Top Ten Most Read Articles on Design Summer 2018 – Part 1


UME for Zone Denmark by VE2

Photo by Zone Denmark

UME is designed by VE2 for Zone Denmark


Ve2 Zone2

Photo by Zone Denmark


Earth gallery2

Photo by Mater


Earth gallery3

Photo by Mater



Copyright: Wright Auctions



Copyright: Wright Auctions


Thors design træbord



Vita cph1

Photo by Vita Copenhagen



Photo by House of Finn Juhl


© Fredericia Furniture


As the summer is closing in on us, we’ve gathered the ten most popular design articles during the first half of the year. Listed below is the 10th to the 6th place on the list. Enjoy!

#10 – VE2 is Moving the Brand Zone Denmark Through Design

Ve2 Zone1

Photo by Zone Denmark

The design trio VE2 is a consistent part of the external team that challenges and develops Zone Denmark. Do you remember the film in which ‘help me help you’ was spoken with different tones of voice to express different emotions? Well, it might require someone of a certain age to effortlessly remember the title of the movie, so we will help you out: Jerry Maguire.

The conversation turned to this legendary picture as DANISH™ met up with Design and Brand Manager of Zone Denmark, Michael Bruun, to discuss the progress in moving Zone Denmark from a commodity to become a design brand.

#9 – Mater Increases Sales Power to Support Growth Strategy

Earth gallery1

Photo by Mater

The former GUBI Sales Director was headhunted by Mater to ensure expansion on the international market. The focus on environmental sustainability and the exciting business journey Mater is about to embark on were his reasons for accepting the job.

#8 – Danish Design: The birth, rise, fall and resurrection

Zeynep Rekkali

Zeynep Rekkali

Guest Editor, Zeynep Rekkali from Mearto discusses the evolution of Danish Design;

“The words that immediately come to mind about “Danish Design” possibly range along these lines: functionalist, minimalist, pure and sleek lines, meticulous craftsmanship, and sturdy yet elegant designs. Thriving mainly in 1940s to 1960s, Danish Modern, belonging to the family of Scandinavian Modern, branching from mid-century modern design, is now more popular than ever, with growing interest by each day.”

#7 – ABC for the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018

stockholm messe cover

This article features highlights from the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018 where Denmark was well represented with multiple designs. If you are into beautiful lamps, delicate carpets, iconic chairs and amazing interior decoration, you should have considered paying a visit to this year’s Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018.

The fair took place at Stockholmsmässan in the capital of Sweden from 6–10 February, and it has everything a design heart could desire. Anour, ege Carpets and Fredericia Furniture were just a few of the Danish brands showcasing their newest designs at the fair. This was DANISH™’s ABC that guided you around the enormous exhibition centre to make sure you would experience all the best of Danish design in halls A, B and C.

#6 – Fascination of Old Times – Furniture


Photo by House of Finn Juhl

In this article we spoke to design historian, Birgit Lyngbye Pedersen and a housing researcher, Mette Mechlenborg and went through some Danish design classics to dig deeper into the fascination with old design. We asked Birgit Lyngbye to pick out three of the most iconic pieces of Danish furniture.

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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