As trendsetters and European market leaders within flooring solutions, ege carpets dare to push the boundaries and explore the space of human beings. We want to go further. Always.

Since the foundation in 1938, ege carpets has lived out the founder Mads Eg Damgaard’s visionary and uncompromising philosophy of applying the latest and most advanced techniques available within carpet production.

Look around: there is plenty to explore. It’s all about perspective. Some see a simple room; at ege carpets we see endless possibilities of turning an interior space into an effective setting for the range of human activities.

By means of advanced production technology, only the imagination limits what is possible. This means that ege carpets is able to create the best-suited flooring solution for each individual client. Our experienced design team is always ready to create proposals or an individual carpet design.

Ege carpets helps our clients with beautiful and strong carpet solutions creating well being. Our mission? To ensure ground breaking design possibilities in a uncompromising quality that cares for the environment and the indoor climate.

Exploring a room with carpets from ege carpets should be a pleasure and an experience of comfort. Therefore, all carpets are tested and approved in accordance with the Danish Indoor Climate Labelling. The labelling serves as a guarantee that every carpet meets the standards developed by the Danish Technological Institute to ensure a healthy indoor climate.

Ege carpets continuously seek to implement measures, which contribute positively to diminish the environmental impact of our business and our products. To us, protecting the environment is a question of taking matters into our own hands and doing what is right. Therefore, ege carpets holds both ISO 14001, DS 49001 and EMAS certification, making environmental management an integral part of the corporate philosophy.

Enjoy exploring space with ege carpets.





The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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