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Carpets are playing an increasing role in creating the right look for the fashion industry. Danish ege Carpets is among the world’s greatest manufacturers of carpets and they are widely used in the fashion world. This is in large part due to their eco-friendliness and their dedication to complete customization and high quality.

On the picture above, Kim Kardashian poses on a carpet made by ege Carpets for a fashion show in New York. She is just one of the hundreds of celebrities, models and fashion icons that have walked on carpets from the Danish manufacturer.

While some carpet manufacturers are struggling in the current market, ege Carpets is flourishing. They are highly successful in the contract market and have made a name for themselves in the fashion industry.

Mette Frydensbjerg Jacobsen, responsible for PR and communication, explains why:

“Designers are starting to use the floor as a canvas more often. Colourful carpets help send the message the designers want to achieve with their clothes and products. The carpets help by either showing the same pattern or design style as the clothes or by being a contrast colour with a different pattern or feeling to it.”

from above milan fashion shwo whole room hallVersace Fashion Show in Milan, 2018: When Italian fashion house Versace presented their coming spring and summer collection, they used a carpet from ege Carpets with colours and patterns that matched next year’s style in fashion.

ege Carpets allows complete customization in every detail. This along with their high-quality production are two of the reasons many designers use them as a supplier. One of the other ways ege Carpets distinguish themselves from competitors is in their dedication to sustainability.

Over the last couple of years, the fashion industry has focused increasingly on eco-friendliness and here ege Carpets is the best in the business. Sustainability has been a key factor in their production for many years, stemming from their Danish heritage.

ege Carpets have the certificate Cradle to Cradle™ along with many other certificates proving how dedicated they are to minimising their carbon footprint.

They reuse heat generated in their factory and recirculate it for use in houses near their factories. ege Carpets also reuse plastic from water bottles to make the backing of their carpets and they recycle or reuse almost every material from their production process to eliminate waste

cecilie elisabeth rudoplh, dress, carpet, red carpet, pattern, jungle, carbarelle,ELLE Style Awards in Copenhagen, 2017: Danish designer Cecilie Elisabeth Rudolph created a jungle cabaret pattern as the theme for last year’s ELLE Style Awards. Here she is seen wearing the pattern on her dress as well as standing on a carpet made with it.

This year ege Carpets celebrated their 80th birthday. They have 10 showrooms spread across the world in cities such as Paris, London, Dubai and Singapore and Mette Frydensbjerg Jacobsen says that this is part of their attention to developing a close and trustworthy relationship with customers.

“We offer complete freedom in the design process. This is something architects and designers focus more on today than they did previously because it enables them to use carpets as a device to help tell the story they want to tell, whether that be in a fashion show or a building,” Mette Frydensbjerg Jacobsen says.

kendall jenner cfda 2018 new york fashion show carpet ege black white high heels catwalk posingCFDA Fashion Awards in New York, 2018: The red carpet is not red anymore. The CFDA Fashion Awards wanted something different for when models and celebrities had to pose for photos. The carpet is made from the material ECONYL, which is a sustainable yarn made from reusing nylon from fishing nets and used carpets and other industrial waste. Kendall Jenner is seen here in the photo.

Even though you can design carpets in all colours, patterns and shapes imaginable at ege Carpets some prefer to use prefabricated patterns and tweak them to their needs. This is where the carpet collection Highline Express becomes preferable. It is a series of patterns divided into sub categories making it easy to find the right look for a building, a fashion show or an interior project.

Alongside this collection, ege Carpets also have a range of designer collections made by famous designers. This includes a line designed by Tom Dixon, which is inspired by the industrial feeling of living in London. The Tom Dixon collection will be revitalised in spring next year.

artwork art exhibition gl. strand gamle photos ege carpetsVogue Like a Painting, 2018: This spring ege Carpets designed the carpets for an art exhibition at the Gl. Strand museum in Copenhagen. The exhibition was a collection of fashion photos from Vogue Magazine’s history, which had been inspired by paintings throughout history. ege Carpets used elements from the photos to create a unique carpet in each room that tied the artwork together, thereby adding to the experience of visiting the museum.


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