dk3 is a furniture concept that emphasizes natural aesthetic. Established in 2009, dk3 now exports to more than 25 countries and is available in the finest lifestyle shops in New York, London, Paris, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul, Sydney, Mexico City and many more cities. dk3 manufacture furniture pieces from great Danish designers such as Kaare Klint, Børge Mogensen, Poul Cadovius and more.

dk3 create uniquely designed furniture that is shaped by nature and crafted by true enthusiasts. Always with a focus on personality, pride and sustainability. It is a vision uniting the finest carpentry traditions with modern and classical furniture design through the fusion of timeless steel or brass components and high quality wood. The love of the organic material and uncompromising focus on quality is evident throughout the process, from the first design sketches to working in the carpentries, where the furniture is finished and surface treated by hand.


Photo by dk3

The JEPPE UTZON TABLE #1 balances a sublime contrast between the naked wooden material and the selected crafted details.


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The overall simplicity of the Steel Capilot Bar Stool design allows subtle handcrafted details to emerge - articulating and underlining the design vision.


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The idea behind LITTLE WING is to combine two equal parts, which together form a perfect table.


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CADOVIUS BUTTERFLY SHELF is a perfectly executed shelf with a playful contrast between the lightness of the butterfly shape and the solid wooden material.


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TREE TABLE LIMITED is a perfectly balanced natural design. On top of the simple steel construction lies solid wooden planks shaped by nature and fashioned by the industry's most skilled hands.


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The BM2 ARMCHAIR was originally designed to go along with the SHAKER TABLE designed by Børge Mogensen. The chair is also available without armrest, and then goes by the name BM1 CHAIR. The chair is made of solid wood and different kinds of treatments are available.


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JEWEL TABLE is a beautiful and timeless dining table. The combination of solid wood and black steel, brass or stainless steel in a cubic form is incredibly beautiful. The table is designed by the Danish architect Søren Juul, who had a lifelong experience within both architecture and design.


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dk3_3 TABLE is from a design point of view the same as the TREE TABLE. The only difference is, that the planks on the dk3_3 TABLE are made of glued-togehter planks with straight edges. The TREE TABLE has whole planks with natural edges.


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The SHAKER TABLE was originally designed to go along with either the BM1 CHAIR or the BM2 CHAIR - also designed by Børge Mogensen. The table is made of solid oak and different kinds of treatments are available.


dk3 02

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dk3 01

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dk3 05

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Back in 1948 furniture designer Poul Cadovius created the world's first wall-mounted shelving system ROYAL SYSTEM, which also was a breakthrough because of its light styling and the many individual combination possibilities. The furniture system therefore became a worldwide succes.


dk3 03

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The ROYAL SYSTEM has today been lifted into the modern age. In its modern appearance ROYAL SYSTEM is suitable for both residential and commercial interior design.

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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