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Swedish town made of Timber 05

C.F. Møller


Swedish town made of Timber 04

C.F. Møller


Swedish town made of Timber 03

C.F. Møller


Swedish town made of Timber 02

C.F. Møller


C.F.Møller Plan for Timber Town

C.F. Møller




Swedish town made of Timber 01

C.F. Møller


Örnsro Timber Town will be a destina­tion and a vibrant quarter of Örebro, Sweden, with a clear idea of how to enrich the city’s social networks by integrating nature into the urban landscape. In this case, nature is (also) represented by housing made of timber. The intention of the new assignment given to Danish architect C.F Møller is that:

 “We wish to create an inclusive urban quarter in which the city’s urban and social qualities interact with the park’s organic structures,” said Ola Jonsson, the project architect at C.F. Møller.

Timber is a renewable material, with low energy consumption and a limited carbon footprint. Created with solid timber frame structures, the buildings in the district will contribute positively to the overall life-cycle perspective of the project.

 “The proposal illustrates a vision, the objective of which is to create an exciting place in Örebro, of unique value, with innovative architecture. For us, it is an obvious choice to choose solid wood for the structures as well as facades of wood. In addition to contributing positively to the environment, wood gives us new opportunities to create innovative and value-creating architecture,” stated Ola Jonsson.

In C.F. Møller’s proposal, the residential buildings will interact with an urban city park. This plan includes a variety of spaces for activities and plazas for social meetings and recreation. The new urban quarter comprises several apartment buildings of varying heights. The activity route through the area interconnects the existing promenade sections along Svartån creek with the surrounding quarter. Ängen, an extensive public park in the city, gives the area an unexpected connection between the city and wild nature.

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