Two associated members of DANISH™ in contention for the golden D at Danish Design Award 2017


The golden D

Photo by Danish Design Award

The golden D.


Footpaths and public area by Henning Larsen Architects 03

Photo by Virklund Sport

Frederiksbjerg School recently won the annual ‘Building of the Year’ award in the open category from the Danish building industry.


Footpaths and public area by Henning Larsen Architects 01

Photo by Virklund Sport

Organic wall bars at Frederiksbjerg School in Aarhus.


Footpaths and public area by Henning Larsen Architects 05

Photo by Virklund Sport

Part of Henning Larsen Architects’ vision for the school was to create a healthy, inspiring learning and teaching environment centred on the pupils, staff and guests. This included a huge focus on the human scale and dynamic spaces.


Footpaths and public area by Henning Larsen Architects 04

Photo by Hufton + Crow

The 900 pupils at the new Henning Larsen Architects-designed school are welcomed into a 15,000 square metre school. Here, movement is a cornerstone, and in connection with the centre atrium, the pupils will find shared practical rooms, laboratories and learning kitchens.


Gehl Architects - Times Square

Photo by Gehl Architects

Times Square after Gehl Architect's changes.


Gehl Architects - New York City

Photo by Gehl Architects

New York City by Gehl


Gehl Architects - New York

Photo by Gehl Architects

New York after the implementation of bike lanes by Gehl Architects.


Gehl Architects2

Photo by Gehl Architects


Gehl takes a more critical view of livability 06

Photo by Gehl


Gehl Architects1

Photo by Gehl Architects


Gehl Architects - Nørrebrogade

Photo by Gehl Architects

Nørrebrogade, Copenhagen


Gehl Architects - Place de la Republique

Photo by Gehl Architects

Place de la Republique, Paris


At DANISH™ we are proud to announce that two of our members have been nominated for awards as part of this year’s prestigious Danish Design Award: Gehl Architects and Henning Larsen Architects (for Frederiksbjerg School in Aarhus).

Danish Design Award 2017 has just announced the finalists of Denmark’s premier design award. More than 200 design solutions were submitted in a very strong field, making deciding the finalists a highly competitive affair. Gehl Architects and Frederiksbjerg School designed by Henning Larsen Architects have been selected among the finalists and now must wait in suspense, as must all the other designers and company finalists, to see who the winners will be in May.

The announcement of the finalists reveals a strong list of contenders in each category, and whets our appetites for the final awards, leaving us with so many questions: Who is this year’s young talent? Which solution will impress us the most with new ways of facilitating learning and education? And which design will help us most improve our daily lives? We cannot answer these questions just yet of course, but while we wait for the official award ceremonies on the 8th and 31st of May, we suggest you take a look at the chosen finalists. The shortlist provides a unique insight into what Danish Design is all about today, and what design solutions can do for people, society and business.

“The overall vision of Danish Design Award is to demonstrate the difference design can make and to share our love of what great design can do. Each year, we hope to come across something we have not seen before; something that truly makes a difference and might even inspire businesses and designers around the world,” says Jesper von Wieding, Chairman of the Jury.

Some of the game changing designs are made by associated DANISH™ members. Gehl Architects have been nominated for the prestigious Icon Award. For over two decades, Gehl Architects have been a pioneer in developing urban spaces. Time and time again they have demonstrated their ability to create and improve city areas all around the world. And they keep on going.

Frederiksbjerg School in Aarhus, designed by Henning Larsen Architects in collaboration with GPP Architects, has been nominated in the Better Learning category. The school is the outcome of a highly innovative project, which encourages children to learn through physical activity. Movement is the key word for this school.

We wish Henning Larsen Architects, Gehl Architects and the rest of the finalists good luck at the award ceremonies in May.

See all the finalists for Danish Design Award 2017.

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