Top 5 Most-Read Architecture Articles of 2018


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We’ve put together a list of the top 5 most-read articles about architecture from January 1st to December 18th according to page views, with each article featuring the work of awesome Danish architects. Enjoy.

5. Let the Sun Shine In

Three Danish architecture firms explain how they use the flow of light in some of their most acclaimed projects. The firms are 3XN, Schmidt Hammer Lassen and Henning Larsen Architects. Here, they delve into how they created a concert hall, a museum and a university and give their thoughts on why light is such an important factor in a building. Read more

4. Upside down

Sometimes you need to look at a project from a different perspective to find the perfect solution. And sometimes you need to turn it all upside down. This article features a video we made to show four times that Danish architects had shifted the weight of a building towards the top to create an unconventional look – as seen in the photo above of the Danish Museum of Rock Music. Read more and watch the video

3. Halmhuset – Building Sustainably

No, this is not the home of a Hobbit, but it is a way of living much more sustainably than most people do today. Halmhuset is located in the Danish city of Odense and it is a building made completely out of recycled and sustainable materials. The building is a place where young people can learn about various ways to recycle and upcycle and how to build with old, used materials to minimize their carbon footprint. Read more and watch the video

2. The Healing Architecture behind the New Children’s Hospital – BørneRiget 

The Children’s Hospital in Copenhagen is one of the coolest buildings being built right now. The entire construction is designed to make children and families feel as safe as possible when they are at their most vulnerable state. In the article, 3XN and Arkitema Health explain how they used round organic shapes and incorporated playfulness throughout the design process. Read more

1. Damn, this is smooth architecture

The most-read architecture article of 2018 was, by a long shot, this journey through a new whisky distillery designed by Loop Architects for the Danish whisky maker Stauning Whisky. The buildings were designed as huge black barns inspired by nearby fishing huts and local agricultural barns. In the article, DANISH™ takes a walk through the distillery with architect Morten Nymann, who explains all the hidden architectural details Loop Architects designed in the buildings to make the place feel special. Read more



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