The Organic Twist

Modern Danish furniture design have long been known and celebrated for its sleek, minimalistic and clean-cut appearance. But what happens when designers channel a more elemental inspiration? Two companies have truly succeeded in defining such an organic twist.

Creating a Wooden Success from the Outskirts of Jutland

Far from the beaten track, Carsten Thor has created an award-winning manufacturer and workshop that produces furniture from upcycled azobé wood.

Behind the scenes at THORS-DESIGN

The Danish company THORS-DESIGN creates bespoke furniture made of upcycled azobé wood sourced from decommissioned ferry landings and wharves.

THORS-DESIGN Become FSC Certified

THORS-DESIGN has been awarded with the prestigious FSC-certification.

One-of-a-kind Table From Thors Design at the ArtPalmBeach Fair in Miami

Danish furniture company Thors-Design will showcase a unique table created from sustainable wood, upcycled from a decommissioned wharf in Denmark at ArtPalmBeach in Miami, Florida, which runs until Sunday.

Flexible Cities of the Future

Whether an idea for a solution comes from an art-conceptual water installation or the usage of data-logging and internet-of-things technology, the future architect has to be creative to think of flexible solutions that automatically accommodate the needs of the individual, when they enter a certain area or space.

You Could Make Your City More Liveable

A new international award from Danish BLOXHUB, called Prix BLOXHUB Interactive,aims to put a strong focus on how we can make our cities more liveable by giving prize awards to the most hybrid and trans-disciplinary projects

A Deep Dive into Social Responsibility

Housing, Education, Hospitals, Caretaking, and Interior and Design are the five areas in which, as of this year, FRIIS & MOLTKE will be able to offer increased expertise. The five areas are already what the company is renowned and acknowledged for and are chosen due to their interaction with society and the people living in it.

Nature is not a destination – it's a fundamental element of life

Recently, the Danish architectural practice Schønherr won an award from the Society of Concrete Elements for their work with a newly developed nature park in Denmark. Besides having a strong figurative appeal, Schønherr wanted to emphasize how nature always has something new to offer.

Design has to take you forward!

Design is by definition made for exploration and finding new solutions. Thus, for Danish ARDE, working with design means moving in only one direction: forward. Meet the man behind ARDE who loves to explore new materials and sustainable technologies that can be transformed into successful products.

Three Times 3XN in Toronto

Canada’s biggest city just got more Danish as architectural company 3XN are about to design their third and newest addition to the emerging Bayside community in Toronto, Canada.

Designing from the Inside Out

Understanding the behaviour of human beings is essential when designing lasting, functional architecture. At DISSING+WEITLING architecture, they call it designing from the inside out. Daniel Hayden, a Partner and Architect MAA at DISSING+WEITLING architecture, shares his thoughts about this fundamental design strategy and how it relates to time and value.

Subtle contrasts are key

Danish architect, interior decorator and furniture designer Mads Emil Garde uses discrete contrasts to design state-of-the-art projects. His company is called GARDE. and no task is too big or too small – as long as scale-wandering is possible

Brick by brick, existing buildings tell valuable stories

Transformation, as in renewing the purposes and structures of old buildings, is part of the business-strategy at AART architects. When preserving cultural history, architecture creates a social impact, with the final result often being even less expensive than building from scratch.

New multi-functional series from KISS

“Move me” from KISS makes it simple and fast to tidy up, keep track of your stuff and even easily move it with you as your home changes.

Last Chance to Save the Planet

The open call for Prix BLOXHUB Interactive ends on February 15th – This is the last chance, to enter with an urban visionary solution that might just save the world.

Reflections on Reconnecting Architecture

Danish architect Anders Barslund reflects on how modern architecture can loose touch with its surroundings. In his own work, Barslund tries to reconnect buildings with the spirit of their location by using materials and colours suiting to the environment.

Five Designers to Watch

Based on their use of classic materials such as oak and plywood to minimalistic stainless steel, here is the DANISH™ take on which five designers to keep an eye on right now.

The Future of the Architect

What is the role of the architect today? How does it differ from that of the past and what lessons can we learn from the past? These are questions that JUUL | FROST Architects reflect upon in their newly released book Lifting the Gaze. This is their take on what may be required of architects in the future

Keeping Architectural 3D Simple

As part of the increasingly widespread use of 3D models in landscape architecture, Danish landscape architects Schønherr have developed a 3D model for trees, which combines traditional disciplines with the new 3D technologies.

Design and Mind in Perfect Harmony

Copenhagen-based design company MOEBE designs and creates products that are simple yet quite extraordinary.

Top 5 Most-Read Architecture Articles of 2018

We’ve put together a list of the top 5 most-read articles about architecture from January 1st to December 18th according to page views, with each article featuring the work of awesome Danish architects. Enjoy.

House of Finn Juhl Furnishes Mansion in Copenhagen with Aarstiderne Architects

A huge 200-year-old mansion in Copenhagen burned down eight years ago. Since then, a lot of work went into restoring the building to its former glory. House of Finn Juhl was asked to provide most of the furniture for the interior.

How Remodelling Your House Can Make You Healthy and Happy

Humans spend 90 per cent of their life indoors, which is bad for your physical and mental health. Danish architect Anders Barslund works to reconnect people to the outside world by changing four things in our homes.

Why the Fashion Industry Loves ege Carpets

Carpets play an increasing role in creating the right look for the fashion industry. Danish Ege Carpets is among the world’s greatest manufactures and they are widely used in the fashion world. This is due to their eco-friendliness and their dedication to complete customization.

Cultivating Danish Education Through Architecture

How is it possible to convert aesthetic and sustainable architectural design into learning and a blooming local society? Take a look at the impressive construction of Campus Kolding at the University of Southern Denmark.

Celebrating Timeless Comfort

Widely acclaimed for its clean lines and minimalistic appearance, the KEVI Chair by Engelbrechts is celebrating its 60th anniversary with the launch of two brand new models: the KEVI 2533 and 2060.

Creating Synergy Between the Arts and Business

CultureWorks, M2 Group, Aarhus Filmby and AARSON have established an ambitious cross-breed of corporate conferences and creative festivals. It’s a new Nordic platform, where artists and businesspeople can come to be inspired – They call it this.

Top Ten Most Read Articles on Architecture Summer 2018 - Part 2

We’ve put together a list of the 10 most-read architecture articles of the first part of 2018. This is Part 2– from 5 to 1.  

Top Ten Most Read Articles on Architecture Summer 2018 - Part 1

We’ve put together a list of the 10 most-read architecture articles of the first part of 2018. This is Part 1 – from 10 to 6.

Danish Design Award 2018

Too Good To Go, LEGO house, BIG, Danfoss, and Joe and the Juice were among the winners on Monday evening, when this year’s Danish Design Award trophies were awarded to the designers and companies behind the Danish design solutions in 15 categories.

Fascination of Old Times – Hi-Fi

DANISH™ has decided to take a look at a modern-day vinyl pressing plant and a cabinetmaker company in search of the answer as to why electronics and sound equipment from the past are experiencing such high interest at the moment.

This Carpet Guide Will Rug Your World

Whether it’s in your own home, in your office or you’re doing a bigger project, there are certain details you need to take into account when choosing the right carpet. We present this carpet guide on details you need to pay attention to when working with carpets.

Danish Design Looking Out to Strengthen its DNA

Despite having a long and strong tradition within design, it is sometimes necessary to reach out to the world and get some help to define the essence of what it is that makes Danish design unique.

Water Leads the Way

Schønherr has designed one of the most ambitious climate adaptation projects in Denmark. The project was recently awarded the DANVA & Realdania Climate Award 2017 for the way it integrates water as part of the solution.

Mater Increases Sales Power to Support Growth Strategy

The former GUBI sales director was headhunted by Mater to ensure expansion on the international market. The focus on environmental sustainability and the exciting business journey Mater is about to embark on were his reasons for accepting the job.

Scaling the Business - Screening the Collaborators PART 3

As part of this month’s theme: Scalability and modular thinking, DANISH™ asked three Danish brands about their approach to human relations when in partnership with designers. "Metal fatigue" is something that needs to be avoided, they all agree upon  

Scaling The Business – Screening the Collaborators PART TWO

DANISH™ asked three Danish brands what their expectations are when working in partnership with designers. Onecollection, Aviendo Fairy Tales and Mater highlight elements such as bringing new energy as well as brand understanding as key to a successful collaboration.

Architecture – Creating Value Beyond the Building

Tomorrow the exhibition RÅT opens. It showcases the projects of graduates from the Aarhus School of Architecture. DANISH™ went by the school´s rector Torben Nielsen for an interview about his vision for the school and the students.

Halmhuset - Building Sustainably

Built from recycled and locally sourced materials Halmhuset is an example of how to challenge the way we think about building sustainably. Watch the video about a very special project.

An Open Sky Results in Urban Sea Park Development

“It´s raining cats and dogs” is a very British expression. This park, designed by LABLAND architects in close cooperation with the citizens of the small town of Laasby in Denmark, can handle every kind of weather. In fact, the weather is the whole reason why the park was created in the first place. Fundings involved in Laasby Seapark: Realdania Lokale og anlægsfonden (fond for plants- and premises) Vanførefonden (fond for disabled, ed.) Friluftsrådet (council of outdoor activities, ed.)

Self-Sufficient Headquarters for the International Olympic Committee

Tearing down and building up. The new IOC headquarters is a beauty when talking about green and sustainable buildings.

Takes on Architecture, part III: Sustainability

In this series, DANISH™ asks a group of experts to elaborate on different architectural parameters. In this third instalment, Danish architecture firms CEBRA, ADEPT and C.F. Møller detail their philosophy on sustainability in architecture.

3 On-Water Structures That Ooze Coolness

Cool, fluctuating functionality and fine details all characterise these top-tier projects from some of Denmark’s finest architects.

Taking the Oceanic Feeling to a New Level

Sustainable motor boats. Danish company RAND Boats has specialised in making green alternatives at their own shipyard in North Zealand.

Countdown to the Danish Design Award: The Jury and the People

See the 18 persons assessing the design solutions submitted to Denmark’s major design award, the Danish Design Award.

Countdown to the Danish Design Award: Building Markets

A sexy disposable grill? It doesn’t sound possible, but CasusGrill has reinvented the concept of disposable grills. The Danish company is nominated in the Building Markets category at the Danish Design Award as one of four finalists.

Countdown to the Danish Design Award: Harnessing a Multi-Applicable Material

The Danish Design Award show is about to become a valuable display window to the building and design industry for the shrink wrap reseller HP Masking. The Danish company sees an opportunity to introduce innovation to the business.

Bikes are the New Black

Danish-founded company Sanitov is busy with urban good life and sustainability, which shows in their two newly launched bikes; movE and speeD.

5 Things That Tell You're Into Danish Architecture

Watch our new video and let’s see if you’re into Danish architecture.

Nordic Design on the Agenda at SXSW 2017

Design isn't only about beautiful buildings and iconic items. Peter Kamph, Head of Communication at Danish Design Center, gives his take on design after visiting this years SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Preserving Crafts, Creating Classics

While maintaining the quality of the right craftsmanship the founder of the Danish design brand Mater wants ethics in production to support the idea of a greener planet, and make people involved in the production to benefit from it.

Passionate about the Minimalistic Multifunction

Recently winning a German Design Award for his plywood bed, Danish designer Nicholas Rose showed that tireless focus on refining the same materials pays off.

Six Danish Designers to Watch

A plunge into the realm of exciting Danish designers to watch in the future.

A Fundament for Better Thoughts

Founding Fundament, we were very specific about underlying principles: The moral side of design on how our work could make the world better, rather than selling more furniture in an industry that is known for its unsustainable practices, was a key part.

Creating an "Aha" Experience

Michael Daae Christensen don't wanna create objects which only the well-off can buy; he wants to sell quality design at a price which most people can afford.

Architectural Nirvana in Thisted

What makes one of our journalists undertake a three-hour drive to visit a gymnasium in Thisted, Denmark designed in the 1970s? Read the whole answer here.

The Poetry of Oak Knots

The Oak Men are truly engaged in their craft, where wood, especially oak wood, is the focal point. We visited them in their workshop and office space near Aarhus to have a talk about the poetry of wood, including knots.

Architecture in the Circular Economy

Can your house be recycled and thereby transformed into new buildings or products? According to architect Kasper Guldager Jensen, a frontrunner of incorporating circular economy in the building industry, it sure can.

Luminous Sustainability by Monica Förster

Stone paper is a paper-like product, used for books, magazines and stationary to mention just a few uses. It is made from crushed limestone, which is very robust and also water-repellent. At the same time, the material has an exclusive look and feels very soft.

The Corky Output of an Abundant Alliance

An opportunity to exhibit a piece at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, where the keyword for the furniture pieces showcased was ‘extreme’, led to Danish designer Rikke Hagen deciding to create a chair made from one of the most extreme materials she knows: cork. At the same time, the chair is the outcome of a prolific collaboration between designers.

The Story of Benny Frandsen and his Lighting Company

Recently, the man behind one of Denmark's biggest lighting adventures told DANISH™ the fulfilling story of his company – Frandsen Group.

Darma Wants Us to Build Sustainable Housing

The Danish architect Darma Duus uses hay and clay to create what she calls “the eco-friendliest housing with the healthiest indoor climate you can imagine.”

A Compressed Lesson in Design Thinking

For two weeks, 50 international design students have been working intensively in cooperation with Danish businesses and a municipality at DesignCamp2017. All designs and innovations implemented as business solutions have one thing in common – design thinking. This is what the participants at DesignCamp2017 in Kolding, Denmark have been learning about.

The 10 Most Beautiful Pictures of Danish Architecture

We have, with help from a number of Danish architectural firms, compiled a list of the 10 most beautiful pictures of Danish architecture. Get lost in these beautiful pictures, and then read about the visions behind each project.

Top 10 Most-Read Architecture Articles of 2016

We’ve put together a list of the 10 most-read architecture articles of 2016. Based on the total number of page views, the list comprises articles published from 1 January to 1 December 2016, and shows a wide variety of DANISH™ architectural subjects.

Top 10 Most-Read Design Articles of 2016

We’ve collected the 10 most-read design articles of 2016 for you.

In a City of Bikes, Double U Brings Joy and Order

”There are nine million bicycles in Beijing”….Lyrics are the British singer/songwriter Katie Melua. It´s a very nice song. But for small start-up company Double U in Copenhagen the line could also be an obvious business opportunity. For a year now they have been designing and producing mobile bike stands suitable for festivals, cafés and concerts.

When Rønnow Preserves Danish Architectural Heritage

“Our main purpose is always to keep the credibility of a building and its story intact and we strive to maintain a very humble approach when changing, modifying or rebuilding historic sites," states Inge-Lise Kragh of Rønnow Architects.

Report: Bjarke Ingels’ talk at the Aarhus School of Architecture

The man behind architectural developments such as the VIA 57 West courtscraper, the new Google Headquarter in Mountain View and the “grand vision” behind SpaceX’s Hyperloop, was giving a talk on social infrastructure and hedonistic sustainability.

The Subtle Elegance of Metal

Iron, aluminium, copper and brass are the cornerstones of Danish designer Arash Nourinejad’s lighting company, Anour.

Combining Digital and Ecological Design

Graduate architect Mathias Højfeldt Nielsen's final project focuses on how to explore the possibilities of combining digital and ecological design methodologies in order to reduce climate changes caused by human impact.

Evoking Vernacular Architecture – From turf

We continue our series of graduation project with graduate architect Sindri Þorkelsson from Aarhus School of Architecture, who deals with sustainable design.

Poetics of Transition

Louise Linthwaite’s graduation project is a study of a ruin, its revitalisation, and relationship to the city and the body; executed by the exploration of fragmented contextual devices across the mediums of models, reliefs, collage, and drawing.

A Tutti Piace Il Terrazzo

Broken pieces of surplus marble cast into a mixture of marble dust, cement and pigment. Terrazzo is the story about a sustainable Italian product invented at a time when making use of all resources was a virtue. Industrial designer Alberto Bellamolli has reinvented the material.  

Lars Vejen's DESIGN COLLABORATIONS photo reel

Friday 3 June, the Danish designer Lars Vejen and manufacturing partners celebrates the power of design and collaboration in a show of diversity, innovation and attitude.

Export market enlarged by green transformation

Danish furniture manufacturer focuses on consumers’ eco awareness. A new sustainable furniture series, an eco label and greener production methods aim to strengthen the position of Mogens Hansen Møbler A/S in two key export markets. The strategy stood the test at the biggest Nordic furniture show, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.

Sharp design with a green profile

A retro chair is revitalized, and three of Denmark’s leading designers – Anders Nørgaard, Tom Stepp and Kai Kristiansen – create new designs for Mogens Hansen Møbler with the potential of becoming design classics. All with a new, green and sustainable profile.

Architecture for the many

We go behind the exhibition ‘Art of Many and The Right to Space’, which is the Danish contribution to this year’s architectural Biennale in Venice, Italy.

Not enough sex in sustainability

We give you a short recap of Copenhagen Fashion Summit, where speakers under the headline 'responsible innovation' shouted out for more transparency and communication, and a change of values in fashion.

Probably the most powerful industry in the world

By Eva Kruse, CEO, Danish Fashion Institute. The global fashion industry has an immense impact on the environment and on the millions of people who work in the industry, making it one of the most important industries worldwide.

Recap of this spring’s winning architectural teams

We bring you a small selection of Danish architectural firms that have won tender competitions or have been appointed to create new architecture during the last couple of months, so get ready to explore a diverse range of winning projects.

Milan Design Week one-on-one

Weren’t you able to go? -Not to worry. We bring you the guided tour around Salone del Mobile from a DANISH™ perspective.

Resilience: More than sustainable

We delve into resilience, which is the idea of making architecture last the test of time, so that it can adapt to new surroundings and different demands.

DDA '16: The winners are...

On April 7, the winners of the Danish Design Award 2016 were announced during a great award show in Copenhagen. The aim of the relaunched prize was to pay tribute to the effect and impact of Danish design, and a total of 15 winners were found.

The quality of retaining and renewing architecture

Based on the desire to upgrade and unite office and canteen areas for administrative and manufacturing staff, the Danish architectural studio Tegnestuen Mejeriet has redesigned an old malt factory in Haderslev, Denmark, for the Danish brewery Fuglsang.

Alternating the methods of innovation

Driving innovation forward demands different competencies and qualities in and around each company. Here, we want to give you a look inside the innovation processes of two Danish companies, namely the shoe manufacturer ECCO and the architectural firm 3XN.

Long live good design

There is general consensus that sustainability is a ‘plus’ word, and to many, it is essentially synonymous with organic materials, degradability and minimizing CO2 – in short: production methods that result in a lighter footprint on our shared planet. It is meaningful, however, to see the concept as broader in scope – not least in the design industry, where one of the most responsible approaches may be to create products with extreme durability.

Designer with insight and perspective

Nature’s scarce resources should be carefully managed, says the Danish furniture designer Hans Sandgren Jakobsen, who always considers both ethical and aesthetic aspects in his design work.

An offer with plenty of architecture

From 10 to 20 March, Copenhagen Architecture Festival will take place in the Danish cities of Aarhus, Aalborg and Copenhagen. The festival feature more than 150 events that offer a wide range of approaches to architecture.

Utilising sustainable bamboo

We Do Wood creates furniture with an emphasis on both actual function and visual expression. On top of that, the Danish furniture brand is continually searching for ways of making its furniture as sustainable as possible.

A look at temporary Danish architecture

When looking at the term ‘temporary’ in relation to architecture, a whole world of impermanent architectural projects unfolds. Here, we want to give you a glimpse of a few Danish projects and events that focus on ‘temporary’ as a quality in architecture.

Future architects' nest

It’s not every day that a whole new architects’ school gets built. Nevertheless, this is exactly what Danish architectural firm Henning Larsen Architects did in 2010 with the Umeå School of Architecture in northern Sweden. Located by the Umeå River, this is a place for creativity and artistic experimenting – a place for training future architects.

Go-to exhibitions this spring

We have hand-picked three exhibitions that, all put together, showcase a spectrum of architecture, design and art. In addition, the unique displays are presented in thrilling exhibition spaces.

"I am pretty old-school"

The Danish designer Lars Vejen had an almost 20-year long career as director of one of Denmark’s biggest architectural firm’s in-house design department before he became self-employed. We had a talk with him about his design process, why he went solo and what design is capable of.

"People need smart living"

We talked to Partner and Architect Dorthe Keis from Arkitema Architects about new types of accommodation, work-life balance – and how it affects dwellings, and the capabilities of a great architect.

Top 10 most-read design articles of 2015

We made a list of the most popular design content from our online magazine this year, so sit tight, when we delve into the top 10 most-read design articles at DANISH™ in 2015.

Three contemporary Danish chair designs

We delve into three modern chair designs that all expresses a contemporary idiom, each adding their touch on the idea of what a chair should look like.

The revitalisation of an Aalto masterpiece

The contemporary art museum Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg, originally designed by world-renowned Finnish architect Aalvar Aalto together with Elissa Aalto and Jean-Jacques Baruël, reopens on 23 January after a thorough restoration led by Danish architect firm Erik Møller Arkitekter.

Danish-designed architectural workplaces

We delve into three cool workplaces designed by the Danish architectural firms 3XN, C.F. Møller and KHR architects.

Behind the scenes at Dinesen

The Danish flooring company Dinesen demonstrates remarkable craftsmanship and a knowledge of wood. Dinesen’s passion for wood is evident when talking to fifth-generation owner Thomas Dinesen and the company’s employees. We visited the head office and production facility in the small town of Jels in Jutland, where it all began 117 years ago.

Making a high-rise feel like a low-rise

The Danish architectural firm 3XN recently designed a new 49-storey high-rise in Sydney called the Quay Quarter Tower. The new high-rise excels in creating space for local and international business by being comprised of five separate volumes stacked upon each other.

Turning shipping containers into modern housing

Danish architectural practice Vandkunsten recently helped design CPH Shelter, a sustainable mobile housing system built using traditional shipping containers.

Q&A with Martin Bay from Nordic Appeal

Nordic Appeal is a Danish brand that designs accessories for Apple’s products. We had a talk with co-founder Martin Bay about why they use plywood in their products, why ergonomics is so important and a talk about what is in store for the brand.

DANISH™ Architecture in Copenhagen

We aim to show how Copenhagen is a city to watch when it comes to showing the effects that good and innovative architecture can have on society. We hope you will enjoy our video!

“Our apartment is one big prototype”

Roon & Rahn is a Danish design company on the verge of a new chapter. We talked with co-founder and designer René Hansen about the designs, increased quantities and collaborations that are helping to push the company forward.

Behind the Scenes of We Do Wood

We Do Wood in their production in Copenhagen. Join us, for a glimpse behind the scenes and hear all about the famous Lilly Chair as well as some brand new products. This video is a unique insight into the design process and craftsmanship that goes into the making of a We Do Wood product.

When design is made to save lives

Different designs are conceived to support many different needs, and each design serves a purpose, e.g. a chair lets you sit, a knife lets you cut and a watch tells you the time. Some designs even have the ability to save lives.

From industrial waterfront to lush urban space

Danish architectural firm C.F. Møller Architects won the competition to transform the Danish city of Aalborg’s waterfront in 2004. This September, the second phase of the transformation was launched. We took a plunge into the new water-centric urban space.

The multifaceted use of urban gardening

The urban gardening – or urban farming – movement has become increasingly popular these past few years. We decided to find out some interesting ways of doing gardening in the city.

Five Danish architects to watch

Many Danish architectural offices are enjoying international success these days. But which architectural practices should you pay particular attention to in the future? We set out to find five Danish architects to keep an eye on.

Redesigning Denmark’s busiest train station

Danish COBE Architects and Gottlieb Paludan Architects have redesigned Nørreport Station in Copenhagen. Focusing on sustainability, the two architectural practices have given new life to one the busiest traffic hubs in Denmark.

Changing the ways of New Yorkers

Denmark is known for its infrastructure and good bike lanes. Whether you are a student or a businessperson, your chosen form of transport will often be the bike. For some time, other countries have been looking to Denmark – and to Scandinavia in general – for inspiration on how to reduce public car use and increase the cyclist culture, as well as on how to transform public spaces into pedestrian-friendly areas.

Copenhagen’s Panum complex goes green

C.F. Møller Architects, together with SLA and Rambøll, have won the competition for the new extension to the University of Copenhagen’s Panum complex, which will be finished later this year.

Designing a future-proof hospital

Danish architectural firms Arkitema Architects and AART Architects are part of a consortium that has recently designed a new hospital to be situated in Gødstrup, near Herning, Denmark.

RISING: Aarhus Pre-Event

Tomorrow, 29 August, a new architecture exhibition called CREATE WITH aarhUS is opening in Aarhus, Denmark, as part of the RISING Architecture Week’s Pre-Event.

INDEX: Award: Here are the winners!

Last night saw the presentation of the international INDEX: Award in Elsinore, Denmark. The award, which recognises design that improves life, was presented to five winners that a jury chose from among 46 finalists that had been shortlisted from 1123 nominations.

Wooden high-rise goes back to basics

Danish architectural firm C.F. Møller has recently designed a wooden high-rise building, where an innovative use of materials and sustainability are key elements.

From worn-out containers to a modern office building

UNIONKUL STACK 1 is a three-storey high office building made from worn-out shipping containers in the Northern Harbour of Copenhagen.

RISING Architecture Week is just around the corner

September will see architecture as the focal point of tremendous activity in Copenhagen with the city running its first RISING Architecture Week from 15 - 18 September 2015. We have selected a few highlights for you here.

Danish design prize aims to change the world

By Kigge Hvid, CEO at INDEX: Design to Improve Life® Asked recently what she saw as the single-greatest driver of social change, Melinda of the Gates Foundation replied: 'Design'. This is the background behind what makes the quote from Melinda Gates is so interesting and progressive. And the very backbone of INDEX: Design to Improve Life®, which focuses only on design that improves life.

Arkitema Architects designs village-like student housing complex

Danish architectural firm Arkitema Architects has recently designed Uptown Nørrebro – a student residency project providing around 500 new student residences in Copenhagen.

EFFEKT’s harbour farm creates co-dependent community around sea-life

Danish architect practice EFFEKT has designed a harbour farm for Copenhagen’s inner harbour – a place for both urban fish farms and recreational activities.

A place for togetherness

Located in a charming little holiday town in Jutland with the Kattegat on one side and Vejle fjord on the other, you find the holiday home of architect Bjarne Hammer, founding partner of schmidt hammer lassen.

3XN's Green UN City

Danish architectural firm 3XN have been designing corporate and governmental buildings all around the world for quite some time. Today we focus on one of their bigger designs.

Add a Room

During 3 Days of Design, Danish housing brand Add a Room exhibited their ONE+ housing module next to Pakhus 48 in the Nordhavn district of Copenhagen.

C.F. Møller submits ambitious housing plan in England

Danish C.F. Møller Architects has submitted its proposal for new housing in the village of Waddesdon, England, after it won an international architectural competition in 2013.

Two Danish architecture companies are among the world’s most innovative

Fast Company has nominated the top ten most innovative architecture companies in the world. Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) is number two on the list, and C.F. Møller takes fifth place.

The art of running a two-fold design company

Helle Herman Mortensen and Jonas Herman Pedersen are the founders of Herman Studio and Herman Cph. They run a two-fold design company that combines a design studio with its own design brand while still designing for other brands – something they see only as an advantage.

OeO on Dinesen’s new Showroom in Copenhagen

The Danish design studio OeO is run by Thomas Lykke and Anne-Marie Buemann. We met up with Creative Director Thomas Lykke to talk about their ideas and the concept for the design of Dinesen’s new showroom.

3XN Designs the New Headquarters for the International Olympic Committee

The International Olympic Committee’s new headquarters will be in Lausanne on the bank of Lake Geneva on a 24,000 square metre site. 3XN was selected to design the headquarters after an international architectural competition. The new building will bring together 600 employees.

New Sustainable Hothouse for Botanical Gardens

A snail-shaped hothouse cladded with EFTE foil cushions now embellishes the Aarhus Botanical Gardens. The hothouse was designed by C.F. Møller Architects with an emphasis on sustainable design and advanced computer technology.

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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