Fusing Japanese and Nordic Sensibilities

In the heart of Tokyo, just a few minutes north of the imperial palace, in the neighbourhood of Iidabashi, you’ll find something rather special. Something that fuses Japanese and Nordic sensibilities into an experience beyond anything else.

Design with a Nordic Approach

Whether Danish designer Ulrik Nordentoft is doing product design in a smaller scale or completing entire interior decorations within the field of hospitality two characteristics are always present: he is true towards his nordic heritage and he prefers collaborational creativity in close relation with the customer.

A Century of Proud Furniture Making

Carrying on the heritage and legacy, Sibast Furniture continues to honour its heritage of creating aesthetically refined pieces of furniture that fit perfectly into the world today. With its distinctive designs, Sibast gives the buyer a unique opportunity to embrace Danish Modern.

Five Designers to Watch

Based on their use of classic materials such as oak and plywood to minimalistic stainless steel, here is the DANISH™ take on which five designers to keep an eye on right now.

Long Live Tapestry

Heidi Zilmer does what very few people in the world do – she handcrafts tapestries, creating unique designs for the wall by hand. Using old techniques, she develops and creates stunning art that is custom-made for every client.

A Sense of Spatial Design

Designing furniture for production and unique exhibitions are often seen as two very different things, but for Troels Grum-Schwensen it’s all about space, architecture and context

Design and Mind in Perfect Harmony

Copenhagen-based design company MOEBE designs and creates products that are simple yet quite extraordinary.

Preserving the Legacy of Finn Juhl

As a major contributor to the genesis of the Danish Modern era of furniture design, the Danish architect Finn Juhl was one of the most prominent designers of his time. This article features an interview with Henrik Sørensen, co-owner of Onecollection, who has been entrusted in bringing Juhl’s iconic creations back to life.

A MILLION Ambitions Ahead

Danish design company MILLION has gained a lot of popularity during the brand’s relatively short lifetime. CEO and designer Jens Kajus takes us through the inspiration and working dynamics involved in establishing a successful business from the bottom.

Reflecting a Coastal Heritage

Every year, the Danish design company Bruunmunch choses a new exclusive location to shoot product photos for their current and upcoming collections. This year, the annual shoot was held at a Danish national landmark, the newly BIG-redesigned art museum, Tirpitz.

Designers by chance

Working as a designer does not always come from being educated as a designer. Mere necessity or a brilliant idea combined with the needs of the users can be the fundament of a new design company. DANISH™ dove into the background of four successful Danish design brands.

Cultivating Danish Education Through Architecture

How is it possible to convert aesthetic and sustainable architectural design into learning and a blooming local society? Take a look at the impressive construction of Campus Kolding at the University of Southern Denmark.

Designing Seamless Interaction

Danske Bank and their architect have teamed up with HOLMRIS B8 to realise a new standard for banking in the future. The result is a vibrant working environment with a variety of financial firms acting seamlessly under the same roof.

Creating Synergy Between the Arts and Business

CultureWorks, M2 Group, Aarhus Filmby and AARSON have established an ambitious cross-breed of corporate conferences and creative festivals. It’s a new Nordic platform, where artists and businesspeople can come to be inspired – They call it this.

Spring/Summer – A Flagship in Digital Design

The Danish award-winning digital product and brand experience agency Spring/Summer has made a remarkable impact over the years in setting a new standard for future online design solutions. DANISH™ talked to them about effective work methods.

Editor's Pick on Architecture

The Editor of DANISH™ highlights five distinctive architectural firms to showcase the great diversity in Danish architecture.

Editor's Pick on Design

A wander through the catalogue of DANISH™ showcases the variations and the common features of current Danish designers. The Editor of DANISH™ has picked out five very different designers that show the differentiation in Danish design.

OEO Studio and the Reason for Being

The path of OEO Studio is clear. They’ve always had the habit of pinning down their dreams and goals – and nothing is too big nor too small. Founder Thomas Lykke has lately been joking with the thought of designing a super-sonic airplane, as he says; “That would be fun – so far we’ve succeeded in fulfilling our dreams, so why not!”.

When Design Creates Room for Art

The Danish design group Salto & Sigsgaard has decided to create a small video for the Danish Design Festival that is taking place these days. The design duo just recently finished their display of the Danish New Carlsberg Foundation – under the theme Transit, Store, Display.

Fascination of Old Times – Cars

Based in Assens, Denmark, the extraordinary car collection that is Strøjer Samlingen holds an outstanding number of classic design icons. DANISH™ swung by to talk to owner, Jørgen Strøjer Hansen, about his passion for old vehicles – Danish manufactured as well.

Tour of Legs

Legs have always been a vital part of the construction in all types of furniture, so Danish™ visited Designmuseum Danmark to take a look at some different approaches to leg design.

Enjoy the Silence

You don't have to choose between pleasant sound or beautiful interior. This feature is about five innovative brands that are seeking great acoustics with their designs.

The Healing Architecture Behind the New Children’s Hospital – BørneRiget

Studies show that surroundings can have an effect on health, both positive and negative. So, when designing the new children’s hospital in Copenhagen, BørneRiget, healing architecture was one of the key principles from which the architects began their work.

Danish Design Looking Out to Strengthen its DNA

Despite having a long and strong tradition within design, it is sometimes necessary to reach out to the world and get some help to define the essence of what it is that makes Danish design unique.

Water Leads the Way

Schønherr has designed one of the most ambitious climate adaptation projects in Denmark. The project was recently awarded the DANVA & Realdania Climate Award 2017 for the way it integrates water as part of the solution.

Public Spaces Turned Modular With Danish Design

Public spaces, like school halls, hospitals and hotel lobbies, might not necessarily remind you of innovative, inspiring, multifunctional design solutions, but the following Danish designs are trying to change that by combining modularity, functionality and simple design principles.

Considering Next Year's Trends & Traditions? Here's Why You Should

Be it a guest or a participant, you would be able to enjoy the enchanting smell and taste of coffee, hot food, and delicious desserts, while attending the various talks and discussions arranged all over the place, while classical music played subtly in the background. 3,000 people enjoyed this year’s Trends & Traditions, half of them being architects and designers.

Wastewater Warms Cold Commuters at Bus Terminal

Wastewater is a resource that the citizens and commuters of Kolding seem to embrace. The local energy company BlueKolding A/S who are running the project Powered By You is heating the benches of central bus terminal in Kolding with wastewater. And it doesn’t stop there.  

Modular, Durable and Colourful - Why Danish Designers Use Plastic to Design Outdoor Furniture

Let’s have a look at how HANS SANDGREN JAKOBSEN and Lars Vejen used plastic to make seating for public spaces that is durable, easy to move around and that you can transform both in shape and colour.

Living with Folding Furniture

Folding furniture is becoming increasingly popular as our living spaces become ever smaller. In this article, we take a closer look at some Danish designs that you can fold and put away or even hang on the wall.

Halmhuset - Building Sustainably

Built from recycled and locally sourced materials Halmhuset is an example of how to challenge the way we think about building sustainably. Watch the video about a very special project.

Upside Down

By changing perspective and playing with form, Danish architects create unique shapes that make their architectural landmarks stand out. We took a closer look at Danish architecture that challenges the status quo.

A New Table Lamp is Born

Elegant simplicity designed to stand the test of time – thanks to both durable materials and a timeless look. These are the core values of an upcoming, new lamp  – created by rewired in collaboration with Danish architectural firm Friis & Moltke.

Essence of Day 2 at BILT Europe

The second day of BILT began with the ‘Glorious Gadgets’ function. For more than 30 minutes, the committee took the delegates through a fun yet serious journey examining new digital inventions. Some were related to the building industry, and some were just…new.  

Prepare for Take-Off

From Aarhus to Copenhagen in 45 minutes? Yes please!

Video: Your Furniture Panorama

Indulge yourself in a true cornucopia of Danish furniture design at its best. Enjoy the ride!

Danish Design Award: Here are the Winners!

Round two of the Danish Design Award event took place on Wednesday night in Svane Shipping’s warehouse in Kolding harbour, where the winners of four new award categories and two special awards were announced.

5 Things That Tell You're Into Danish Architecture

Watch our new video and let’s see if you’re into Danish architecture.

The Idea of a Chair

DANISH™ asked two designer duos and one individual designer to elaborate on the question: What is the idea of a chair? See their answers here.

A Visual Investigation of Geometry in Architecture

Engage in the exploration of geometrical shapes and sizes in Danish architecture, examining top-tier projects from leading architectural firms.

Video: Godsbanen – A Creative Powerhouse

We went to Aarhus to experience and document a little part of everyday life in the old freight area in the centre of Denmark’s second biggest city.

DANISH™ Architecture in Copenhagen

We aim to show how Copenhagen is a city to watch when it comes to showing the effects that good and innovative architecture can have on society. We hope you will enjoy our video!

Behind the Scenes of We Do Wood

We Do Wood in their production in Copenhagen. Join us, for a glimpse behind the scenes and hear all about the famous Lilly Chair as well as some brand new products. This video is a unique insight into the design process and craftsmanship that goes into the making of a We Do Wood product.

A new haptic power-glove tool

A new “power-glove”, called Happaratus, makes it possible to shape and sculpt hard materials with your hands. The haptic power-tool consists of a series of abrasive pads right at your fingertips that make it possible to feel and form the material up close. The pads provide high efficiency and exceptional control.

LEDs draw attention to car brand in Berlin

The Danish design office Kollision has just revealed their newest project in Berlin.

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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