Would or Wouldn't You Know Your Wood?

Are you a wood expert? Prove it!

A New Universe of Bricks and Adventures

Get ready to be overwhelmed by bricks.

Animation: A Playful Yet Serious Design Process

Dive into a world of animated characters with Artwork Studio.

A Differentiated Learning Environment Leads to Clever Kids

Holmris.Designbrokers and SMAK Architects have worked together to design a differentiated learning environment at Søndervangskolen in the southern part of Aarhus.

Playing at Work – Graffiti!

Meet Danish graffiti artist Andreas Welin: just because my working tool is a can and not a brush it doesn´t mean I wander around drawing ”dicks” on other people´s property!

Smarter Kids Through Movement and Active Learning

Hopspots have made it possible to merge learning and movement.

The Plastic Quiz

Do you dare to challenge yourself with a quiz on Danish plastic design? Go ahead and give it a go.

Cities by MBYLand for Everyone and Everyday

The Danish landscape architect Mette Bruun Yde combines a playful approach to our everyday environment with a keen interest in scenography. Her new studio MBYLand is about to finish an urban landscape plan for generous, multifunctional spaces that reconnect with the natural qualities of the city of Ringkøbing.

A Wooden Boom

The Danish architectural firm Tegnestuen Vandkunsten uses wood as a central element in many of their projects. According to one of the company’s wood aficionados, architect Kim Dalgaard, wood is returning to the building sector as a load-bearing material.

Urban Spaces combining Culture and Recreation

Danes are really good at using their city and the spaces within it. There is an increasing trend in Denmark at the moment, where urban spaces with a lot of new possibilities are becoming part of our lives. People can come and relax with their family, or kids can hang out with their friends. All of these spaces have one thing in common: to create a space for inclusion – inclusion through a variety of activities.

Familiar with Danish architecture? Try our quiz and find out

We bring you our very first quiz on Danish architecture. Enjoy!

A Compressed Lesson in Design Thinking

For two weeks, 50 international design students have been working intensively in cooperation with Danish businesses and a municipality at DesignCamp2017. All designs and innovations implemented as business solutions have one thing in common – design thinking. This is what the participants at DesignCamp2017 in Kolding, Denmark have been learning about.

The 10 Most Beautiful Pictures of Danish Architecture

We have, with help from a number of Danish architectural firms, compiled a list of the 10 most beautiful pictures of Danish architecture. Get lost in these beautiful pictures, and then read about the visions behind each project.

Top 10 Most-Read Architecture Articles of 2016

We’ve put together a list of the 10 most-read architecture articles of 2016. Based on the total number of page views, the list comprises articles published from 1 January to 1 December 2016, and shows a wide variety of DANISH™ architectural subjects.

This Henning Larsen Architects-designed School Strives for Better Learning Through Movement

The recently inaugurated Frederiksbjerg School is meant to help move pupils in more than one sense, while at the same time focusing on aspects such as the use of a human scale and dynamic spaces.

An Open Sky Results in Urban Sea Park Development

“It´s raining cats and dogs” is a very British expression. This park, designed by LABLAND architects in close cooperation with the citizens of the small town of Laasby in Denmark, can handle every kind of weather. In fact, the weather is the whole reason why the park was created in the first place. Fundings involved in Laasby Seapark: Realdania Lokale og anlægsfonden (fond for plants- and premises) Vanførefonden (fond for disabled, ed.) Friluftsrådet (council of outdoor activities, ed.)

Take Part in History and Understand Your Past

Meet Emil Juul Clevin, a recent design graduate of the Game Art, Design and Development programme at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Design (KADK). In his graduation project, ‘Hammershus – A Journey Through Time’, Emil Juul Clevin looked at Hammershus in Bornholm and set out to design a new way of interpreting this ruined castle.

Not your ordinary athletics facility

The athletics facility at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense breaks from traditions and linear disciplines with a rolling terrain containing grass, Lupine plants and trees.

Move and learn

A group of Danish sport scientists and designers invented a giant dice with digital interaction possibilities. iMO-LEARN sets new and better standards on how kids learn at school.

Designing for the world's most important people

We focus on energy, design and health for children by talking to two of the most popular Danish children’s brands, asking them how they make great designs for children.

Beautiful framing of precision and poetry at Designmuseum Denmark

The renowned designer Alfredo Häberli exhibits in collaboration with BMW a compelling installation at Designmuseum Denmark during the Summer 2016.

PULK – a sledge turned upside down

There is something very Scandinavian about a sledge. It is an object familiar to all children and grown-ups during winter, and the cause of hours of fun in the snow.

Play for the sake of play

We set out to investigate the special Danish method for designing play experiences, so we talked with Karen Feder, Design School Kolding’s Manager of the LAB for Play & Design.

The recipe for designing good playgrounds

We asked two Danish playground companies how they make their solutions playable and meet the challenge of designing for children.

LEGO lets you build architectural landmarks

Danish toy manufacturer LEGO, famous for the renowned LEGO brick, is giving people the opportunity to build their favourite architectural work in a micro-scale with the LEGO Architecture series.

Reporting back from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Graduation Exhibition

DANISH™ went to the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture and Design Graduation Exhibtion and had a talk with the designers behind two of the exhibited projects – a winged armchair and a virtual game for kids.