The Orange KEVI Feeling

Conveying the spirit of Roskilde Festival and transferring it to a school environment is something very hard to accomplish – but the result has been very well executed.Engelbrechts has contributed to creating the orange feeling with a bespoke KEVI version.

A classic chieftain designed by Finn Juhl is this year celebrating its 70th anniversary

Signs of rinckles and grey hair are normal around the age of 70. But if you are a chair designed by Finn Juhl the situation is quite differently. The 70th Anniversary of the icon The Chieftain Chair unfolds a chair still standing strong and artistic with it's unique construction and ever elegant expression.

Double up for VE2 – The studio wins four German Design Awards!

Every once in a while, a designer receives the honour of being nominated for a design award and maybe even winning one. Danish design studio VE2 didn’t settle for just one mention, however. This year, the company won four German Design Awards and, although we are still in the early months of 2019, VE2 is already nominated for yet another!

Top 5 Most-Read Architecture Articles of 2018

We’ve put together a list of the top 5 most-read articles about architecture from January 1st to December 18th according to page views, with each article featuring the work of awesome Danish architects. Enjoy.

House of Finn Juhl Furnishes Mansion in Copenhagen with Aarstiderne Architects

A huge 200-year-old mansion in Copenhagen burned down eight years ago. Since then, a lot of work went into restoring the building to its former glory. House of Finn Juhl was asked to provide most of the furniture for the interior.

Staying True to a Design Icon

The original Kubus Candleholder was designed over five decades ago. Since then, it has evolved into an entire collection, while staying true to the original iconic design.

Preserving the Legacy of Finn Juhl

As a major contributor to the genesis of the Danish Modern era of furniture design, the Danish architect Finn Juhl was one of the most prominent designers of his time. This article features an interview with Henrik Sørensen, co-owner of Onecollection, who has been entrusted in bringing Juhl’s iconic creations back to life.

How a Spanish Chair Became a Danish Design Icon

The Spanish Chair by Børge Mogensen turns 60 this year. To commemorate the birthday, furniture maker Fredericia presents a limited edition of the famous chair. And the story behind it is quite good, too.

A Limited Amount of Sunbeams

Danish design company Sibast Furniture is collaborating with Danish artist and world-known former musician Kasper Eistrup on a colourful piece of art. The work, called Sibast Sunrise No 8, is a new limited edition of the popular Sibast No 8 chair that comes individually numbered.

Celebrating Timeless Comfort

Widely acclaimed for its clean lines and minimalistic appearance, the KEVI Chair by Engelbrechts is celebrating its 60th anniversary with the launch of two brand new models: the KEVI 2533 and 2060.

rewired: When Compromise is not an Option

rewired created a desk lamp: A well-designed piece of art, which simultaneously functions as a work tool. The company purposely delayed its production due to their philosophy of always aiming for exquisiteness. Now Satellite Desk is ready.

Top Ten Most Read Articles on Architecture Summer 2018 - Part 2

We’ve put together a list of the 10 most-read architecture articles of the first part of 2018. This is Part 2– from 5 to 1.  

Top Ten Most Read Articles on Architecture Summer 2018 - Part 1

We’ve put together a list of the 10 most-read architecture articles of the first part of 2018. This is Part 1 – from 10 to 6.

Top Ten Most Read Articles on Design Summer 2018 – Part 1

As the summer is closing in on us, we’ve gathered the ten most popular design articles during the first half of the year. This is the 10th to the 6th place on the list. Enjoy!  

Top Ten Most Read Articles on Design Summer 2018 – Part 2

This is the top five of the ten most popular design articles during the first half of this year. Here you go!

Do You Know Your Digitisation?

In Denmark there is a saying: Third time you do the same thing you have created a tradition... Which is why it would be fair to state in keeping with tradition on our Friday digital playfullness: "Quiz yourself on Digital Times!"

Re-Framing the Montana Furniture System

This May, designers Niek Pulles and Sebastian Herkner will reinterpret the Montana furniture system along with nine other Danish furniture pieces for the Re-Framing Danish Design exhibition.

by Lassen Celebrates Anniversary of 10 Years

Over the past 10 years the Danish interior company by Lassen has given life to many designs that are already considered modern-day classics, such as the cubic candleholder, The Tired Man and the Lassen Chair. Owner Søren Lassen sees this as laying the right foundations to become even stronger internationally over the next 10 years

Plan Your Day at 3daysofdesign

Copenhagen will be transformed into a city full of design events for three days next week when the Design Event is held there over three days, from 24th to 26th May 2018.

Old Versus New – QUIZTIME on retro

You can see how the classic designs influence contemporary design, but are you able to tell the masterpieces from the newcomers? Try our latest quiz to see how well you know Danish design.

Cirkelbroen – a step towards an inclusive city

Copenhagen has a new bridge, and maybe even our next landmark, it is Cirkelbroen designed by Danish Icelandic Olafur Eliasson. It is funded by Nordea Fonden and it opened 22 August where over 7000 Danes participated in the opening.

VE2 is Moving the Brand Zone Denmark Through Design

Brand manager for Danish company Zone Denmark looked for external assistance in order to move the brand on its journey from dusk to dawn, and found: VE2.

Attention to Detail Never Goes out of Fashion

The KEVI caster that is used on most movable furniture around the world was invented in the 1960s by Danish designer and architect Jørgen Rasmussen. A detail that revolutionised movable furniture and that is still viewed as the standard technology more than 50 years later.

Endless Possibilities - They Chose a MILLION

Co-founder of the Copenhagen-based furniture company MILLION invites you inside the engine room to discover the process behind the creation of the brand’s identity. Out of four tools, the one he values most is repetition.

Colours - Looking for a Pattern

"Colours are amazing. They can set a tone, bring out feelings and push a well-known design in a whole new direction." Normann Copenhagen and Montana both use colours strategically when they design but their approaches are quite different.

Trinidad - Rebranding a Design Classic

Fredericia Furniture celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Trinidad chair by breathing new life into Nanna Ditzel’s timeless design icon. But what makes a design timeless, and how do you keep a design that is more than 25 years old relevant?

Trends & Traditions Strikes a Blow for Nordic Design

Later this spring Holmris.designbrokers is hosting the third edition of their own event Trends & Traditions. A day full of inspiration, furniture and tendencies.

Simple Designs with Endless Possibilities

Simple and elegant. That's often what you get from Danish design. But in this article, we look not only at designs that are simple and elegant but also modular and developed to fit specific needs and situations.

Upside Down

By changing perspective and playing with form, Danish architects create unique shapes that make their architectural landmarks stand out. We took a closer look at Danish architecture that challenges the status quo.

Finn Juhl in His Right Element

For a long time, Finn Juhl was part of the Onecollection family. But over the years, it became more and more obvious that Finn Juhl´s furniture appealed to a different audience than the rest of the furniture did within Onecollection and something had to be done. Hence, a new brand was established with the name House of Finn Juhl.

Top 10 Most Read Articles This Fall, part II

Revealing the five most read articles this fall.

3XN Architects Have Designed the Good Neighbour

“Our most important question before starting out the Royal Arena project was: How do we design the venue as a good neighbour for this area?”

Creating a Feeling With Artistic Craftsmanship

Joy. The warm feeling of an inner smile and pride in the purity of a passionate design. By the end of this text, you may well feel the same way.

Self-Sufficient Headquarters for the International Olympic Committee

Tearing down and building up. The new IOC headquarters is a beauty when talking about green and sustainable buildings.

The Best of Danish Interior Icons

How many do you know?

Takes on Architecture, part VI: geometry

What does geometry means to our panel of architects? Read the last article in our series Takes on Architecture.

Takes on Architecture, part V: aesthetics

Rethinking the Classic Rocking Chair

Fredericia Furniture stays trendy with their updated version of Thomas Pedersen's Stingray chair.

Watch Out For The Time

”Time is money”, ”time flies when you’re having fun” – the list of sayings about the phenomenon time is long. A few Danish designers have succeeded in capturing time within the dial. We asked the go-to guy for high-end and all quality watches to help us put together a snappy guide.

by Lassen Breathes New Life into Old Designs

At by Lassen they let old classics intertwine with new methods and ideas.

Video: Your Furniture Panorama

Indulge yourself in a true cornucopia of Danish furniture design at its best. Enjoy the ride!

Q&A with OEO Studio on redesigning FLOS’s showroom

Recently, the cross-disciplinary designers from OEO Studio worked their creativity, redesigning the FLOS Scandinavia Copenhagen showroom.

A New Classic is Born

Danish island + French designer = New classic. The new ASKO chair is the result of a new collaboration between Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik and Patrick Norguet.

Easter is Coming

Easter is almost here and the festive season calls for an article. Take some time of and enjoy this list of nice Easter-ish designs. HAPPY EASTER!

Two associated members of DANISH™ in contention for the golden D at Danish Design Award 2017

The finalists for the upcoming event Danish Design Award 2017 have been revealed, and we are proud to announce that two of our members are among the finalists.

Meet the New Nordic identity

The New Nordic wave has been around for a few years now, but to define what New Nordic is, we need to take a closer look at Nordic landscapes

A Short Talk on Architectural Craftsmanship

A professor contemplates about the relationship between architecture and craftsmanship, or how the two terms convert into one; architectural craftsmanship.

The 2016 Design Award Winners

22. September, Design Awards 2016 took place at the Folketeatret in Copenhagen, and DANISH™ was there to congratulate all the winners!

Architectural Nirvana in Thisted

What makes one of our journalists undertake a three-hour drive to visit a gymnasium in Thisted, Denmark designed in the 1970s? Read the whole answer here.

Danish Design: The birth, rise, fall and resurrection

Danish Modern is a little bit like the “Little Black Dress”: it is timeless, looks flawless and goes with everything. Besides, having one expensive but high quality black dress is better than having 50 cheap ones.

Why is Danish Design so Successful?

By Marie-Louise Munter Editor and Content Curator, "So, why is Danish design so successful?" This is a question I am often being asked by journalists from around the world

5 Signs That You’re Obsessed with Danish Design

We've collected the Top 5 causes to your hunger for Danish design, so that you can figure out if you are a real Danish design aficionado.

Familiar with Danish architecture? Try our quiz and find out

We bring you our very first quiz on Danish architecture. Enjoy!

The Story of Benny Frandsen and his Lighting Company

Recently, the man behind one of Denmark's biggest lighting adventures told DANISH™ the fulfilling story of his company – Frandsen Group.

Q&A with Bang & Olufsen’s Head of Brand, Design and Marketing

We had a talk with Marie Kristine Schmidt, Head of Brand, Design and Marketing at Bang & Olufsen, about their traditions, design philosophy and what kind of responsibility she feels when it comes to keeping the brand alive.

Three Remarkable Danish-designed Bridges

Here, we bring you three examples of Danish-designed bridges – one small, one a bit bigger and finally, an 11-km bridge in South America.

Design for the Many

Design means to shape. Shape a product or a service so that it fits the needs of it users perfectly. In Denmark, two larger companies are working consciously and successfully to design for the people – but their ways of getting there are quite different.

The 10 Most Beautiful Pictures of Danish Designs

With the theme “Denmark as a leading design nation”, we have, with the help of 10 selected design companies, compiled a list of the 10 most beautiful pictures of Danish designs. Let yourself be inspired by Danish design at its best.

Top 10 Most-Read Design Articles of 2016

We’ve collected the 10 most-read design articles of 2016 for you.

On Furniture, Black Stripes and Ballet

Engelbrechts is on a journey towards increased focus on the business-to-consumer segment meant to strengthen the entire business in terms of marketing opportunities and visual appearance.

Autumn '16: Design News

Autumn not only brings a lot of “hygge”, it also brings a series of new, beautiful product launches, causing the autumn to have a special place in our hearts. DANISH™ brings you a selection of this season’s news.

A cool branding tool

The people behind rewired say they are undertaking a branding mission with their products, which they describe as Danish modern lighting. We talked with rewired about the beginning of their branding journey and their products, which are meant to embody a certain ‘kind of coolness’.

Design that Lasts: A Remake of a Classic

Recently, the Danish furniture manufacturer Erik Jørgensen relaunched Arne Vodder's 1972 AV chaise longue chair, which wholly showcases the late designer's sense of detail, modest expression and fondness for natural materials.

Architecture that lasts - showcased in Berlin

A selection of furniture has been chosen representing the renowned Danish architect and designer Poul Kjærholm's unique understanding of construction and craftsmanship in Jacksons Berlin exhibition.

Europe’s coolest harbour area?

Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus, is in the middle of a transformation from an industrial harbour to a recreational urban area featuring some of the most significant architecture.

Sharp design with a green profile

A retro chair is revitalized, and three of Denmark’s leading designers – Anders Nørgaard, Tom Stepp and Kai Kristiansen – create new designs for Mogens Hansen Møbler with the potential of becoming design classics. All with a new, green and sustainable profile.

A total experience of design

Copenhagen soon sees the return of 3daysofdesign, a design event that lets you experience a range of Denmark’s best design brands up close. We sat down with event director Signe Byrdal Terenziani to discuss the idea of 3daysofdesign, while also narrowing down the actual goal for the event in a world that is full of events.

Q&A with Thomas Graversen of Fredericia

We recently had a chat with owner and Creative Director of Fredericia, Thomas Graversen, about the enduring popularity of Danish design, his company Fredericia, which was founded in 1911, and the legacy of the late great Børge Mogensen, whose designs helped transform Fredericia from a local manufacturer into a global design brand.

Continuing Denmark’s proudest furniture legacy

We tell the story of two young Danish designers, who have the chance to contribute to one of the proudest legacies of Danish furniture.

A look at contemporary Danish lighting

Good lighting impacts both function and well-being – and in addition to serving a purpose, it should also come in an aesthetically appealing package. Here, we bring you examples of contemporary Danish lighting.

Behind the world’s number-one textile brand

We sat down with the Danish textile company Kvadrat’s CEO Anders Byriel to talk about the importance of collaborations, the company’s DNA and how external designers affect it.

DDA '16: The winners are...

On April 7, the winners of the Danish Design Award 2016 were announced during a great award show in Copenhagen. The aim of the relaunched prize was to pay tribute to the effect and impact of Danish design, and a total of 15 winners were found.

Reporting from a tour de force in design

Almost 100 Danish design brands gathered to showcase their best products at the Trends & Traditions design fair, and here we want to give you a recap of its highlights.

Architecture that lasts: The Black Diamond

In Copenhagen, the Black Diamond, with its sharp lines and sparkling polished surfaces, is one of the most significant architectural landmarks on the waterfront and a true contemporary example of architecture that lasts.

Stay at Arne Jacobsen’s collegiate masterpiece

St Catherine’s College in Oxford, designed by world-renowned Danish architect Arne Jacobsen, is providing an opportunity for those passionate about architecture and design to stay in an architectural masterpiece.

Design that lasts: the Egg

Arne Jacobsen’s perhaps most celebrated design is the Egg, which is a lounge chair designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, where everything from the door handles and the cutlery to the entire building was designed by Jacobsen.

Go-to exhibitions this spring

We have hand-picked three exhibitions that, all put together, showcase a spectrum of architecture, design and art. In addition, the unique displays are presented in thrilling exhibition spaces.

Re-Framing the Bølling Tray Table

A well-designed table is often very stunning to look at, but just as often not the easiest item to handle. This was exactly what architect Hans Bølling wanted to challenge when designing the Bølling Tray Table in 1963

Q&A with Peter Frandsen from Verpan

The Danish company Verpan produces many of the late Danish designer Verner Panton’s designs. We talked to CEO of Verpan, Peter Frandsen, about experimenting with the design’s capabilities, the act of building a brand around a renowned designer and what the company learnt from Panton’s playful approach to design.

The revitalisation of an Aalto masterpiece

The contemporary art museum Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg, originally designed by world-renowned Finnish architect Aalvar Aalto together with Elissa Aalto and Jean-Jacques Baruël, reopens on 23 January after a thorough restoration led by Danish architect firm Erik Møller Arkitekter.

Design that lasts: the Corona Chair

The late Danish designer Poul M. Volther is the man behind the iconic Corona chair, which have been produced by Danish furniture brand Erik Jørgensen since 1964.

Design that lasts: the Spanish Chair

Børge Mogensen was a Danish designer who contributed significantly to making the concept of ‘Danish Modern’ known throughout the world. One of his later and perhaps most celebrated designs is the Spanish Chair.

A house-to-go in 1970 and in 2015

During 1969 and 1970, Danish architect Arne Jacobsen designed a summer house called Kubeflex that incorporated strong references to structuralism. It was a break with centuries of eclecticism, where facades had for a long time been decorated with elements from every thinkable period.

Behind the Scenes at VIPP

We had a look into how this popular VIPP bin came into being. Its design has not changed since first produced in 1939 – apart from the lid. That was altered in 1949 from a wavy shape to a rounded one because of new production techniques.

Q&A with Salto & Sigsgaard

We had a talk with Danish design duo Salto & Sigsgaard, who are mixing and combining their respective competencies within design and architecture to create designs that matter.

Behind the scenes at Erik Jørgensen

We take you behind the scenes of Erik Jørgensen, where some of Denmark’s finest furniture are handcrafted with a great attention to detail.

Two Designers Tweak Danish Icons

By Lauren Grieco, Frame Magazine. Re-Framing Danish Design invites visitors to view Denmark’s classic and contemporary pieces through a global lens. As any seasoned treasure-hunter knows, a second glance is worth its weight in gold. Re-Framing Danish Design proves the point.

A look inside an artist's guest house

The Danish Art Workshops’ new guest house accommodates artists from all over the world, offering them a living area while working on their next big project.

Discover Danish design and architecture through three different exhibitions

We have hand-picked three exhibitions that will allow you to experience a range of Danish design and architecture, with each offering interesting displays and a creative use of the exhibition space.

A design kind of Easter in Copenhagen

Easter is upon us – and what better way to celebrate it than to treat yourself to a Danish design tour around Copenhagen’s restaurant and bar scene?

A great silversmith and his impressive apprentice

Georg Jensen and Kay Bojesen are two Danish silversmiths who contributed substantially to the Danish silversmith tradition. Delving into the works of these two late greats, it becomes clear how design and craftsmanship paid a significant role in the creation of their works.

The architect's preferred effect

Danish architects have known the importance of incorporating good lighting in architecture for many years and have created multiple examples of great lighting solutions in cultural institutions; and here we want to share a few with you.

An expedition into the borderland between art and crafts

Internationally renowned great Danish artists have repeatedly added new touches to Fritz Hansen’s iconic furniture collection. For instance, artists such as Tal R and John Kørner have respectively reinterpreted The Egg and challenged the design legacy.

Architecture that lasts: Notable Danish churches

Designing churches has been a noble discipline in architecture for centuries and many churches are known for their architectural quality. Today, we have delved into the design of two distinctive Danish churches.

The spirited design story behind by Lassen

The Danish design company by Lassen is renowned for the Kubus candleholder designed by architect Mogens Lassen in 1962. Today, by Lassen designs and produces a wide range of interior products and home accessories.

How to build a brand

Great stories, a refined product and social currency are keywords in the branding of the Danish brewing company Carlsberg Group and its subsidiaries. We set out to investigate how the people responsible for one of the finest beer brands in the world are doing their job.

Design that lasts: the Wishbone Chair

Today we are focusing on one of the most celebrated Danish furniture designs in modern times: the Wishbone Chair. Designed by late Danish designer Hans J. Wegner, this dining chair was part of the “Danish Modern” period that changed the way people looked at furniture in the 1950s and 1960s.

LEGO lets you build architectural landmarks

Danish toy manufacturer LEGO, famous for the renowned LEGO brick, is giving people the opportunity to build their favourite architectural work in a micro-scale with the LEGO Architecture series.

Finn Juhl’s Pelican Chair gets artistic makeover

Danish furniture manufacturer Onecollection has created an Artwork Edition of Finn Juhl’s Pelican chair in collaboration with London-based design company Domicileculture, to mark the chair’s 75th birthday.

Architecture that lasts: Aarhus City Hall

Today we are focusing on an example of functionalism within Danish architecture: Aarhus City Hall. Designed by late Danish architects Arne Jacobsen and Erik Møller, this major work has inspired generations of architects since its opening in 1941.

Reporting back from 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen

The design scene in Copenhagen was buzzing with activities during 3 Days of Design; indeed, it seems that Copenhagen finally has a design event that is attracting attention from all over the world, just like Stockholm and Milan have had for years.

DANISH™ takes 3 Days of Design

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Copenhagen is celebrating design during 3 Days of Design. The design days are about everything design and will showcase the very best of contemporary Danish design.

Re-Framing Danish Design by Frame and DANISH™

We are proud to reveal our upcoming exhibition Re-Framing Danish Design together with Frame. Two international designers have been invited to re-interpret Danish design.

Niek Pulles: "Good design is like falling in love"

At the upcoming Re-Framing Danish Design exhibition, Dutch designer Niek Pulles is going to showcase his interpretations of ten Danish furniture pieces. We have asked him about inspirations, good design and how Dutch and Danish design can affect each other.

Re-Framing the Tongue Chair

This May, the iconic Tongue Chair, designed by Arne Jacobsen, is going to be part of the Re-Framing Danish Design exhibition, where designers Niek Pulles and Sebastian Herkner are going to reinterpret the chair

Re-Framing the Safari Chair

Designed in 1933 by Kaare Klint, the Safari Chair was one of the world’s first ‘build-it-yourself’ pieces of furniture. Since its launch, it has become a true modern classic due to its simple functionality and elegant design. Today, it is highly appreciated by design lovers all over the world.

COBE Architects designs Adidas’s new flagship building

The famous sports brand Adidas is adding to its headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany, with a conference centre that will hold both a showroom and an employee restaurant. Danish architecture company COBE won the international competition and will now start the realisation of the project together with German COBE Berlin, Knippers Helbig and Transsolar.

Re-Framing the Caravaggio Pendant

Lightyears is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the company and the Caravaggio pendant this year. Therefore, Lightyears found it appropriate to contribute the Caravaggio lamp to ‘Re-Framing Danish Design’, a joint exhibition from DANISH™ and Frame Magazine.

Danish Design takes Milan

In a few weeks the talk of the town will be Salone del Mobile when the design world gathers in Milan from 14 to 19 April. DANISH™ will be there to give you the best of Danish design. Before we go, we have gathered a brief overview of the Danish must-sees.

Behind the screens of the new Gubi store

Modern classics are perfectly aligned and styled in the new Gubi store in Copenhagen by designer Caroline Ost and Jacob Gubi. Caroline is a former Senior Designer from Dimore Studio in Milan.

Five Danish students to contribute to the modernization of Sydney Opera House

A group of five students from Danish design and architecture schools have been selected to take part in the modernization of Sydney Opera House.

Re-Framing the J39 Chair

The man behind the J39 Chair, Børge Mogensen, was the furniture designer who placed quality furniture at reasonable prices in to Danish homes. From his private practice, Børge Mogensen created some of the 1950s’ and 1960s’ most iconic classics. Børge Mogensen’s lifelong mission was to create simple and practical furniture.

Re-Framing the Series 7™ Chair

Arne Jacobsen was very productive as a designer and as an architect. His furniture and other design work has become a part of the Danish design heritage. When designing the Series 7 Chair, Arne Jacobsen exploited the possibilities of the lamination technique. The chair is ideally suited to fit the human body, and its backrest is comfortable to lean up against as it has a natural “give”.

Behind the making of Form by Simon Legald

The Form collection is Normann Copenhagen’s new series of tables and chairs designed by Simon Legald. The concept for Form was Simon’s final project for his graduation from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Since then, he has refined his design and adjusted small details in order to achieve the perfect result.

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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