ag5 is a full service architectural studio focused on contextual sustainability, value design, and integrated technology. The practice operates between the fields of art, design and building technology. Based in Denmark, the practice is a new type of architectural office using expertise in sustainable practice as a design generator for projects both locally and internationally. ag5 seeks inspiration from nature in creating projects that integrate energy, form and truth to material and space, delivering simple and sustainable solutions.

At ag5 we believe that architecture is not about specific building types, styles or theories … but about man’s interaction with the environment: the creation of shelter, the creation of spaces and importantly in the context of the city – the spaces between buildings. A big part of ag5’s design philosophy is about understanding the context. Understanding the context and culture of the users and inhabitants are as important as formulating and organising the programmatic aspects of a building.

At ag5 we strive to create spaces that appeal to all senses. This sensuous rich architecture raises our projects above a simple visual response by operating in a zone between the scientific fields of building technology and the artistic disciplines of place, culture and tradition. By maintaining a consistent approach throughout the design process, from conception to construction, ag5 delivers a unique response to each project’s location and purpose. ag5’s design methodology focus on three areas: co-creational design, sustainability, and technology.

ag5 collaborates with a diverse range of clients, from private, to institutional and governmental, in Denmark and increasingly internationally, predominantly in the fields of commercial buildings and interiors, healthcare, retail and housing.



Photo by Søren Nielsen

KBH Madhus in Copenhagen.


Photo by Søren Nielsen

Frederiksberg Sports Halls in Copenhagen.


Photo by Søren Nielsen

Nørrebrohallen in Copenhagen.


Photo by Søren Nielsen

Willis Denmark in Copenhagen.


Illustration by ag5

Urban Garden in New York.


Photo by ag5

Kildevældsskolen in Copenhagen.


Illustration by PDW & ag5

Gran Rubina in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Photo by Mark Pinney

Georg Jensen Flagship Store in Copenhagen.


Photo by Søren Nielsen

Torm in Copenhagen.


Photo by Søren Nielsen

Nørrebro Bryghus in Copenhagen.

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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