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Flexible Cities of the Future

Whether an idea for a solution comes from an art-conceptual water installation or the usage of data-logging and internet-of-things technology, the future architect has to be creative to think of flexible solutions that automatically accommodate the needs of the individual, when they enter a certain area or space.

Tear Down the Walls

Tear down those white office walls and open up the building. Give your employees community and unity – and, in return, you will get innovation and growth.

Cultivating Danish Education Through Architecture

How is it possible to convert aesthetic and sustainable architectural design into learning and a blooming local society? Take a look at the impressive construction of Campus Kolding at the University of Southern Denmark.

Designing Seamless Interaction

Danske Bank and their architect have teamed up with HOLMRIS B8 to realise a new standard for banking in the future. The result is a vibrant working environment with a variety of financial firms acting seamlessly under the same roof.

Danish Architects join Forces in China

DISSING+WEITLING and Kragh & Berglund are among the Danish companies participating in Asia’s biggest design event and attraction, Beijing Design Week 2018. Together, the two companies represent the Danish human-centred way of designing public architecture and urban spaces.

New Data may revolutionize Interior Design

HOLMRIS B8 is testing a new method of collecting data. By using sensors in a workplace environment, the company gathers different information about the flow of people. The data may change the way we furnish our buildings in the future.

Top Ten Most Read Articles on Design Summer 2018 – Part 2

This is the top five of the ten most popular design articles during the first half of this year. Here you go!

Digital Goodies

Closing up this months´theme: Digital Times, DANISH™ hereby supply you with the last digital treat: A Digital overview on Danish design that hopefully feels like "goodies".

Danish Design Award 2018

Too Good To Go, LEGO house, BIG, Danfoss, and Joe and the Juice were among the winners on Monday evening, when this year’s Danish Design Award trophies were awarded to the designers and companies behind the Danish design solutions in 15 categories.

Wastewater Warms Cold Commuters at Bus Terminal

Wastewater is a resource that the citizens and commuters of Kolding seem to embrace. The local energy company BlueKolding A/S who are running the project Powered By You is heating the benches of central bus terminal in Kolding with wastewater. And it doesn’t stop there.  

Drawn Towards the Daylight

Yesterday, Løgismose celebrates the opening of a brand-new outlet in the international department store Illum in Copenhagen. The shop was designed by Jensen Retail and is a combination of a wine shop, a grocery shop and a food bar, and it was designed as an exploration of light.  

Why do We Need to Design Services?

Back to Basics – Looking Sharp!

Parks, playgrounds and activity areas are flourishing in Denmark at present. Paid for either by the state, the local muncipality or the citizens themselves, they counteract the urbanisation going on all over the world. We are looking for places where we can come back to basics, and we should preferably benefit from it in more than one way.  

To Recognize a Home

Spaces for Life are seven different projects combining the best architectural aspects from healthcare institutions and your home to support patients battling cancer. Danish studio Cornelius Vöge designed the final project in the series and is getting set for the project launch.

Designing the Perfect Waiting Experience

Waiting for something? Spend your waiting time together with AART Designers.

Empowering People Through Design

Design does many brilliant things, but these four Danish designs is indeed something special. They help people.

Countdown to the Danish Design Award: Game Changer

Four finalists, but only one golden D. Read about the good ideas in the Game Changer category.

Countdown to the Danish Design Award: Svane Shipping Sponsoring Danish Design Award

Svane Shipping is opening up the doors to warehouse 115 to house the second half of Danish Design Award.

Countdown to the Danish Design Award: The Jury and the People

See the 18 persons assessing the design solutions submitted to Denmark’s major design award, the Danish Design Award.

Countdown to the Danish Design Award: Improved Welfare

Meet the four finalists competing on the Danish Design Award in the Improved Welfare category.

Better Health Service Through Design

The Danish innovation agency Hatch & Bloom created a new concept for a waiting list in a Danish municipality, leading to a huge reduction of the waiting list and better service for the citizens.

Strong Design Creates Social Interaction

Our architecture combines strong design with high functionality, which promotes social interaction and sustainable solutions, states Jan Ammundsen of 3XN.

Too Many Chefs – Improve The Broth!

Falafel, dolma, dates. Kofta, coriander and thin soft bread. Taste à la Gellerup places 80 different food cultures on the kitchen table and converts food into a mass medium.

DDA '16: The winners are...

On April 7, the winners of the Danish Design Award 2016 were announced during a great award show in Copenhagen. The aim of the relaunched prize was to pay tribute to the effect and impact of Danish design, and a total of 15 winners were found.

A new take on a cancer counselling centre

Livsrum is a project by the Danish Cancer Society and Realdania that includes the construction of seven cancer counselling centres near hospital cancer wards throughout Denmark. The centre has been designed Danish architect firm EFFEKT

To ease the troubles of finding one's way

We took a closer look at why wayfinding is so important, when going to everything from an airport to a hospital. The last thing you need to worry about when rushing to catch a plane is finding your way.

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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