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Director of 3daysofdesign Signe Myrdal Terenziani

Director of 3daysofdesign Signe Myrdal Terenziani.


3daysofdesign 2016 graphics

Graphics from this year's 3daysofdesign.


Dinesen 3daysofdesign

The Danish flooring brand Dinesen is one of the many design brands present during 3daysofdesign.


Frama 3daysofdesign

Frama is another Danish design brand participating in 3daysofdesign.


“The leading aspect of 3daysofdesign is the exhibitors’ and visitors’ common interest in design and their urge to create something together. Because the event stems from a desire for greater community among the design industry, there has been substantial positive engagement. The event stimulates new launches and collaborations across the industry. 3daysofdesign supports and brings the industry together: for example, visitors can easily move between all the exhibitors, as free transport – in the form of buses and boats – is provided. Among the participating companies there is a tendency to consider the industry as a single entity, and so participants are not there solely to promote themselves. It’s much more to raise awareness and foster collaboration across the industry.”

These words come from Signe Byrdal Terenziani, who is the managing director of 3daysofdesign that takes place next week in Copenhagen. The event is curated, which, according to Terenziani, creates a guarantee of a high-quality experience for both exhibitors and visitors. Exhibitors include companies both large and small, new and old. Additionally, there are also established exhibitions that have a little more edge and an artistic touch. This diversity of exhibitors is matched by that of the visitors, who represent everything from buyers, designers and architects to students and design enthusiasts in general.

Different initiatives focus on Danish design and architecture businesses either to inform, promote or simply to present businesses in a positive light. For Signe Byrdal Terenziani, 3daysofdesign is very different from other design fairs in Europe.

“There is a big difference between one of the major fairs in Europe and the Copenhagen design event, which has not got sales as a primary purpose. Unlike a commercial exhibition 3daysofdesign distinguishes itself by being a more cultural event. Therefore, it is not necessarily the big order that will be brought home during this event. Of course we are interested in creating some visibility with commercial purposes. But primarily it’s about value creation and to get behind the façade of the individual companies. This has, as I said, no chance at a fair,” says Terenziani.

And the cultural aspect of 3daysofdesign is indeed present. For example, the event involves Designmuseum Danmark and a local gallery to give visitors a more diverse experience. As Terenziani says, there will be ample opportunities to gain greater insight into, and understanding, of design and its processes.

“I believe that the essence of design is best communicated through a total experience created in a collaboration across large and small design companies, cultural institutions and experimental designers. The whole contributes to an added value for the individual, which can take the form of inspiration or knowledge,” says Terenziani.

She believes that 3daysofdesign gives a new edge to the established industry and challenges the solely commercial aims of other such events by choosing to represent experimental designers and artists. Professionals and others interested in design will be inspired, she says, by exhibitors demonstrating more experimental shapes and use of materials.

“We have decided to also include exhibitors who dare a little and dare to ask questions of the usual framework in the design industry. As a non-profit organization, we do not want 3daysofdesign to grow at any cost. So, the effect of 3daysofdesign is that the event not only helps to spread awareness of design in general, but also creates synergy fields and acts as major inspiration within the industry,” says Terenziani.

3daysofdesign is owned by the Danish companies anker&co, Erik Jørgensen, Kvadrat and Montana. The company has the sole purpose of running the event of the same name, and any surplus is re-invested in the annual event.

Running this year from 26 to 28 May, 3daysofdesign draws journalists, buyers and design enthusiasts from around the world to Copenhagen, to experience a new and refreshing look on design presented in a unique collaboration between top design companies and designers. 3daysofdesign originates from the design business, and kicked off for the first time eight years ago, when four companies based in Pakhus 48 – a multi-purpose showroom situated in an old warehouse in Copenhagen – decided to collaborate on a spring event in the warehouse.

“At the time I worked at Pakhus 48, and got a go-ahead to extend the concept of the spring event to include showrooms outside the warehouse as well. I’ve been working a lot with the ‘Fuori Salone’ part of the Salone del Mobile, which is the part of the Italian design fair that takes places ‘outside the fair’. So, ‘Fuori Salone’ has been a great source of inspiration to my idea of expanding 3daysofdesign to include the whole design business with the whole city as the setting,” Terenziani concludes.

Three years ago Terenziani started extending the concept further, and this year’s 3daysofdesign boasts nearly 90 participating brands and dozens of events packed in to 72 hours. There will be plenty opportunity to meet designers and architects creating several of today’s most interesting designs and creative spaces.

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