chair designs that all express a modern idiom.

7.     The Constructive Utilisation of Gravity

Sometimes you come across a furniture design that leaves a lasting impression, impacting your sense of aesthetics and physics in a way that you never thought was possible. These kinds of furniture include the designs by Danish designer and architect Troels Grum-Schwensen. And this kind of story also made it to the top 10 of our most-read design articles.

8.     “I am Pretty Old-school”

In this interview, we had a fascinating talk with the Danish design Lars Vejen about his design process, why he went solo and what design is capable of.

9.     A Look at Contemporary Danish Lighting

Positioned at the intersection of materiality and immateriality, good lighting impacts both function and well-being; whereby, in addition to serving a purpose, it should also, ideally, come in an aesthetically appealing package. That was the focus of this ninth most-read design article of 2016.

10.  Fine Dining with Great Furniture and Wine

Here, we brought you a sneak peek of three of Copenhagen’s coolest restaurants when it comes to interior design, furniture and lighting.

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