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by Lassen owns the rights to the designs of two of Denmark's greatest architects: Mogens Lassen and Flemming Lassen. The Lassen brothers were innovators in architectural modernism and produced numerous iconic designs throughout their lives. Our simple mission is to build upon the tradition of Mogens and Flemming to ensure that exceptional original and rediscovered designs continue to live on through new generations.

by Lassen regularly combs the archives, drawers and cupboards to source inspiration for furniture, lamps and home accessories designed by Mogens and Flemming Lassen, but which may not have been put into production. New icons that are waiting in the wings for their turn in the limelight.

The Kubus candleholder – an icon of Danish design history, designed by Mogens Lassen in 1962, and the arm chair The Tired Man, which holds the title as record as Denmark’s most expensive chair ever sold at auction, designed in 1935 by Flemming Lassen, both bear witness to an extraordinary vision on the part of the two architect brothers. The Lassen brothers were incredibly talented, and throughout their lifetimes they were honoured with many awards and grants for their unique designs and iconic architecture.

It is a great honour to act as the caretakers of such an important legacy, and it must be done with respect for the original design. The manufacturing process must convey the same love that went into the creation of the products, and it is crucial to stay true to the original. The Kubus candlestick has therefore been joined by new designs – new icons – and there will be more of them in the future. Because good design lives on through new generations.


Guestbook shot

Photo: by Lassen

The Kubus Bowl is based on original sketches by Mogens Lassen, and features elements evocative of the Bauhaus school, one of Mogens Lassen’s primary in¬spirations. The German design school believed that good design should be accessible to the people, and this concept appealed to architect Mogens Lassen.


byLassen kubus 4

Photo: by Lassen

The Mingle sofa was designed in 1935 by architect Flemming Lassen (1902-1984) and was presented at the Cabinet Maker’s Autumn Exhibition in the same year.


byLassen_Saxe chair_Black_Packshot_High Res (9)

Photo: by Lassen

Saxe is a characterful and timeless folding chair designed in 1955 by the visionary designer and architect Mogens Lassen for The Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Competition. It was originally made by the master joiner A.J. Iversen and is now being produced by by Lassen to mark the 60th anniversary of its design.


by lassen test frame wall

Photo: by Lassen

Frame is manufactured in Denmark and created with attention to detail. Frame unites functionality, quality and aesthetics. You decide the ultimate look.


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Photo: by Lassen

The Kubus Bowl is produced in Denmark with a focus on high quality and solid craftsmanship, and the bowl is a natural extension of the iconic Kubus candleholder, designed by Mogens Lassen in 1962.


byLassen Frame-wall My Own Chair Mingle Twin-table Mesch

Photo: by Lassen

Combine Frame modules into a classic shelf, a unique sculpture or something entirely new. The individual combination options are endless.


by Lassen Kubus 4 black

Photo: by Lassen

With a sharp sense of contemporary Functionalist style, Mogens Lassen designed the iconic Kubus candleholder in 1962, a piece once reserved solely for family and close architect colleagues.


by Lassen My Own Chair Grey Anoon Rimm Frame Lifestyle

Photo: by Lassen

The original version of Flemming Lassen’s sculptured armchair was the architect’s favourite place to sit and relax. My Own Chair perfectly highlights his love of rounded shapes, simple forms, precise detailing and functionality.


By Lassen Fame Wall Rimm flowerpot Lifestyle

Photo: by Lassen

A Mogens Lassen sketch from 1943 forms the starting point for Frame, a flexible storage solution comprised of square boxes in cubic frames. Frame modules can be hung directly on the wall, connected together, stacked, or stand on their own on the floor. Combine Frame modules into a classic shelf, a unique sculpture or something entirely new. The individual combination options are endless.


byLassen Norli Kubus

Photo: by Lassen

Norli is a series of plates, bowls and cups with a simple expression and unique functionality. As well as being traditional tableware, a special design feature on the top of each of the four plates allows them to double as lids for the bowls in the collection.


The Tired Man sheepskin

Photo by by Lassen

Flemming Lassen designed the overstuffed easy chair, The Tired Man, for The Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Competition in 1935. It is characterised by organic, bearlike shapes and then as now it created a sensation with its curved form and voluminous armrests.


byLassen Rimm Vase Dusty Yellow

Photo: by Lassen

The discovery of an original wall tile designed by Mogens Lassen proved to be love at first sight and the inspiration for by Lassen’s new series of table trivets. Use Exes and Maze for placing hot pans on the table or as a mat for salt, pepper, oils and sauces in the kitchen or dining room.

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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