Photographing Interior Design

For Danish architectural and interior photographer Kirstine Mengel, it is all about obtaining the perfect amount of simplicity to really showcase an object. These are her thoughts on what makes or breaks a picture, and how you can improve your photography skills at home.

The Organic Twist

Modern Danish furniture design have long been known and celebrated for its sleek, minimalistic and clean-cut appearance. But what happens when designers channel a more elemental inspiration? Two companies have truly succeeded in defining such an organic twist.

Creating a Wooden Success from the Outskirts of Jutland

Far from the beaten track, Carsten Thor has created an award-winning manufacturer and workshop that produces furniture from upcycled azobé wood.

Behind the scenes at THORS-DESIGN

The Danish company THORS-DESIGN creates bespoke furniture made of upcycled azobé wood sourced from decommissioned ferry landings and wharves.

One-of-a-kind Table From Thors Design at the ArtPalmBeach Fair in Miami

Danish furniture company Thors-Design will showcase a unique table created from sustainable wood, upcycled from a decommissioned wharf in Denmark at ArtPalmBeach in Miami, Florida, which runs until Sunday.

New Product Collection from Anour

Anour continues providing the highest level of craftsmanship with a new lamp, which is made from a perfect cylindrical solid brass body with a mouthblown opal glass shade – this allows the user to experience a beautiful shape emitting a soft glow of light.

Fusing Japanese and Nordic Sensibilities

In the heart of Tokyo, just a few minutes north of the imperial palace, in the neighbourhood of Iidabashi, you’ll find something rather special. Something that fuses Japanese and Nordic sensibilities into an experience beyond anything else.

Crafting a Better Future

Encouraging young adults to thrive and find success in life isn’t a simple task to take on – Despite this, craftsman and designer Heidi Zilmer is doing exactly that, right now, in Greenland with “Project Sanasa.”

The Orange KEVI Feeling

Conveying the spirit of Roskilde Festival and transferring it to a school environment is something very hard to accomplish – but the result has been very well executed.Engelbrechts has contributed to creating the orange feeling with a bespoke KEVI version.

Balancing Aesthetics and Functionality

With a design philosophy that is pragmatic honest and hands on, Danish designer Ulrik Nordentoft has been creating stunning products and interior designs for more than two decades.

Take on the World, Locally

Sculptured by the wind and stirring sands on the western coasts of Denmark, the Danish furniture company Bruunmunch creates stunning furniture formed by the raw nature, ready to take on the world.

Danish Design Award 2019 Finalist: Lars Vejen

Bringing the right people together around a great idea often results in brilliant solutions. Dinesen FRAMED by Vahleis one of those ideas, hatched by renowned architect and designer, Lars Vejen, brought to life in collaboration with Dinesen and Vahle and nominated as a finalist for a Danish Design Award 2019.

The new art form of lounging​​​​​​​

The Lounge Chair JH97 is the result of the collaboration between Fritz Hansen and Jaime Hayon, a chair that is said to make lounging a new art form.

Design has to take you forward!

Design is by definition made for exploration and finding new solutions. Thus, for Danish ARDE, working with design means moving in only one direction: forward. Meet the man behind ARDE who loves to explore new materials and sustainable technologies that can be transformed into successful products.

Real Living Secrets of the Nordics

Why is it that the Nordic ways of architectural design and the usage of materials are so sought after? And why is it, that it is so #€%! hard to replicate, if you’re not from this part of the world? Architect Anders Barslund has a take on why.

A classic chieftain designed by Finn Juhl is this year celebrating its 70th anniversary

Signs of rinckles and grey hair are normal around the age of 70. But if you are a chair designed by Finn Juhl the situation is quite differently. The 70th Anniversary of the icon The Chieftain Chair unfolds a chair still standing strong and artistic with it's unique construction and ever elegant expression.

Subtle contrasts are key

Danish architect, interior decorator and furniture designer Mads Emil Garde uses discrete contrasts to design state-of-the-art projects. His company is called GARDE. and no task is too big or too small – as long as scale-wandering is possible

Passion for Function and Design

Danish design and manufacturing company Skovby Furniture has been around for quite some time. Their history goes back almost a century, and with their passion for natural materials they are known for creating innovative and functional designs for everyday use.

Brick by brick, existing buildings tell valuable stories

Transformation, as in renewing the purposes and structures of old buildings, is part of the business-strategy at AART architects. When preserving cultural history, architecture creates a social impact, with the final result often being even less expensive than building from scratch.

Made for Life

Working closely together with some of the last finishers in Denmark, the Danish design company Anour turn copper, brass, steel, aluminium, wood and marble into custom lighting for customers who want a unique lamp for life.

Another Big One from Fredericia

As a key figure in the Danish Modernism movement, Jens Risom is considered one of the very first designers to bring Danish Modernism to America. Three of his iconic designs are now being relaunched by Fredericia.

Shaped for Humans

Danish design company MILLION has created a quite exquisite chair that uses technology to ensure the best human fit, but that still honours Danish design traditions.

A Bridge with a Majestic Wingspan

The new PONTO table by Troels Grum-Schwensen – GRUMDESIGN – is being presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Its pyramid-shaped legs support not only the tabletop, but also give the appearance of a bridge – hence the name. A talk with designer Troels Grum-Schwensen reveals the inspiration – and his fascination with the nature of flying.

Lars Vejen Ready with a New Product for Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019

Receiving the Designer of the Year 2018 award in Denmark made Lars Vejen incredibly happy and proud. It also opened doors to new projects, the first of which is being shown this February at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019. A new chair from new Danish company MOTARASU is born.

A Century of Proud Furniture Making

Carrying on the heritage and legacy, Sibast Furniture continues to honour its heritage of creating aesthetically refined pieces of furniture that fit perfectly into the world today. With its distinctive designs, Sibast gives the buyer a unique opportunity to embrace Danish Modern.

Freedom to the Material

”I´m concerned about how we surround ourselves with the same objects and thereby make our living spaces more and more uniform and standardized.”

Steel the Industrial Style

Furnish with steel. The industrial material is not reserved for factories only, but can also work in your living room. Get inspired by some of the cool designs made by Lars Vejen, Jensen Retail and Million.

Five Designers to Watch

Based on their use of classic materials such as oak and plywood to minimalistic stainless steel, here is the DANISH™ take on which five designers to keep an eye on right now.

More Than Meets the Eye

Every now and then, a design delivers something more than you expected. A little surprise, something extra – something you didn’t know you needed. We’ve found five suggestions for you.

A Sense of Spatial Design

Designing furniture for production and unique exhibitions are often seen as two very different things, but for Troels Grum-Schwensen it’s all about space, architecture and context

Design and Mind in Perfect Harmony

Copenhagen-based design company MOEBE designs and creates products that are simple yet quite extraordinary.

Top 5 Most-Read Architecture Articles of 2018

We’ve put together a list of the top 5 most-read articles about architecture from January 1st to December 18th according to page views, with each article featuring the work of awesome Danish architects. Enjoy.

New Furniture from Fritz Hansen Makes Your Work Feel like Playing

Fritz Hansen presents Plenum: a customisable sofa to sit and work on. Its design challenges traditional office furniture by creating a homelike and playful feeling in the workspace. The sofa has power and USB outlets and can be fitted with tables in different sizes.

House of Finn Juhl Furnishes Mansion in Copenhagen with Aarstiderne Architects

A huge 200-year-old mansion in Copenhagen burned down eight years ago. Since then, a lot of work went into restoring the building to its former glory. House of Finn Juhl was asked to provide most of the furniture for the interior.

How Remodelling Your House Can Make You Healthy and Happy

Humans spend 90 per cent of their life indoors, which is bad for your physical and mental health. Danish architect Anders Barslund works to reconnect people to the outside world by changing four things in our homes.

Why the Fashion Industry Loves ege Carpets

Carpets play an increasing role in creating the right look for the fashion industry. Danish Ege Carpets is among the world’s greatest manufactures and they are widely used in the fashion world. This is due to their eco-friendliness and their dedication to complete customization.

Japan States Quality

House of Finn Juhl collaborates with Japanese manufacturers to exceed the high expectations of quality.

Who let the dogs out?

Woof, woof – Aviendo Fairy Tales let them out. Because these three puppies are the latest in a line of Danish design figures inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. But wait, the dogs are more than just design trinkets.

To the Limit of Wood Veneer - and Beyond

Hans Sandgren Jakobsen set out to design a chair to support the human body as best as possible. The result is Daisy, a chair that uses the complex material 3D-Veneer. Here is how Daisy pressed veneer to its absolute limit.

Preserving the Legacy of Finn Juhl

As a major contributor to the genesis of the Danish Modern era of furniture design, the Danish architect Finn Juhl was one of the most prominent designers of his time. This article features an interview with Henrik Sørensen, co-owner of Onecollection, who has been entrusted in bringing Juhl’s iconic creations back to life.

A MILLION Ambitions Ahead

Danish design company MILLION has gained a lot of popularity during the brand’s relatively short lifetime. CEO and designer Jens Kajus takes us through the inspiration and working dynamics involved in establishing a successful business from the bottom.

Gejst presents: A New Collaboration

Gejst started in the spring of 2013. Originally, it designed its own products, but in the fall of 2017, the company completely restructured and relaunched itself to become a more solid business. Today, Gejst employs the best upcoming designers from around the world to design its products to great effect.

How a Spanish Chair Became a Danish Design Icon

The Spanish Chair by Børge Mogensen turns 60 this year. To commemorate the birthday, furniture maker Fredericia presents a limited edition of the famous chair. And the story behind it is quite good, too.

Reflecting a Coastal Heritage

Every year, the Danish design company Bruunmunch choses a new exclusive location to shoot product photos for their current and upcoming collections. This year, the annual shoot was held at a Danish national landmark, the newly BIG-redesigned art museum, Tirpitz.

Designers by chance

Working as a designer does not always come from being educated as a designer. Mere necessity or a brilliant idea combined with the needs of the users can be the fundament of a new design company. DANISH™ dove into the background of four successful Danish design brands.

All You Need to Know About N01 from Designer Oki Sato

The N01™ chair designed by the Japanese design studio Nendo for Danish Fritz Hansen™ is the first wooden dining chair through years. Created by the merging of Danish and Japanese aesthetics and purity, this  Q&A session with Oki Sato, founder of Nendo will enlighten you....

Celebrating Timeless Comfort

Widely acclaimed for its clean lines and minimalistic appearance, the KEVI Chair by Engelbrechts is celebrating its 60th anniversary with the launch of two brand new models: the KEVI 2533 and 2060.

The Handmade Tale

The human hand may be the greatest tool ever. Just think about it. Whenever we want to distinguish a product as extraordinary, we tell people that it is made by hand. This is especially evident when talking about Swiss watches, Italian sports cars and bespoke suits. However, handmade quality is also important in the world of designer furniture, because, unique designs go hand in hand with skilled craftsmanship.

The Secret Behind the Picture-Perfect Picture

To you, it might just be an architectural picture, but to others it’s an artwork. Meet Kirstine Mengel, bronze winner at this year’s Le Prix de la Photographie, new member of DANISH™ and one of the photographers who makes the magic happen in her photos of the finest Danish designs.

New Lighting from Anour Expands the Alphabet

Three new lamps from Danish Anour “project” the founder and owner of the company’s visions and dreams and are a testament to his discipline to follow these through. DANISH™ met Arash Nourinejad for a talk about his purpose in life and about the quality in his design.  

Editor's Pick on Design

A wander through the catalogue of DANISH™ showcases the variations and the common features of current Danish designers. The Editor of DANISH™ has picked out five very different designers that show the differentiation in Danish design.

Pushing the Limits

Most materials in design and architecture have a certain breaking point. But what happens when you experiment on the verge of just that? Here’s how three designs ended up testing the limits of what a material can do.

Top Ten Most Read Articles on Design Summer 2018 – Part 1

As the summer is closing in on us, we’ve gathered the ten most popular design articles during the first half of the year. This is the 10th to the 6th place on the list. Enjoy!  

Top Ten Most Read Articles on Design Summer 2018 – Part 2

This is the top five of the ten most popular design articles during the first half of this year. Here you go!

OEO Studio and the Reason for Being

The path of OEO Studio is clear. They’ve always had the habit of pinning down their dreams and goals – and nothing is too big nor too small. Founder Thomas Lykke has lately been joking with the thought of designing a super-sonic airplane, as he says; “That would be fun – so far we’ve succeeded in fulfilling our dreams, so why not!”.

Throwback Danish Design Festival 2018

In the rear mirror of Danish Design Festival we give you a short recap of some of the events that took place. Just makes you want to forward time to Danish Design Festival 2019.

Re-Framing the Montana Furniture System

This May, designers Niek Pulles and Sebastian Herkner will reinterpret the Montana furniture system along with nine other Danish furniture pieces for the Re-Framing Danish Design exhibition.

When Design Creates Room for Art

The Danish design group Salto & Sigsgaard has decided to create a small video for the Danish Design Festival that is taking place these days. The design duo just recently finished their display of the Danish New Carlsberg Foundation – under the theme Transit, Store, Display.

Fascination of Old Times – Hi-Fi

DANISH™ has decided to take a look at a modern-day vinyl pressing plant and a cabinetmaker company in search of the answer as to why electronics and sound equipment from the past are experiencing such high interest at the moment.

by Lassen Celebrates Anniversary of 10 Years

Over the past 10 years the Danish interior company by Lassen has given life to many designs that are already considered modern-day classics, such as the cubic candleholder, The Tired Man and the Lassen Chair. Owner Søren Lassen sees this as laying the right foundations to become even stronger internationally over the next 10 years

New Chair Encourages to Play

This brand new chair by Bruunmunch is designed with old mathematics in mind. The PLAYchair comes in various versions to suit every taste. Take a look.

Tour of Legs

Legs have always been a vital part of the construction in all types of furniture, so Danish™ visited Designmuseum Danmark to take a look at some different approaches to leg design.

Warm Up for the Danish Design Festival

Once again, it's that time of the year for the annual Danish Design Festival, celebrating Danish craftsmanship and design with a range of exhibitions, events, business conferences and awards. We at DANISH™ are highlighting three events that you must not miss out on.

Old Versus New – QUIZTIME on retro

You can see how the classic designs influence contemporary design, but are you able to tell the masterpieces from the newcomers? Try our latest quiz to see how well you know Danish design.

Tactile details

In our whole lives, we are surrounded by a large number of items and details. Some of them, we just do not notice, whilst others attract our attention more than the rest. DANISH ™ decided to dig deeper to understand how our senses affect what we touch every day and why.

Attention to Detail Never Goes out of Fashion

The KEVI caster that is used on most movable furniture around the world was invented in the 1960s by Danish designer and architect Jørgen Rasmussen. A detail that revolutionised movable furniture and that is still viewed as the standard technology more than 50 years later.

Best Project Ever

With the theme Branding in Design and Architecture, we have, with the help of 5 selected design and architecture companies, compiled a list of the Top 5 Best Projects Ever that revolve around Brand Identity.

Public Spaces Turned Modular With Danish Design

Public spaces, like school halls, hospitals and hotel lobbies, might not necessarily remind you of innovative, inspiring, multifunctional design solutions, but the following Danish designs are trying to change that by combining modularity, functionality and simple design principles.

Lines - Looking for a Pattern

Whether it's the lines that form a lamp or the lines formed by the tiles on the floor, Danish design companies Anour and Marokk, think alike when putting a subtle mark on their designs.

Colours - Looking for a Pattern

"Colours are amazing. They can set a tone, bring out feelings and push a well-known design in a whole new direction." Normann Copenhagen and Montana both use colours strategically when they design but their approaches are quite different.

Trinidad - Rebranding a Design Classic

Fredericia Furniture celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Trinidad chair by breathing new life into Nanna Ditzel’s timeless design icon. But what makes a design timeless, and how do you keep a design that is more than 25 years old relevant?

Scaling the Business - Screening the Collaborators PART ONE

As part of this month’s theme, DANISH™ created a virtual meeting between three Danish brands used to working with collaborators and thereby scaling their business.

Bricks on the Inside

Brick houses are a common sight in Denmark, but Tegnestuen Mejeriet and E+N Arkitektur have taken it one step further by making the bricks visible inside the buildings. Read about the renovation of the 200 year old inn Henne Kirkeby Kro and the brand new brick house Villa Bayview.

Modular, Durable and Colourful - Why Danish Designers Use Plastic to Design Outdoor Furniture

Let’s have a look at how HANS SANDGREN JAKOBSEN and Lars Vejen used plastic to make seating for public spaces that is durable, easy to move around and that you can transform both in shape and colour.

Designs Transforming Purpose

Here at DANISH™, we are fascinated by flexibility and by products transforming their purpose from one thing to another and so we couldn´t restrain ourselves from sharing these seven remarkable designs with you. All of them Danish, naturally!

Living with Folding Furniture

Folding furniture is becoming increasingly popular as our living spaces become ever smaller. In this article, we take a closer look at some Danish designs that you can fold and put away or even hang on the wall.

Simple Designs with Endless Possibilities

Simple and elegant. That's often what you get from Danish design. But in this article, we look not only at designs that are simple and elegant but also modular and developed to fit specific needs and situations.

Halmhuset - Building Sustainably

Built from recycled and locally sourced materials Halmhuset is an example of how to challenge the way we think about building sustainably. Watch the video about a very special project.

The Involver – A New Way of Co-creation

Strongly inspired by design thinking and a desire to enhance the interaction between employees, digital design agency Spring/Summer has developed a new method of unifying their working process. We hereby present The Involver.

Top 10 Most Read Articles This Fall, part II

Revealing the five most read articles this fall.

A Dream Coming True

“We are continuously curious to work with new materials in our quest for designing sustainable and responsible interior."

No Strings Attached – New Cordless Lamp by ANOUR

From cables to cordless, the development in lamp designs can seem to travel at the speed of light.

Two New Wooden Designs from FRIIS & MOLTKE

New wood on the way! FRIIS & MOLTKE has launched two new designs, and more to come.

Creating a Feeling With Artistic Craftsmanship

Joy. The warm feeling of an inner smile and pride in the purity of a passionate design. By the end of this text, you may well feel the same way.

Cool Enough to Serve as a Business Card

Creating a new webpage is no longer a technical precaution as an alternative to your address in the phonebook. At Engelbrechts, they are acutely aware of the website as the primary carrier of their brand and feel it should also be cool enough to serve as a business card – anywhere in the world.

Zilmers is Ready to Take On the World

Danish wallpaper by Zilmers is ready to take the world by storm. With a twist of gold.

1. Advent: All We Want for Christmas Is Danish Design

Open the first window in DANISH™'s advent calendar and enjoy some of the finest Danish Christmas designs.

Takes on Architecture, part V: aesthetics

Takes on Architecture, part I: Proportions

The Danish architecture firms CEBRA, ADEPT and C.F. Møller give us their take and thoughts on proportions.

Takes on Architecture, part II: The Inflow of Daylight

We've asked architects to elaborate on different architectural parameters. Now, with this second article in a series of six, experts from CEBRA, ADEPT and C.F. Møller dwell on the concept of the good inflow of daylight.

Takes on Architecture, part III: Sustainability

In this series, DANISH™ asks a group of experts to elaborate on different architectural parameters. In this third instalment, Danish architecture firms CEBRA, ADEPT and C.F. Møller detail their philosophy on sustainability in architecture.

Playing at Work – Graffiti!

Meet Danish graffiti artist Andreas Welin: just because my working tool is a can and not a brush it doesn´t mean I wander around drawing ”dicks” on other people´s property!

Takes on Architecture, part IV: Minimalism

In a series of articles, DANISH™ asks a group of experts to elaborate on different architectural parameters. This time our experts share their thoughts on minimalism

Takes on Design, part II: Møbel & Rum

According to the Danish designer behind Møbel & Rum, Christoffer Skjøtt, Good craftsmanship comes down to the user experiencing what the maker intended they should when interacting with the product. When designing or crafting a product, Skjøtt wants to create a story, through sight and touch, that evokes a personal connection between the product and the consumer.

Takes on Design, part I: Lars Vejen

The Danish designer Lars Vejen elaborates on five main principles of design, while discussing everything from materials to sustainability.

Top 10 Most Read Articles This Spring

Summer calls for something vibrant and sparkling! We´ve wrapped up those ten articles that´s been most engaging and gained the most reach this spring. We hope you enjoy it!

The Plastic Quiz

Do you dare to challenge yourself with a quiz on Danish plastic design? Go ahead and give it a go.

by Lassen Breathes New Life into Old Designs

At by Lassen they let old classics intertwine with new methods and ideas.

From Floor Wax to Folk High School

The old floor wax factory in the town of Højer, Denmark, will support the creation of future great designers when the new folk high school Designhøjskolen Højer starts classes in January 2018.

Made in Denmark – A Seal of Approval

Meet Møbel & Rum. An upcoming Danish company proud of representing the Made in Denmark label.

Taking the Oceanic Feeling to a New Level

Sustainable motor boats. Danish company RAND Boats has specialised in making green alternatives at their own shipyard in North Zealand.

Video: Your Furniture Panorama

Indulge yourself in a true cornucopia of Danish furniture design at its best. Enjoy the ride!

Countdown to the Danish Design Award: The Jury and the People

See the 18 persons assessing the design solutions submitted to Denmark’s major design award, the Danish Design Award.

A Minimum of Constructions Equal Simplicity

Keep it simple. That's how it work at MOEBE, who just launched two new designs with a minimum of construction work, which makes space for the designs to shine.

Designing Atmosphere

POISE is a new shelving system from the Danish furniture manufacturer, Engelbrechts. Designed by Anders Hermansen, POISE is also a way of designing a certain atmosphere and making the system an actual architectural addition to its surrounding spaces.

The Idea of a Chair

DANISH™ asked two designer duos and one individual designer to elaborate on the question: What is the idea of a chair? See their answers here.

A New Classic is Born

Danish island + French designer = New classic. The new ASKO chair is the result of a new collaboration between Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik and Patrick Norguet.

What’s Cooking in the Danish Kitchen Industry?

What makes a good kitchen? We have looked at the latest trends in Danish kitchen designs to get you up to date on the hottest kitchen fashions right now.

Preserving Crafts, Creating Classics

While maintaining the quality of the right craftsmanship the founder of the Danish design brand Mater wants ethics in production to support the idea of a greener planet, and make people involved in the production to benefit from it.

Reflections on Rendering Architecture

Two of Denmark’s finest architectural studios reflect on the idea of visualizations in the architectural process.

Good Shapes Make the Best Designs

The shape is essential when new designs are brought into existence at Piece of Denmark. The small two-person company is absorbed by combining shapes and materials into perfect beauty.

Passionate about the Minimalistic Multifunction

Recently winning a German Design Award for his plywood bed, Danish designer Nicholas Rose showed that tireless focus on refining the same materials pays off.

Six Danish Designers to Watch

A plunge into the realm of exciting Danish designers to watch in the future.

A Short Talk on Architectural Craftsmanship

A professor contemplates about the relationship between architecture and craftsmanship, or how the two terms convert into one; architectural craftsmanship.

A Fundament for Better Thoughts

Founding Fundament, we were very specific about underlying principles: The moral side of design on how our work could make the world better, rather than selling more furniture in an industry that is known for its unsustainable practices, was a key part.

The 2016 Design Award Winners

22. September, Design Awards 2016 took place at the Folketeatret in Copenhagen, and DANISH™ was there to congratulate all the winners!

Exploring the Boundaries of Good Craftsmanship

With close to unparalleled focus on great finish, good materials and uncompromising designs, PIECE of DENMARK seeks to combine the sculptural with the functional.

Creating an "Aha" Experience

Michael Daae Christensen don't wanna create objects which only the well-off can buy; he wants to sell quality design at a price which most people can afford.

Concrete Aesthetics

Passions can be ignited by many different sparks. The passion of Danish architect Anders Toft for designing furniture made of concrete started off with a keen interest in experimenting and playing around with the heavy, and sometimes clumsy, material. Clumsiness is, however, not the best word for describing the products of the design company Tonton, which was founded by Toft some two years ago.

Moebe – No nonsense

”You will know us by our simple and functionally, constructed design. We do not apply unnecessary features or details – on the contrary we try to peel of as many layers as possible in order to reach a simple and minimalistic expression”.

The Poetry of Oak Knots

The Oak Men are truly engaged in their craft, where wood, especially oak wood, is the focal point. We visited them in their workshop and office space near Aarhus to have a talk about the poetry of wood, including knots.

Danish Design: The birth, rise, fall and resurrection

Danish Modern is a little bit like the “Little Black Dress”: it is timeless, looks flawless and goes with everything. Besides, having one expensive but high quality black dress is better than having 50 cheap ones.

Crafting insights are worth as much as gold

“My workshop is just as important as my pencil,” claims furniture designer Hans Sandgren Jakobsen, who is one of the most prestigious and sought-after designers in Asia these days.

Caution! Playground Ahead

Jasper Morrison, designer, about Gert Kjeldtoft: Kjeldtoft were recommended to me by the owner of the wonderful Fredericia Furniture, makers of many Danish classic furniture designs. I was looking for a very high level of craftsmanship for a demanding client who wanted the best and insisted on a Danish carpenter. The resulting quality of joinery in the finished piece was remarkable, far better than I or the client had expected, and I greatly appreciated their ability to work around the inevitable problems. If it's quality and efficiency you're after, go see Kjeldtoft.        

Paperwork and illusions

It contains the popular as well as the posh. It tells a story of the past and present. It has been burried, but has been resurrected in new splendour. Wallpaper is having a renaissance – as a modern statement in interior decor as well as an important link to times past.

The Woman in the Middle

Rikke Hagen becomes humble as well as eccentric, facing a skilled craftsman. In contrast, she is truly at ease expressing a brilliant idea with finesse and professional competency.

Danish Design Takes Centre Stage in Munich

During Germany’s biggest design event, Munich Creative Business Week 2015, Denmark has been invited as the partner country.

Luminous Sustainability by Monica Förster

Stone paper is a paper-like product, used for books, magazines and stationary to mention just a few uses. It is made from crushed limestone, which is very robust and also water-repellent. At the same time, the material has an exclusive look and feels very soft.

The Corky Output of an Abundant Alliance

An opportunity to exhibit a piece at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, where the keyword for the furniture pieces showcased was ‘extreme’, led to Danish designer Rikke Hagen deciding to create a chair made from one of the most extreme materials she knows: cork. At the same time, the chair is the outcome of a prolific collaboration between designers.

Winter ‘16/’17: Design News

Even though we’re at the end of the winter and summer seems so far away, there is still news that can satisfy your longing for Danish design.

The Story of Benny Frandsen and his Lighting Company

Recently, the man behind one of Denmark's biggest lighting adventures told DANISH™ the fulfilling story of his company – Frandsen Group.

Design Collaboration Enhances the Ties Between Denmark and Japan

The design collaboration between Denmark and Japan continues with this year's anniversary of diplomatic relations.

Q&A with Bang & Olufsen’s Head of Brand, Design and Marketing

We had a talk with Marie Kristine Schmidt, Head of Brand, Design and Marketing at Bang & Olufsen, about their traditions, design philosophy and what kind of responsibility she feels when it comes to keeping the brand alive.

A Loudspeaker of the Future

The renowned Danish audio and television manufacturer Bang & Olufsen recently presented a truly remarkable loudspeaker on the occasion of its 90th birthday.

Embracing Digital Power Tools

At the Danish design studio Hans Sandgren Jakobsen they are taking the opportunity to discover every asset of digital appliances in order to enhance their designs.

Darma Wants Us to Build Sustainable Housing

The Danish architect Darma Duus uses hay and clay to create what she calls “the eco-friendliest housing with the healthiest indoor climate you can imagine.”

Incorporating Sculptural, Tactile and Functional Thoughts in Design

Utilising her sense of both aesthetically pleasing and functionalist solutions, the young Copenhagen-based designer Laura Bilde is someone to watch in the future.

Aviendo tailored

Aviendo is a family-owned Danish company with four offices around the globe, including Copenhagen. Divided into three separate brands, Aviendo’s ventures include natural skincare, organic chocolate and contemporary Danish design. According to Anders Nielsen, all three brands are united by three common values – quality, health and lifestyle.

Design for the Many

Design means to shape. Shape a product or a service so that it fits the needs of it users perfectly. In Denmark, two larger companies are working consciously and successfully to design for the people – but their ways of getting there are quite different.

The 10 Most Beautiful Pictures of Danish Designs

With the theme “Denmark as a leading design nation”, we have, with the help of 10 selected design companies, compiled a list of the 10 most beautiful pictures of Danish designs. Let yourself be inspired by Danish design at its best.

Top 10 Most-Read Architecture Articles of 2016

We’ve put together a list of the 10 most-read architecture articles of 2016. Based on the total number of page views, the list comprises articles published from 1 January to 1 December 2016, and shows a wide variety of DANISH™ architectural subjects.

Top 10 Most-Read Design Articles of 2016

We’ve collected the 10 most-read design articles of 2016 for you.

Design Makes Life Magical

Danish OEO Studio has been involved in changing the lives of craftsmen and businesses across the globe – from a single guy producing crafted woodwork in Japan to large worldwide companies. But the philosophy is the same: Holistic design thinking makes the difference.

Enabling a Ray of Light

Mater have moved their designs forward, when incorporating modern lighting technology into their new lamp series.

A Fruitful Collaboration

The Less dining chair is the output of a collaboration between the significant Danish-Iceland design duo Welling/Ludvik and the Danish furniture manufacturer Cane-Line.

On Furniture, Black Stripes and Ballet

Engelbrechts is on a journey towards increased focus on the business-to-consumer segment meant to strengthen the entire business in terms of marketing opportunities and visual appearance.

All Power to the Mood Board

At Studio David Thulstrup, mood boards are a central part of the design process to a specific idea or project. At the same time, the mood board can act as an instrument for fine social media marketing.

When Rønnow Preserves Danish Architectural Heritage

“Our main purpose is always to keep the credibility of a building and its story intact and we strive to maintain a very humble approach when changing, modifying or rebuilding historic sites," states Inge-Lise Kragh of Rønnow Architects.

Architectonic Approach in the Design Distillery

Whether it’s about architecture or design, it is significant for Troels Grum-Schwensen that, with everything he gets involved in, the concept of spatiality is part of the job.

Autumn '16: Design News

Autumn not only brings a lot of “hygge”, it also brings a series of new, beautiful product launches, causing the autumn to have a special place in our hearts. DANISH™ brings you a selection of this season’s news.

Engaging Accessories and a New Strategic Focus

In an effort to create growth and reach a wider audience, the Danish company ANDERSEN has engaged smaller-scale furniture as a new strategic focus.

Take PEDERJESSEN for 5 Minutes

Danish PEDERJESSEN is moving fast across the map of Danish design. So we took the opportunity to ask them five quick questions about who they are and what is the key to their success.

Doll’s house 1: FEM

Indeed, scaling, mock-ups and high quality prototypes are a huge part of Studio FEM’s design process and creating these featured prominently when they were asked to name which were the five most important elements that constituted the basic fundamentals of their working process.

A cool branding tool

The people behind rewired say they are undertaking a branding mission with their products, which they describe as Danish modern lighting. We talked with rewired about the beginning of their branding journey and their products, which are meant to embody a certain ‘kind of coolness’.

We give you rewired

We are thrilled to be the first to present 'rewired' by Frandsen Projects, a new brand they will launch in January at northmodern. Having been around for 40 years, they truly know craftsmanship and quality. And now you can have a bit of that in your own home!

Q&A with Tine Mouritsen

Listening is the key to great design. That's the belief of Danish designer Tine Mouritsen, who has been running her own design studio for a decade.

Storm System – The Intelligent Home of the Future

The installation ring which Storm System is built around makes it possible to remove the number of visible components on both ceilings and walls. The mission for oneA is to design products that can be integrated into a building’s architecture without compromising on quality.

Quality – An Indefinite Amount of Time

As a fourth generation owner of the furniture manufacturer Bernh. Pedersen & Son, Thomas Bernhard Pedersen grew up with the touch and mindset of quality in the furniture business.

Meet Marinov – A Connoisseur of Light

Originally trained as a coppersmith, Nikolay Marinov is a designer of lighting and light sources, who is permeated with passion, when it comes to his trade.

The Subtle Elegance of Metal

Iron, aluminium, copper and brass are the cornerstones of Danish designer Arash Nourinejad’s lighting company, Anour.

Design that Lasts: A Remake of a Classic

Recently, the Danish furniture manufacturer Erik Jørgensen relaunched Arne Vodder's 1972 AV chaise longue chair, which wholly showcases the late designer's sense of detail, modest expression and fondness for natural materials.

Evoking Vernacular Architecture – From turf

We continue our series of graduation project with graduate architect Sindri Þorkelsson from Aarhus School of Architecture, who deals with sustainable design.

Wood, Knife, Paper!

Paper is a precious and practical material and the focal point of graduate designer from Design School Kolding Li-Yu Lin's graduation project. Take care - you might become inspired.

A Tutti Piace Il Terrazzo

Broken pieces of surplus marble cast into a mixture of marble dust, cement and pigment. Terrazzo is the story about a sustainable Italian product invented at a time when making use of all resources was a virtue. Industrial designer Alberto Bellamolli has reinvented the material.  

Chinese Student Sheds Light on Danish Lamp Tradition

Graduate Chinese designer Zeyu Rong has approached the Danish traditions of good lighting from completely new angles.

Architecture that lasts - showcased in Berlin

A selection of furniture has been chosen representing the renowned Danish architect and designer Poul Kjærholm's unique understanding of construction and craftsmanship in Jacksons Berlin exhibition.

Designing for the world's most important people

We focus on energy, design and health for children by talking to two of the most popular Danish children’s brands, asking them how they make great designs for children.

Video: Godsbanen – A Creative Powerhouse

We went to Aarhus to experience and document a little part of everyday life in the old freight area in the centre of Denmark’s second biggest city.

Lars Vejen's DESIGN COLLABORATIONS photo reel

Friday 3 June, the Danish designer Lars Vejen and manufacturing partners celebrates the power of design and collaboration in a show of diversity, innovation and attitude.

Export market enlarged by green transformation

Danish furniture manufacturer focuses on consumers’ eco awareness. A new sustainable furniture series, an eco label and greener production methods aim to strengthen the position of Mogens Hansen Møbler A/S in two key export markets. The strategy stood the test at the biggest Nordic furniture show, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.

Sharp design with a green profile

A retro chair is revitalized, and three of Denmark’s leading designers – Anders Nørgaard, Tom Stepp and Kai Kristiansen – create new designs for Mogens Hansen Møbler with the potential of becoming design classics. All with a new, green and sustainable profile.

A total experience of design

Copenhagen soon sees the return of 3daysofdesign, a design event that lets you experience a range of Denmark’s best design brands up close. We sat down with event director Signe Byrdal Terenziani to discuss the idea of 3daysofdesign, while also narrowing down the actual goal for the event in a world that is full of events.

Choose your route for 3daysofdesign

To make the most of the major design event 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen, we hereby offer you five different routes to choose from. We hope you enjoy them!

Architecture for the many

We go behind the exhibition ‘Art of Many and The Right to Space’, which is the Danish contribution to this year’s architectural Biennale in Venice, Italy.

The constructive utilisation of gravity

We explore the Danish designer Troels Grum-Schwensen's investigation of how to use the force of gravity as a co-player in locking and stabilising furniture structures, and how this can be articulated in well-built and easy comprehensible designs.

Fine dining with great furniture and wine

Today, more and more restaurants are focusing heavily on interior design, and here, we bring you a sneak peek of three of Copenhagen’s coolest restaurants.

Q&A with Thomas Graversen of Fredericia

We recently had a chat with owner and Creative Director of Fredericia, Thomas Graversen, about the enduring popularity of Danish design, his company Fredericia, which was founded in 1911, and the legacy of the late great Børge Mogensen, whose designs helped transform Fredericia from a local manufacturer into a global design brand.

Continuing Denmark’s proudest furniture legacy

We tell the story of two young Danish designers, who have the chance to contribute to one of the proudest legacies of Danish furniture.

Milan Design Week one-on-one

Weren’t you able to go? -Not to worry. We bring you the guided tour around Salone del Mobile from a DANISH™ perspective.

Behind the world’s number-one textile brand

We sat down with the Danish textile company Kvadrat’s CEO Anders Byriel to talk about the importance of collaborations, the company’s DNA and how external designers affect it.

DDA '16: The winners are...

On April 7, the winners of the Danish Design Award 2016 were announced during a great award show in Copenhagen. The aim of the relaunched prize was to pay tribute to the effect and impact of Danish design, and a total of 15 winners were found.

Reporting from a tour de force in design

Almost 100 Danish design brands gathered to showcase their best products at the Trends & Traditions design fair, and here we want to give you a recap of its highlights.

Danish in Milan

In less than a week Milan will be crowded with visitors, exhibitors and designers. DANISH™ will of course be present but already now we remove the lid to reveal a part of this year´s Danish "go-sees".

Long live good design

There is general consensus that sustainability is a ‘plus’ word, and to many, it is essentially synonymous with organic materials, degradability and minimizing CO2 – in short: production methods that result in a lighter footprint on our shared planet. It is meaningful, however, to see the concept as broader in scope – not least in the design industry, where one of the most responsible approaches may be to create products with extreme durability.

A playground for artistic and personal growth

monqSTUDIO was established in the summer of 2013 and takes its name from its founder, who graduated as a furniture designer from TEKO in Herning in 2015. Based in Copenhagen, Monique Consentino founded monqSTUDIO while following a course in visual identity.

Danish highlights from the Stockholm Furniture Fair

We took a dive into the Danish design pool at the furniture fair in Stockholm that was held last week. Here are our favourites.

Utilising sustainable bamboo

We Do Wood creates furniture with an emphasis on both actual function and visual expression. On top of that, the Danish furniture brand is continually searching for ways of making its furniture as sustainable as possible.

Breathing new life into an everyday object

The Danish textile company Kvadrat has always strived for quality, but in recent years the renowned brand has increased its focus on achieving excellence. The company recently launched Kvadrat Roller Blinds, which are made for architectural projects all over the world.

Design that lasts: the Egg

Arne Jacobsen’s perhaps most celebrated design is the Egg, which is a lounge chair designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, where everything from the door handles and the cutlery to the entire building was designed by Jacobsen.

"I am pretty old-school"

The Danish designer Lars Vejen had an almost 20-year long career as director of one of Denmark’s biggest architectural firm’s in-house design department before he became self-employed. We had a talk with him about his design process, why he went solo and what design is capable of.

Das Haus at IMM Cologne by Sebastian Herkner

German designer Sebastian Herkner was chosen as guest of honour for this year’s IMM fair in Cologne where he designed Das Haus, a recurring concept, which first began in 2012 and was done by the talented Neri & Hu last year. Herkner designed a circular house that seems to be transparent while at the same time being very welcoming as a place that invites you to relax and enjoy yourself.

Five Danish designers to watch

New designers emerge in the wake of other designers, so we took the plunge into the realm of upcoming Danish designers and hand picked five exciting names to keep an eye on in the future.

Re-Framing the Bølling Tray Table

A well-designed table is often very stunning to look at, but just as often not the easiest item to handle. This was exactly what architect Hans Bølling wanted to challenge when designing the Bølling Tray Table in 1963

360° on Danish Design

The 360° on Danish Design event in Amsterdam-IJburg will provide you with the opportunity to meet some of the new and established Danish talents.

Top 10 most-read design articles of 2015

We made a list of the most popular design content from our online magazine this year, so sit tight, when we delve into the top 10 most-read design articles at DANISH™ in 2015.

Design that lasts: the Spanish Chair

Børge Mogensen was a Danish designer who contributed significantly to making the concept of ‘Danish Modern’ known throughout the world. One of his later and perhaps most celebrated designs is the Spanish Chair.

northmodern is here

The Danish fair northmodern is a biannual event in Copenhagen that displays the best of Scandinavian design. While we wait for this year’s event to begin, we want to give you our top five recommendations of Danish must-sees.

The art of showcasing silver

The Danish silversmith and design company Georg Jensen recently opened two new flagship stores, one in London and one in Munich, Germany. Both boutiques were designed by the Danish interior architecture practice Studio David Thulstrup.

A house-to-go in 1970 and in 2015

During 1969 and 1970, Danish architect Arne Jacobsen designed a summer house called Kubeflex that incorporated strong references to structuralism. It was a break with centuries of eclecticism, where facades had for a long time been decorated with elements from every thinkable period.

Behind the Scenes at VIPP

We had a look into how this popular VIPP bin came into being. Its design has not changed since first produced in 1939 – apart from the lid. That was altered in 1949 from a wavy shape to a rounded one because of new production techniques.

Q&A with Salto & Sigsgaard

We had a talk with Danish design duo Salto & Sigsgaard, who are mixing and combining their respective competencies within design and architecture to create designs that matter.

Behind the scenes at Dinesen

The Danish flooring company Dinesen demonstrates remarkable craftsmanship and a knowledge of wood. Dinesen’s passion for wood is evident when talking to fifth-generation owner Thomas Dinesen and the company’s employees. We visited the head office and production facility in the small town of Jels in Jutland, where it all began 117 years ago.

Behind the scenes at Louis Poulsen

We take you behind the scenes of Louis Poulsen – a Danish lighting manufacturer that produces some of the finest lamps.

Behind the scenes at Frandsen Project

Specialised in creating lamps and lighting, the Danish lighting manufacturer Frandsen Project specify, design and build their own bespoke products.

"Like a frozen moment"

We recently spoke with upcoming Danish designer Troels Flensted, who has just set up the new Flensted Studio in the northern harbour district of Copenhagen, which is currently busy producing bowls for a new special order.

Behind the scenes at Erik Jørgensen

We take you behind the scenes of Erik Jørgensen, where some of Denmark’s finest furniture are handcrafted with a great attention to detail.

Sebastian Herkner: ‘I create companions for life’

We caught up with designer Sebastian Herkner for a little talk about his thoughts on design. Herkner will be part of the Re-Framing Danish Design exhibition in Copenhagen on 28–30 May, where he and Dutch designer Niek Pulles will reinterpret ten Danish furniture pieces.

Re-Framing the Nordic Antique and Copper-gilded Combing Wallpapers

The Nordic Antique and the Copper-gilded Combing wallpapers are designed by the talented Heidi Zilmer, founder of the luxury wallpaper company Zilmers. Zilmers’ products are exceptional in that every item is made by hand from start to finish; this means that all surfaces and motifs are hand painted and all metals are applied manually.

PULK – a sledge turned upside down

There is something very Scandinavian about a sledge. It is an object familiar to all children and grown-ups during winter, and the cause of hours of fun in the snow.

Two Designers Tweak Danish Icons

By Lauren Grieco, Frame Magazine. Re-Framing Danish Design invites visitors to view Denmark’s classic and contemporary pieces through a global lens. As any seasoned treasure-hunter knows, a second glance is worth its weight in gold. Re-Framing Danish Design proves the point.

A look inside an artist's guest house

The Danish Art Workshops’ new guest house accommodates artists from all over the world, offering them a living area while working on their next big project.

Q&A with Martin Bay from Nordic Appeal

Nordic Appeal is a Danish brand that designs accessories for Apple’s products. We had a talk with co-founder Martin Bay about why they use plywood in their products, why ergonomics is so important and a talk about what is in store for the brand.

A great silversmith and his impressive apprentice

Georg Jensen and Kay Bojesen are two Danish silversmiths who contributed substantially to the Danish silversmith tradition. Delving into the works of these two late greats, it becomes clear how design and craftsmanship paid a significant role in the creation of their works.

“Our apartment is one big prototype”

Roon & Rahn is a Danish design company on the verge of a new chapter. We talked with co-founder and designer René Hansen about the designs, increased quantities and collaborations that are helping to push the company forward.

Behind the Scenes of We Do Wood

We Do Wood in their production in Copenhagen. Join us, for a glimpse behind the scenes and hear all about the famous Lilly Chair as well as some brand new products. This video is a unique insight into the design process and craftsmanship that goes into the making of a We Do Wood product.

An expedition into the borderland between art and crafts

Internationally renowned great Danish artists have repeatedly added new touches to Fritz Hansen’s iconic furniture collection. For instance, artists such as Tal R and John Kørner have respectively reinterpreted The Egg and challenged the design legacy.

Architecture that lasts: Notable Danish churches

Designing churches has been a noble discipline in architecture for centuries and many churches are known for their architectural quality. Today, we have delved into the design of two distinctive Danish churches.

The Kitchen of Today

Today, we not only want a kitchen that fulfils a practical need and looks good, we want to have custom-made solutions that reflect our personal style.

The spirited design story behind by Lassen

The Danish design company by Lassen is renowned for the Kubus candleholder designed by architect Mogens Lassen in 1962. Today, by Lassen designs and produces a wide range of interior products and home accessories.

Changing the ways of New Yorkers

Denmark is known for its infrastructure and good bike lanes. Whether you are a student or a businessperson, your chosen form of transport will often be the bike. For some time, other countries have been looking to Denmark – and to Scandinavia in general – for inspiration on how to reduce public car use and increase the cyclist culture, as well as on how to transform public spaces into pedestrian-friendly areas.

Danish design with international potential

It was international potential and the courage to cut across boundaries that were celebrated at the Design Awards 2015, established by the three major Danish lifestyle magazines Bo Bedre, Bolig Magasinet and Costume Living.

How to build a brand

Great stories, a refined product and social currency are keywords in the branding of the Danish brewing company Carlsberg Group and its subsidiaries. We set out to investigate how the people responsible for one of the finest beer brands in the world are doing their job.

Small is beautiful

Even though the theme for the SE – The Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition 2015 – is Petite furniture, now has never been a greater time to experience this grand old museum and to explore how the 45 exhibited furniture pieces engage with the classical rooms of the Øregaard Museum in Hellerup: great innovation and craftsmanship, all tied together in inspiring surroundings.

Design that lasts: the Wishbone Chair

Today we are focusing on one of the most celebrated Danish furniture designs in modern times: the Wishbone Chair. Designed by late Danish designer Hans J. Wegner, this dining chair was part of the “Danish Modern” period that changed the way people looked at furniture in the 1950s and 1960s.

Q&A with Boris Berlin from Iskos-Berlin

We had a talk with Danish/Russian industrial designer Boris Berlin, who back in the late 80s co-founded the Danish design practice Komplot Design and now runs the design duo Iskos-Berlin in partnership with Aleksej Iskos. Berlin has designed just about everything, from a colour marker to the graphical identity of a bus travel company, though his greatest passion is industrial design.

Finn Juhl’s Pelican Chair gets artistic makeover

Danish furniture manufacturer Onecollection has created an Artwork Edition of Finn Juhl’s Pelican chair in collaboration with London-based design company Domicileculture, to mark the chair’s 75th birthday.

What to see at northmodern

The Danish design fair northmodern is almost here! From 13 August to 15 August, Copenhagen’s Bella Center will be buzzing as design enthusiasts from all over the world gather to see the latest ideas from the Scandinavian design scene.

Reporting back from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Graduation Exhibition

DANISH™ went to the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture and Design Graduation Exhibtion and had a talk with the designers behind two of the exhibited projects – a winged armchair and a virtual game for kids.

A Life on the water

When you visit Copenhagen you will come across a lot of different houseboats if you are near Sluseholmen, Ved Slusen, Havneholmen or Islands Brygge. We visited Lisbeth and Laust on their houseboat in the southern part of Copenhagen called “Ved Slusen”.

A place for togetherness

Located in a charming little holiday town in Jutland with the Kattegat on one side and Vejle fjord on the other, you find the holiday home of architect Bjarne Hammer, founding partner of schmidt hammer lassen.

Five Danish designers to watch

Today’s Danish design stands on the shoulders of our giants of the past – inspired by icons like Jacobsen, Wegner and Mogensen – but what do the new designs look like and who should you pay particular attention to? We set out to find five upcoming designers to watch in the future.

Architecture that lasts: Aarhus City Hall

Today we are focusing on an example of functionalism within Danish architecture: Aarhus City Hall. Designed by late Danish architects Arne Jacobsen and Erik Møller, this major work has inspired generations of architects since its opening in 1941.

Reporting back from 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen

The design scene in Copenhagen was buzzing with activities during 3 Days of Design; indeed, it seems that Copenhagen finally has a design event that is attracting attention from all over the world, just like Stockholm and Milan have had for years.

DANISH™ takes 3 Days of Design

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Copenhagen is celebrating design during 3 Days of Design. The design days are about everything design and will showcase the very best of contemporary Danish design.

Add a Room

During 3 Days of Design, Danish housing brand Add a Room exhibited their ONE+ housing module next to Pakhus 48 in the Nordhavn district of Copenhagen.

Re-Framing Danish Design by Frame and DANISH™

We are proud to reveal our upcoming exhibition Re-Framing Danish Design together with Frame. Two international designers have been invited to re-interpret Danish design.

Niek Pulles: "Good design is like falling in love"

At the upcoming Re-Framing Danish Design exhibition, Dutch designer Niek Pulles is going to showcase his interpretations of ten Danish furniture pieces. We have asked him about inspirations, good design and how Dutch and Danish design can affect each other.

Re-Framing the Fiber Chair

The Fiber Chair from Muuto is going to be a part of the Re-Framing Danish Design exhibition, where designers Niek Pulles and Sebastian Herkner are going to reinterpret/re-frame the chair.

Re-Framing the Tongue Chair

This May, the iconic Tongue Chair, designed by Arne Jacobsen, is going to be part of the Re-Framing Danish Design exhibition, where designers Niek Pulles and Sebastian Herkner are going to reinterpret the chair

Re-Framing the Safari Chair

Designed in 1933 by Kaare Klint, the Safari Chair was one of the world’s first ‘build-it-yourself’ pieces of furniture. Since its launch, it has become a true modern classic due to its simple functionality and elegant design. Today, it is highly appreciated by design lovers all over the world.

A Danish design classic celebrates its 100th birthday in Milan

We stopped by Rud. Rasmussens Snedkerier’s exhibition space at the Salone del Mobile earlier this April. The renowned Danish cabinetmaker’s workshop had a special anniversary item displayed among the exhibited furniture pieces: the Faaborg Chair.

DANISH™ took Milan!

We went to the Salone del Mobile design week in Milan last week, and spotted all the great Danish design. We give you our Danish design tour de force of the design districts Brera and Ventura Lambrate, as well as from the fair.

Interview with Jakob Munk from Butchers & Bicycles

Coming from a background in engineering, the three guys behind Butchers & Bicycles set out to redefine the way a cargo bike is made. We interviewed co-founder and company brand and communication wizard, Jakob Munk, and discovered that the brand’s products almost sell themselves.

When the balance tips

By Birgitte Wulff. When is the balance offset to the point that it tips? Designer Stine Weigelt sets out to illustrate this with her table design Tipping Point.

Old Lace - New Trick

By Birgitte Wulff. Lacemaking is fast becoming a lost art. Although designer Camilla Skøtt does not master the craft herself, she draws inspiration from it, and that has now resulted in a table.

Danish Design takes Milan, Part Two

We continue our brief overview of the Danish contribution to the annual design fair in Milan, Salone del Mobile. The fair is held on 14–19 April and both Denmark’s architect schools are represented at the Ventura Lambrate exhibition space.

Danish Design takes Milan

In a few weeks the talk of the town will be Salone del Mobile when the design world gathers in Milan from 14 to 19 April. DANISH™ will be there to give you the best of Danish design. Before we go, we have gathered a brief overview of the Danish must-sees.

Re-Framing the PLATEAU coffee/side table

The PLATEAU coffee/side table, soon to be launched by dk3, is designed by Søren Rose Studio – a New York-based acclaimed Danish design studio renowned for its honest aesthetics and subtle design.

PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED opens new showroom

Today, another cool showroom is added to the interior scene of Copenhagen as PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED opens its new showroom in Frederiksgade.

Re-Framing the J39 Chair

The man behind the J39 Chair, Børge Mogensen, was the furniture designer who placed quality furniture at reasonable prices in to Danish homes. From his private practice, Børge Mogensen created some of the 1950s’ and 1960s’ most iconic classics. Børge Mogensen’s lifelong mission was to create simple and practical furniture.

The art of running a two-fold design company

Helle Herman Mortensen and Jonas Herman Pedersen are the founders of Herman Studio and Herman Cph. They run a two-fold design company that combines a design studio with its own design brand while still designing for other brands – something they see only as an advantage.

OeO on Dinesen’s new Showroom in Copenhagen

The Danish design studio OeO is run by Thomas Lykke and Anne-Marie Buemann. We met up with Creative Director Thomas Lykke to talk about their ideas and the concept for the design of Dinesen’s new showroom.

Re-Framing the Series 7™ Chair

Arne Jacobsen was very productive as a designer and as an architect. His furniture and other design work has become a part of the Danish design heritage. When designing the Series 7 Chair, Arne Jacobsen exploited the possibilities of the lamination technique. The chair is ideally suited to fit the human body, and its backrest is comfortable to lean up against as it has a natural “give”.

The core substance of design in transformation

By Morten Grøn, CEO, Design denmark. In the coming days, 18-20 January 2015, Design denmark co-hosts a conference and a series of open debates with designers, companies, trend researchers, design education programmes etc. in cooperation with the design trade show Northmodern. We call the event ’GRUNDstof i dansk design’ (core substance of Danish design)..

Introducing Poul Madsen – Normann Copenhagen

During Northmodern, the Danish fair, which was just held in Copenhagen from 18th–20th January, we caught up with Poul Madsen, who owns Normann Copenhagen, together with Jan Andersen.

Behind the making of Form by Simon Legald

The Form collection is Normann Copenhagen’s new series of tables and chairs designed by Simon Legald. The concept for Form was Simon’s final project for his graduation from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Since then, he has refined his design and adjusted small details in order to achieve the perfect result.

Turn up the Volume

The Danish/Italian design duo GamFratesi has designed a new lamp for Lightyears. It is inspired by the volume button on 1980s stereo amplifiers. We got hold of their drawings so you can get a glimpse into their design process.

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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